Leafs ****UPDATED *** Land JS Giguere

The Leafs “are” also on the verge of acquiring veteran goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere from the Anaheim Ducks, pending his waiving a no-trade clause, a source told ESPN.com.

A source told ESPN.com that as of 11:30 a.m. ET, Giguere had not yet waived his no-trade clause but a source close to the situation expected he would.

Goalie Vesa Toskala would be headed from Toronto to Anaheim as part of the deal and there may be other parts to this trade as well, the source said.

Burke said another trade might be announced “within 30 minutes,” without specifying if he meant the Giguere trade.


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  1. mon167 says:

    Done! wow what an exciting morning…im no leafs fan but i love big trades! lol

  2. colin123mc says:

    I'd assume Exelby and another D are on their way out, as the leafs now have.. pheanuf, kaberle, gunnerson, komisarik, bouchimen, schenn, exelby, and finger…

     I also see Hanson, stalberg and possibly Khadri coming up in the next month or so, to try to add some offence.

    giggy is a much better role model for Gus, they have similar playing styles and he is a proven winner.

  3. 93killer93 says:

    Kadri was sent back to junior not to the minors so he can not be called up until next season.

  4. 93killer93 says:

    It's a done deal



  5. Tachmo says:

    An excellent dea for both clubs:
    Toronto gets a new look with a new goalie and gets rid of Blake.
    Anaheim gets rid of Giguere's contract, and Toskala's expires at the end of the season. As well I guess for getting someone to take giggy's contract they have to eat another bad contract in Blake. They must see value in Blake at 4 mil and hoping he can turn things around. He is a terrific skater and has the ability to regain his form.

  6. HABSSTAR says:

    Pretty sure all the Leafs fans on here already know I'm no big fan of Burke's but I gotta say he's pulled a couple of big time moves in a short period of time.  I'm torn now cause I wanna see Burke fall flat on his face but I wanna see the Leafs actually prosper from these deals (Hell who knows maybe it will shock some life into a zombie GM in Montreal to know the "other national team" has swung a few big deals)

    Good luck to bothe JSG and the Leafs faithful.  (Still hate Burke!)

  7. cam7777 says:

    Lecavalier is still rumored on the table.  Apparently he was going to Montreal in summer, but Bettman nixed the deal.  Crazy stuff is happening. 

  8. the_word says:

    From people running Burke out of town for one questionable deal (Kessel as valuable as a top five pick IMO, two top fives, probably not) to Burke doing the impossible. With Blake (addition by subtraction) and Hagman (will be missed) gone, we're in the market for top six forwards. The problem being such a shallow UFA pool, that is why I like having Giguere as a buffer to hold up some caproom till next year.  We've seen Gainey prove that having too much caproom at once is hard to manage the moment things don't go according to plan in UFA season. Giguere should prevent some of those frantic patch signings likes Gionta and Gill that are questionable long term commitments.

    Komisarek, Beachemin, college signings, bringing in legitimate young all stars and getting rid of Kubina. Burke is delivering, period.

  9. leafy says:

    I'm happy today. I really like both trades.

    Not only do the Leafs get Giguere, a top notch goalie, they also get rid of Blake!!!  Wow.

    Toskala wasn't a good fit in Toronto.  But I really think the guy's suffering from chronic injuries. He hasn't been the same since the groin surgery.  His first year with the Leafs was still pretty good.

    Giguere is now the man. Smart trade by Burke. Finally doing something to earn his reputation.

  10. habs79 says:

    I wonder what Anaheim is going to do with Blake? I would like to see him on the first line with Getzlaf and Perry. Good move to get rid of Blake but to add another 2 million to next years cap?

  11. cam7777 says:

    At a position we need though.  Blake is playing on the 3rd line and has lost his scoring touch.  He's become a solid checking forward, but we have oodles of guys that can fill that role.  Blake deserves to play, so dumping him in the minors wasn't the right option.  Likewise, Giguere would have rotted on the bench in Anaheim, but the team is in dire need of a checking line.  Blake is the start of that, and they will look to add the other two between now and next season.

  12. mon167 says:

    I wish the cap was higher so you can actually make a good team…the cap was supposed to lower salaries but obviously that didn't happen…the kovalchuk saga is a prime example. On top of making it difficult to put a real good team together it makes it hard for GMs who are willing to make trades, to actually make them.

    This trade in no way effected me or my interests today but man was that some actual fun news to read about for once!!! Just like Burke said in his press conference: the only news we hear bout is coachs getting canned and stuff…this trade stuff is the real interesting news to read about.
  13. mon167 says:

    Thank god that trade got nixed… Price, Pleks and a prospect? there is no way i would trade pleks or price…unless its like malkin or someone lol especially when your taking a good player but one of the most retarded contracts around…you think gomez's contract is nuts..this guy has it for another 10 years!!! wow

  14. cam7777 says:

    Lecavalier is five times the player Gomez is though.  He would excel with Markov and Cammalleri.  I really don't like Plekanec though, which could be factoring into this.  In my opinion, he is going to go right back to being a 35-45 point player after this year.  He wants a contract.  I would honestly deal him now while his value is high.  Price is obviously great, but I would give him up for Lecavalier if it was a Leafs player.

  15. mojo19 says:

    hahaha, nice to hear you say something nice about Brian Burke!

    I would also say that Cliff Fletcher had a lot to do with today if you listen to the things Burke was saying in his press conference. Fletchers influence has made an impact in that front office too.

    I'm with you though, kudos to Burke on having the balls, and creativity to make blockbuster trades.

  16. mojo19 says:

    JS Giguere took some time off last year when his father died. When he came back, Hiller had been playing so well that Giggy never really got his starting status back. When Giguere did play, his game wasn't up to the same level as it was before.

    Flash to this season, where Hiller is the man in Anaheim. Giggy was frustrated and disgruntled to not be playing as much as he wants, and it came out publicly. A couple weeks ago he requested a trade. Giguere has amazing reactions, but also is one of the best positional goalies I've ever seen play. Goalies with that combo are few and far between. Think of Eddie Belfour, Martin Brodeur. Goalies like this can play great, well into their 30's. I'm hoping for 32 year old Giguere to play well for a couple years for us.

    When I think of JS Giguere, I think Conn Smythe winner, Stanley Cup Champion, playoff hero. He's one of the best goalies of his generation.


  17. leafy says:

    I'm officially back on the Burke band wagon. A very nice job today.

    I still remember where I was when Fletch pulled off that big 10 player trade to get Gilmour.  Man those were the days.

  18. leafy says:

    Absolutely! Hard to find many goalies cover the net as well as Giguere.

    You hear everyone saying Giguere would be a nice mentor to Gustavsson. Are you kidding me?  If Giguere can get back into form – and he's only 32 – he's the man!

    I remember the first time I watched Giguere for a lengthy period was during the 2003 playoffs.  I was like, wow! Now that's goaltending.  And in the 2007 championship season, he was equally stellar.

  19. mojo19 says:

    This trade today is so similar to that gilmour trade.

    Of the 10 players dealt, a lot of them were pretty good guys going both ways, including Gary Leeman, Jamie McCoun, ummm… I think Kent Manderville was involved… but the only guy anyone remembers from that trade is really Doug Gilmour. I have a feeling today's trade will be the same with regards to Phaneuf.

  20. mojo19 says:

    You could argue that Giguere's performance throughout the 2003 playoffs is the single greatest playoff run by any goalie ever. Sweeping the heavily favoured Red Wings, and in the conference finals allowing only 1 goal vs the Wild in the entire series! That's incredible, 3 shutouts and a win where he surrendered just 1 goal. That's just crazy.

    And I agree, if he can regain his MVP calibre form, which isn't at all out of the question, we could have one of the top goalies in the NHL.

    I love Giguere, here's hoping he gets his edge back.

  21. leafy says:

    Yea very similar to the Gilmour trade. Seven players involved is extremely rare nowadays with the cap.  Phaneuf could indeed be the Gilmour of this trade.

    Gary Leeman is the biggest bum in NHL history to score 50 goals!!! lol

  22. mojo19 says:

    Being born in 1985 I'll have to take your word for it.

    I love this 7 player swap. I'm a little excited about this prospect Keith Aullie, could be a good one.

  23. reinjosh says:

    I loved getting Phaneuf. I like Sjostrom just because it will help the PK (he was really a trow in for Calgary to offset salary though).
    But I love getting Aulie. For Burke to not only get a defenceman like Phaneuf to be the cornerstone of the defense (which is what he has done for every team he has ever been on, Proger twice, Jovanoski and now Phaneuf) but to also get a very solid prospect like Aulie (who was regarded pretty well in the Flames orginization), its awesome.
    I was actually really surprised to see Aulie going to us. He is very much a defensive dman but he could develop into a player like Beauchemin.

  24. mojo19 says:

    I love his size. Says he's 6'6" and 208 lbs, so I'd say for his height he could put on another 15-20 lbs and really fill out, keep working on his game and in the next couple years maybe step in and make a difference.

    If he's a bust, he's a bust, whatever, I would have taken the deal without him so its just like a little bonus.

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