Leafs vs Sabres: an eye opener

The negative reflux from Leaf fans after the embarassing loss to Buffalo has done a great job of hiding the true issue at hand.

To leaf fans who are freaking out, I have to say: You had to see this coming. They’ve played poorly the entire pre season, it just doesn’t show as much when you play Edmonton and Phoenix. Even Ottawa didn’t play that well monday night. It is just the pre season, but the Leafs are definetly behind what some other teams are doing. It has to be at least a little worrisome to Leaf fans.

However this is not the issue at hand. That pre season game proved me wrong. Many have said Buffalo would be a bad team this year. I said they would be a good team. Its clear now that they will be a great team.

Ok, so every Captain and Alternate Captain from last season is either injured or gone. Yes, the loss of Drury, Briere and Numminen is a loss of over 70 goals, over 150 points, and more than 60 minutes of ice time per game.

But after seeing them last night, I dont honestly care. When you think about the negatives, you tend to forget that Miller is the best goalie in the division, and that they’re D core is one of the deepest in hockey, and that they’re wicked fast and insane offensively.

Now when I look at the Northeast division, I see trouble. Boston and Toronto both got better goalis, Ottawa and Montreal are no worse, and Buffalo is still fantastic. It will be a tough division to say the least.

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  1. leafy says:

    I have to say, I'm a little worried with Toskala because if he has an awful season, then the Leafs are set for a major crash, much like Philly last year, because, as you know, I have zero confidence in Raycroft.

    This is not to say that it was only Toskala that played awful.  So did the defence and offence for that matter.  The whole team took a mini-mental vacation.  But you are simply not going to win in this league with goaltending like that REGARDLESS of how the defence plays.  Put another way, let's say the Leafs learn to play very well defensively – through intensive practising and teaching by Maurice – to satisfy the high standards of some of the readers on this site, the Leafs will STILL be in trouble.  It's like a boat with a hole taking in water.  You're sunk no matter what.  This is the point I try to convey to some people, but they just don't try to understand the concept.

    Anyway, Buffalo looks awfully good.  They are a role model in how you should build a good hockey team, and the Leafs should take note.  Note how they aren't always in this buying mode like the Leafs, because they actually decide to keep their young players rather than trade them for washed up veterans.

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Wow, Leaf fans are jumpin the gun a bit here.  The game was definitely an eye opener, but not to how good Buffalo is.  It was an eye opener that the Leafs can't keep going through the motions here in preseason.  The Leafs are capable of way better hockey than that.  The good news, IT DOESN"T COUNT!  Relax people.

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