Leafs could be working on a deal

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  1. doorman says:

    LOL, I could have said this was the case since the start of the season. If it is cap space it would have to mean Liles, I don’t really see them moving anybody else. I know it could mean Gunner but i think he is the more likely to stay.

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    “could be” is the key. In other words…no clue, but I have nothing else to write about.LOL
    In order of likelihood for D to be traded that could make room for Rielly as I see it.
    1. Liles
    2. Gunnar
    3. Gardiner
    4. Franson
    5. Fraser
    6. Ranger
    7. Phaneuf

    Gunnar is high for cap hit and possible return. Gardiner because he brings a lot of what Rielly does but Rielly is more physical, could get a good return…remember how everyone laughed at me during the lock-out when I said Gardiner could be traded if Rielly is the real deal? Franson next for cap hit and return, but not likely to go. Fraser not likely as he is our only tough D really. Ranger has a NTC and only makes $1mil with good up-side. Phaneuf’s cap hit is high and has been our best D so far.

    • doorman says:

      We can’t trade Franson for another reason, we have no other RHD dmen, lol. Gardiner while I don’t think Nonis is looking to trade is the only logical if you want a “hockey trade”. Liles I think a good pick or prospect pklus retained salary would be needed. Gunner while it isn’t a knock on him won’t net a monster return, IMO.

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