My honest opinions of the Leafs line-up.I have to admit, i was a little worried about Raycroft when we aquired him, but wow im pretty impressed, he is vey solid in net.I know its only been 3 games but still, its better than what we had last year!Now i have to admit, i dont find him strong at all in the shoot-out, he never saved anything heck the only time he saved t and well it wasnt really a save is when the shooter missed.Now for the defence, im impressed, not leaving Raycorft by himself, making great plays, blocking shots and staying on there man.As much as i dis like Gill, i found he played very good this game, he blocked shots and he would get in the way to force a turnover.The offence..i like the lines, all of them play well together, and i like belak, on the 4th for some grit now i like the lines the way they are now, but what happends when Antropov comes back?Who is gonna leave, or is he not gonna be good enough for the leafs?I have realised and well im sure im not the only one, but we need help, 5 on 5.Maybe we could get someone in a trade for Telly or maybe not, bt i dont think we can rely on the powerplay all year long.

Im leaving the floor open to you, for your coments