Leafs/Flyers Game 5 : The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As the title says, the GOOD/BAD/UGLY for both teams in game 5…The GOOD

Flyers : Winning the game and dominating the leafs for the full 60 minutes. It was huge for them to win the game. Blowing out the Leafs gives them a psychological edge going into game 6.

Leafs : Getting out of the game healthy. This wasn’t the last game of the series for the Leafs and they will be looking to bounce back in game 6 with a roster that is as healthy as it has been all series.


Flyers : The injuries. As huge as this game was for Philly some of their key contributors are hurt.

Leafs : Being dominated for 60 minutes. This was about as crushing a defeat as could be imagined.


The Leafs : Antropov’s crosscheck to Roenicks neck which may be reviewed by the league and McCabe’s play. McCabe turned the puck over in game 4 and it didn’t cost them the game, today it did contribute to the loss.

Game Overview

The Flyers brought their A game tonight playing with more energy and confidence than in previous games and put the game away early. Worthy of note as part of this is that there were no goalie interference calls even though the Flyers made similar plays around the net that were called earlier in the series.

Also of note, the Flyers were able to overcome 1 brutal call and one brutal noncall in the first to take and keep the lead, chasing Eddie from the net in the second.

For the Leafs, the only positives are that they are as healthy as they’ve have been in the playoffs, they didn’t play their best game today, and that they play the next game at home in the ACC.

Game 6 preview

The Leafs are going home embarrassed and will look to take it out on the Flyers on Tuesday. Look for the Leafs to perhaps play their most physical game of the series on Tuesday. Eddie will also be angry and it should be possible to knock Belfour of his game if they can rattle him early. For the Flyers they have to realize that they won’t score 7 goals in game 6 but need to bring the same intensity that they brought to the rink tonight. They will also need to overcome their new injuries. Not sure what’s wrong with Malakhov and Esche (upper-body injuries) but the announcement should be made shortly.

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