Leafys Rumor Roundup

I’ve got the latest on everything going on in the league.

Toronto Maple Leaf fans have been trying to figure out how we can dump Pavel Kubina. I’d like to note to these guys that Pavel Kubina has a no trade clause, and makes $5 million a year, which will pretty much keep him in Toronto for the next five years.

Speaking of the Maple Leafs, does anyone else think John Leclair could be a solid winger for Sundin? There have been no rumors about it, reports say the Flyers, Islanders, Dallas, and Canadiens are interested.

According to Spectors, Sheldon Souray could be heading back to New Jersey, which makes me wonder what would go back, considering the Devils cap space. Could Scott Gomez be leaving the swamp after years of speculation?

Plenty of speculation that the Avs will move a defenseman. Sounds like Liles to me, he’s the only one who can bring in a decent forward, the other tradeable defenseman really can’t bring in anything.

And I’ve just checked TSN and they’re reporting Andre Roy has been picked up off waivers by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Sadly, there are few more rumors, I’ll be back with more as soon as possible.