Leafy's Rumor Update: Four Crazy Leaf rumors and some other stuff….

There are all of a sudden a bunch of rumors. Some crazy, some make sense.

Smyth to leave Edmonton?

The Edmonton Oilers are rumored to be trying to move loyal super star Ryan Smyth. The Edmonton Sun says Kevin Lowe has other plans.

Leafy’s Take: This rumor seems a little nutty, but every trade deadline I’ve heard rumors of Smyth going to Toronto, Montreal, or even Detroit once or twice.

Four Crazy Leaf Rumors

There are four Leaf rumors circling.

To Toronto: Alex Tanguay, Marek Svatos, John Michael Liles

To Colorado: Bryan McCabe, Mikael Telqvist, 1st Round Pick, Prospect (Ian White??? Wellwood??)

Leafy’s take: It would make sense with the signing of Aubin, and it would be a nice salary dump for Colorado, but I don’t see it, they’re going to be trying to move defensemen (they have 8) and here they move Liles but gain McCabe, and possibley a prospect on D.

To Toronto: Ladislav Nagy

To Phoenix: Tomas Kaberle, Kyle Wellwood, 2nd Round pick

Leafy’s take: I don’t think so, that would increase Phoenix’s salary, and they get total crap. It was reported on a Phoenix radio station, but I highly doubt it, unless we also have to take on some dead weight, or put someone else into that deal.

To Toronto: Chris Drury

To Buffalo: Karel Pilar, Ian White

Leafy’s take: The reasoning for this deal on the site I read it was that the Leafs needed wingers, and the Sabres needed defensemen, but it won’t happen, especially if the defenseman we send suck. No way this deal happens, especially with the Karel Pilar contract issue.

To Toronto: Brendan Witt

To Washington: Aki Berg, 3rd Round pick

I heard the Leafs were the front runner, but why would we send a loser like Berg??? They’re going to want something in return. Something worth more then a bag of pucks.

Leafy’s FULL take: hahahaha us Leaf fans sure are nuts, the sad thing is, not all these were made by Leaf nuts.

And…. Another Leaf rumor!

Sorry for the glut of Leaf rumors. CKAC in Ottawa reported this. Selanne is apparently about to sign here, a two year deal, worth five million dollars.

Leafy’s Take: This is bull shit, no no it can never happen. The deal is too long, too expensive, and I HATE Selanne….

What’s a Teemu any ways??

Bondra to the Trashers???

It seems Petr Bondra could be heading to Atlanta, his agent said he was “quite interested” in playing their, and the Thrashers could use a veteran winger.

Leafy’s take: Bondra sucks, sucks hard. That Domi trashing piece of crap can go where ever he wants, as long as it’s not Toronto.