Leafy's Top Ten: The Top Ten Players So far this Season

It’s just about half way through the season, and here are the top ten players mid-way through the season.10. Marty Turco

-Marty Turco has really been showing some signs of greatness recently and it’s good to see the guy on the Olympic team, his puck handling has been amazing.

9. Brendan Shanahan

-Not exactly putting up top ten points, but he’s already got 20 goals, and the guys 37, how the hell did this guy not make team Canada? And Gretzky says he’s trying to respect the veterans.

8. Pavol Damitra

-The guy has 46 points so far and he’s now tied with Matt Stajan for the league lead in short handed points, having a great year, and I tell ya, I told everyone he’d be a King nearly two years ago.

7. Alexander Ovechkin

-Calder Trophy winner right here, he scores goals, he hits, he’s the full package, I’ll be real pissed if he doesn’t win it and it’s not Phaneuf.

6. Jaromir Jagr

-Most people are prolly wanting him a little higher, but people forget he’s played a few more games then most other players.

5. Curtis Joseph

-He’s stealing games for Phoenix, and is looking like he normally does in the playoffs. Detroit was dumb to get rid of him, the only reason they lost is they couldn’t score.

4. Simon Gagne

-He leads the league in goals and has been out a few weeks. Gagne has finally gained my propper respect.

3. Wade Redden

-By far the best defenseman in the league this year, he inflates Haseks stats. He has gotta be the Norris trophy or I’ll eat my shoe. Did you know only one Sen has ever won an NHL award? Alfredson won a Calder trophy once.

2. Jason Spezza

-I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret… He’s the reason Heatley and Alfredson are having great years! They’re both good hockey players, but in the three games Spezza was hurt those two went scoreless! Just an interesting little stat.

1. Joe Thornton

-One guy can’t make a team my ass. He came to San Jose and they’ve been winning ever since. The guy dominates the league, and he and Bertuzzi have figured out something O’neill and Lindros should learn, they’re stronge and people can’t hook them, they can dominate!

So you may disagree, but I like my picks, although it was hard to leave out Forsberg, Alfredson, Heatley, and some others, but meh.

You guys try making your own picks.


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  1. SkruinBruin says:

    i hear ya-

    I think all of us boston fans saw Joe get signed by Boston and thought- “another Neely”-

    I have never been extremely happy with his play- and was tired of watching 4th or 5th defensemen taking him to the boards like he was 160 lbs…

  2. hockeyhead says:

    gotta think it is his back.

    speaking of injury…when is sammy going to be healthy. he may be traded just cuz he always gets hurt.

  3. shakrmakr says:

    Take out Shack and Williams bright one. They have many leaf greats better then them such as Sawchuk, Sundin, Bailey, Conacher, Armstrong, Kennedy, Clancy, Mahovlich, Broda, Day, Dye, Horner, Ullman, McDonald, Lumley, Bentley, Drillon, Imlach etc…..

    So think twice before you make your stupid comment.

  4. habsoverserver says:

    It’s not a list of the greatest Leafs ever. It’s a list of the great Leafs most likely to be mean to a well meaning but stupid kid.

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