Leafys Weekly

Is Joe Nieuwendyk a hall of famer? Rick Rypien and Ian Lapperire, they have balls. Why I don’t think Alex Ovechkin should be suspended, and more
The Naslund “kick” was a goal. It was pretty damn obvious he can’t even see the puck. That’s a goal.

Rick Rypien and Ian Lapperiere. Did anyone else see that fight? Best fight I’ve seen in a long time. It was quick, but there was blood everywhere, they got the job done, and both had balls. Way to go guys.

Alex Ovechkin. It was a dirty hit, but I liked it. You know why? Can’t stand Daniel Briere. If this was anyone else, I’d want a suspension, now I’m laughing. I can’t wait till the Cindy Crosby supporters get all over this one.

Joe Nieuwendyk… wow, John Leclair, and Joe Nieuwendyk in one week. Both hall of famers in my mind. I started this bit before I found out, and I just read it, and man does this suck. Anyways…

I’ll start with John Leclair. Ok, he’s not a point per game player, or a 100 point scorer. But he had some serious injury problems throughout the last several years, he has 400 goals, 2 fifty or more goal seasons, 4 times 40 or more, he was a great goal scorer, and the guy deserves to keep playing, but he won’t, so he deserves to be in the hall of fame.

Joe Nieuwendyk, 500 goals, 1000 points, a cup in three different places, lets face it, only places he couldn’t win were Toronto and Florida, and Darryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald, Mats Sundin, Doug Gilmour, and Ed Belfour couldn’t win in Toronto. He has an Olympic gold medal too. He’s one of the best leaders in the history of the game, and one of the classiest guys in pro sports.

Put ’em both in the hall.

There needs to be a trade in Toronto.

Maybe the Leafs should get Gary Roberts like he wanted. Call me crazy, but he’d still be a solid winger for Mats. He’s on pace for 20 goals, he’d be on pace for more with Sundin. It’d be difficult to clear the cap space. They got, what, $1.25 after the Tellqvist demotion, and eventual trade? Roberts makes $2.25, and a third of that is already spent. We’d need to dump someone… *Cough, Kubina*. With the addition of Roberts, the Leafs lines would look like.


Screw Pohl and Suglobov.

What other teams need to shake things up?

Tampa Bay needs some help, but their lack of cap space hurts them. I still think Brad Richards is one of the most over rated players in the league. They should trade him to clear space. Maybe even to Washington for a package possibley involving Backstrom? Richards and Ovechkin would be a great trade.

The Rangers are going to want to win their next game, squeezing the Leafs out of a playoff spot. Kasparitus has to be traded at some point, the Rangers aren’t quite where they should be this year, but it’s a good team, and a very close league right now, they’ll be back into things.

I think I told everyone on Ottawa. This summer I told everyone they wouldn’t be nearly as good as they were last year. 5th-7th place team. They sucked, and then I was the only person to say they’d get better, well, me and Don Cherry. Now it’s looking like they’ll fit in there.

Who are my MVP candidates.

Three guys relatively unmentioned.

1) Rod Brind’Amour
-Rod is the most well rounded player in the league, on pace for 110 points, 30 goals, and is the best defensive player in the league. He’ll definately be a Hart trophy candidate.

2) Scott Niedermayer
-Scott Niedermayer has carried the Ducks since he got there, and he can put up huge numbers, and makes Chris Pronger look alot better then even he is.

3) Jason Spezza
-He’s got great numbers, he’s carried the Sens, and he’s what makes Dany Heatley look that much better than even Darcy Tucker. Something people should note, Dany Heatley just goes to the net, and Spezza can get it to him. Same deal for Alfredsson. Spezza has been playing great.