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Is Joe Nieuwendyk a hall of famer? Rick Rypien and Ian Lapperire, they have balls. Why I don’t think Alex Ovechkin should be suspended, and more
The Naslund “kick” was a goal. It was pretty damn obvious he can’t even see the puck. That’s a goal.

Rick Rypien and Ian Lapperiere. Did anyone else see that fight? Best fight I’ve seen in a long time. It was quick, but there was blood everywhere, they got the job done, and both had balls. Way to go guys.

Alex Ovechkin. It was a dirty hit, but I liked it. You know why? Can’t stand Daniel Briere. If this was anyone else, I’d want a suspension, now I’m laughing. I can’t wait till the Cindy Crosby supporters get all over this one.

Joe Nieuwendyk… wow, John Leclair, and Joe Nieuwendyk in one week. Both hall of famers in my mind. I started this bit before I found out, and I just read it, and man does this suck. Anyways…

I’ll start with John Leclair. Ok, he’s not a point per game player, or a 100 point scorer. But he had some serious injury problems throughout the last several years, he has 400 goals, 2 fifty or more goal seasons, 4 times 40 or more, he was a great goal scorer, and the guy deserves to keep playing, but he won’t, so he deserves to be in the hall of fame.

Joe Nieuwendyk, 500 goals, 1000 points, a cup in three different places, lets face it, only places he couldn’t win were Toronto and Florida, and Darryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald, Mats Sundin, Doug Gilmour, and Ed Belfour couldn’t win in Toronto. He has an Olympic gold medal too. He’s one of the best leaders in the history of the game, and one of the classiest guys in pro sports.

Put ’em both in the hall.

There needs to be a trade in Toronto.

Maybe the Leafs should get Gary Roberts like he wanted. Call me crazy, but he’d still be a solid winger for Mats. He’s on pace for 20 goals, he’d be on pace for more with Sundin. It’d be difficult to clear the cap space. They got, what, $1.25 after the Tellqvist demotion, and eventual trade? Roberts makes $2.25, and a third of that is already spent. We’d need to dump someone… *Cough, Kubina*. With the addition of Roberts, the Leafs lines would look like.


Screw Pohl and Suglobov.

What other teams need to shake things up?

Tampa Bay needs some help, but their lack of cap space hurts them. I still think Brad Richards is one of the most over rated players in the league. They should trade him to clear space. Maybe even to Washington for a package possibley involving Backstrom? Richards and Ovechkin would be a great trade.

The Rangers are going to want to win their next game, squeezing the Leafs out of a playoff spot. Kasparitus has to be traded at some point, the Rangers aren’t quite where they should be this year, but it’s a good team, and a very close league right now, they’ll be back into things.

I think I told everyone on Ottawa. This summer I told everyone they wouldn’t be nearly as good as they were last year. 5th-7th place team. They sucked, and then I was the only person to say they’d get better, well, me and Don Cherry. Now it’s looking like they’ll fit in there.

Who are my MVP candidates.

Three guys relatively unmentioned.

1) Rod Brind’Amour
-Rod is the most well rounded player in the league, on pace for 110 points, 30 goals, and is the best defensive player in the league. He’ll definately be a Hart trophy candidate.

2) Scott Niedermayer
-Scott Niedermayer has carried the Ducks since he got there, and he can put up huge numbers, and makes Chris Pronger look alot better then even he is.

3) Jason Spezza
-He’s got great numbers, he’s carried the Sens, and he’s what makes Dany Heatley look that much better than even Darcy Tucker. Something people should note, Dany Heatley just goes to the net, and Spezza can get it to him. Same deal for Alfredsson. Spezza has been playing great.


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  1. wingerxxx says:

    I really like Ovechkin as a player, and I'm not a huge Briere fan.  It was very very close to a suspension, but not liking Briere should have absolutely nothing to do with it. 

    LeClair is finished.  The key words there are "WAS a great goal scorer."  He hasn't been that for a long time now.  I don't think that a lot of people are making excuses for him…at least people that have watched him play this year.  He still has a decent shot, but his wheels are gone, and his wonky back doesn't help matters.  For power forwards like LeClair, when you lose that first big jump in your stride, it starts to go downhill.  It's big scoring forward lesson one.  And this has been happening to LeClair for a while now.  I would not want him on my team, even as a third liner. 

    Nieuwendyk is a no braineer hall of famer.  LeClair…that's close, but I think he also gets in. 

    It's nice to see Niedermayer recognized, but your statement about him making Pronger look better….I don't agree with that at all.  Pronger has just been playing lights-out hockey this year.  Whenever I get to watch some Anaheim hockey, he's doing something right.

    Brind-Amour though…that's a nice choice.  If he gets at least some Hart votes, I'll be happy. 

  2. MACH9ER says:

    good rant definatly a goal off Naslunds foot

  3. my_sphincter says:

    LeClaire – No where close to HOF.  Putting LeClaire in the HOF is an insult to HOF'ers. 
    Nieuwendyk – maybe, but I don't think so. 

    Ovechkin should have been suspended.  If it was Bert hitting Briere, or someone like Avery, there would have definately been a suspention.  They should not have different rules for different players.  The fact that Leafy would laugh about the hit because he doesn't like Briere shows just how childish he is.  If you didn't like Steve Moore, would you laugh about the hit on him as well?

    No-one would ever take Kubina with that salary.

    Richards is a great player.  Watch a game or 2 and maybe you'd know that.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again… Ottawa will not struggle to make the playoffs this year.  It is quite likely that the Leafs and the Habs will.

    As for Leafy's MVP candidates, they go unmentioned because they should not be mentioned.  None of them are the most valuable in the league.

    Sorry wingerxxx, I started out replying to you and ended up replying to Leafy's entire post.

  4. Aetherial says:

    The Habs will be fine.

    The Leafs won't.

  5. TheFish12 says:

    Ovechkin's hit did not deserve a suspension, but if it had been Brashear hitting Briere it wouldve been

    John Leclair does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, he does not have the numbers, he hasn't been a big winner, all he has is a couple of good seasons on the legion of doom

    Joe Niewendyke should be in the Hall of Fame for winning three cups in three cities, but apart from that there is little there.

    There is no way the leafs will *Cough dump Kubina, he is too expenieve, your stuck with him.  I could see Roberts get traded, but only closer to the trade deadline.  He will be a valuable comodity, so I can't see him getting traded unless a good prospect or High pick is involved.

    There is NO way Richards is getting traded out of TB.  He is the 2nd highest paid player in the league, and the salaries would have to match.  There is also no way Washington will let go of Backstrom, he is being called the next Forsberg so forget it.

    Of course the Rangers want to win there next game, they are a good team and they arent where they should be, your point then would be?…they need to trade Kasparaitus, but another team would need to pick him up, which I don't see happening

    Great you predicted the fall and the rise of the senators, good job!  And now I predict that the leafs have peaked, they will steadily fall out of the playoff picture and everyone will regret giving JFJ his extension.

    Scott Niedermayer
    Rod Brind'Amour
    Marian Hossa

  6. wingerxxx says:

    No worries.

    And I understand…A part of me doesn't want LeClair there either.  But a couple things go in his favor.  1) The general consensus among people I know, is that Eric Lindros is a Hall of Famer.  Which I think is kind of a joke peraonally…but you have to figure….if Lindros gets in, so does LeClair.  Also…2) in terms of just general stats, I think that Clark Gillies set the one of the ower standard for forwards.  The big difference is that Gillies was a part of a dynasty.  LeClair has one Stanley Cup ring compared to that…which is one more than Lindros.  I still believe though, that if Gillies goes in, so does LeClair. 

    There are a lot of knocks against LeClair too…he's been an average player for a while now. 

    The Gillies induction is also why I believe Nieuwendyk is a no brainer.  If that guy can be inducted into the Hall somehow, it would be crazy to shut the door on Nieuwendyk.  Conn Smythe winner, three time Stanley Cup winner, good overall stats for such a long career, one of the best faceoff men the NHL has ever seen…yeah, he goes.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    I agree with you about Ovechkin's hit.  Another thing to consider is that Ovechkin is a lot bigger than Briere, something has to give.  It didn't look like there was an intent to injure. 

  8. Kraut182 says:

    I just saw the Ovechkin hit on OTR, and then looked it up on youtube to see the whole thing, and that thing was absolutely disgusting.  It was every bit as dirty as any hit you'll ever see in the NHL, and could have easily resulted in a big time injury to Briere.

    That's the stupidity of the NHL, IMO.  If Briere falls into the boards, breaks his neck and can never play hockey again (and he very easily could have the way it happened), then we're talking about 10+ games.  Bertuzzi got around 20 for what he did.  But, since Briere's Ok and Ovechkin's a superstar he only gets a $1000 fine.

    The NHL needs to stop letting the randomness of results determine punishment, and start looking at the actions that lead to the results.

  9. gg_idiot says:

    Why is this idiot allowed to write articles

  10. adambuffalo says:

    I am still trying to figure that out.

  11. adambuffalo says:

    I agree, someone needs to get seriously hurt before the NHL will suspend a money man like Ovechkin. 

    PS…The only reason Leafy doesn't like Briere is because he has the Leaf's number.

  12. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Nothing to do with it. There are plenty of Leaf killers I like. Chris Drury, Jeremy Roenick, and pretty much the hole 2003-04 Flyers team…

    Anyways, the reason I don't like Briere is his shit talk involving Tucker. Leaf players didn't get involved, it was between Tucker, Hecht, and maybe the coaches, he shouldn't have shit disturbed.

  13. rcichard03 says:

    why the hell is this clueless jack ass aloud on this site

  14. broc says:

    Nieuwendyk should surely get in.

    LeClair I think belongs there too, no cup, but he was a bigtime player in the NHL besides that back in the LOD days

  15. habs_punk says:

    Better title: The Downfall of HockeyTradeRumors.com

    You, like the CBC announcers fail to realize that intent has nothing to do with whether or not Naslund's "goal" should have counted. Honestly, that was very frustrating listening to them going on about how it was a sure goal because he didn't mean to kick it in. When the ref called upstairs, do you think he asked whether or not Naslund MEANT to kick the puck into the net? No, obviously not. You can't judge something like that. He asked the video replay judge whether or not there was a KICKING MOTION. And you know what? There was. Clear-cut, no goal. Intent doesn't matter.

    Laughing because a player you don't like almost got seriously injured? You know what? My favorite player is Daniel Alfredsson. I go on YouTube all the time, just to watch Tucker getting his face smashed into the boards. Still funny?

    And honestly, quit it with the Sidney Crosby BS. He's got 5 more points in four fewer games. We all know you hate him, so you can give it a rest. Next Olympics when it's Ovechkin against Crosby, and trust me, it will be Ovechkin against Crosby, will you be cheering for the Russians? Yes Ovechkin is a blast to watch, yes Crosby has said some things in the past that sounds somewhat like whining. But you know what? Crosby is by far the best hockey player to come out of Canada since Lemieux. He might not be the best Canadian hockey player right now (if he isn't, he's damn close), but that's only because he's in his second season. So really, why the hate? Are you jealous you aren't getting all the media attention? Jealous you'll never make it like he already has? Grow up, he's a once in a lifetime player, and he happens to be from Canada.

    LeClair has no shot at the HOF, he had a 5 very good seasons, and the rest of his career was very average.

    You're trade proposals are borderline moronic. And I doubt there were very many people that actually thought the Sens would be in the cellar for the whole season. They struggled out of the gates, but are on a roll right now, that could easily put them well above that 5-7th spot you predicted. Of course I hope that doesn't happen as the move would likely have to come at the expense of my Habs. But if it does, maybe I'll make a post about how amazing my prediction was.

    As for MVP's

    Pronger's numbers are better than Niedermayer's, how is that Niedermayer is making Pronger look better than he really is? They both compliment each other, and neither will win the Hart because of that.

    And the implication that Tucker is better than Heatley had me torn between laughing my ass off and puking all over my keyboard.

    This thread is a waste of internet space and it significantly brings down the credibility of the site in general. People will soon realize that the articles on this site aren't always written by people who actually know anything about hockey.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Crosby is a diving little *****, and I'd take Ovechkin over him if Ovechkin had 50 points a year, and he'd still be playing better.

    Never said Tucker was better then Heatley, you're an idiot. I said he's what makes Heatley look MUCH better then Tucker. Tucker, on a team full of absolute shit, on a line with a grinder like Peca is on pace for nearly 50 goals, Heatley is around the same, a bit better, but he's playing with the best playmaker in the league, and before that, played with Kovalchuck and Savard.

    If you don't like Tucker I can see why you'd think it's funny. You'd be wrong, but I can see why someone of such little brain capacity would laugh.

    Crosby doesn't belong in the same sentance as MVP.

    The Sens will come 5th-7th, 4th will be Carolina, or Montreal.

    Kicking action my ass, his skate moved, there was no kicking motion. It was a stupid call.

    You're an idiot, and I wheep for whoever has to come in actual contact with you.

  17. woodsco85 says:

    I dont know if oyu know this, but Leafy does nothing but bash the Leafs, he's the worst Leaf fan in the Nation

  18. Wilson52 says:

       My gosh Leafy Briere is lucky that is neck was not broken. That was one of the dirtiest hits of the year. Dallas Drake got 2 game for what he did, Ovechkin should of got 3 because it was from behind and on purpose.  I am not a Briere fan but I do not wish anyone a broken neck. Hitting from behind is one of the most cowardly things to do in the league. The NHL should come down hard on situtions like this. Once again, Betteman screwed up.

  19. gg_idiot says:

    I always laugh when some calls another person an idiot but does so with a spelling mistake in the same sentence. It is spelt 'weep', not 'wheap.'

  20. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    Was your mom smoking crack when that homeless guy got her pregnant? LeClair is nowhere near a hall of famer, AO should have been suspended, and you would smoke Crosbys pole if he was a Leaf… so f*#k off.

  21. broc says:

    What's with people obsession with Gary Roberts? Sens and Leaf fans seem to think he'd add so much to their team these days it's unreal.

    Roberts isn't half the player he was even 5 years ago. He's not a top line guy anymore, he's not an impact player, and he's smart- he's probably gonna retire after this season. If not, he'll be the next Andreychuk/LeClair. Retire with honor or have an embarassing final year a la Andreychuk in TB.

    It makes me laugh when people think Roberts is worth something these days.

  22. my_sphincter says:

    It is also spelled "spelled" not "spelt"…lol

  23. my_sphincter says:

    How was Andreychuk an embarassment?  He was still contributing on the ice and in the dressing room.  As for his final year… during the last 10 years of Andreychuk's career, he averaged about .5 points per game.  His final year he had 18 pts in 42 games.  That is damn close to his average over the previous 9 years. 

    TB should never have treated Andreychuk the way they did.

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Why do you assume that?

    I've several times critisized alot of Leafs, from Ian White, to Bryan McCabe, to Jason Allison, Andrew Raycroft, Kyle Wellwood, and Alex Steen. I don't have any problem with Evgeni Malkin, Alex Ovechkin, or Dion Phaneuf.

    Calling bias is the only thing that compares in stupidity to being a Liberal…

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ya, I always find it weird when people call me bias…

  26. my_sphincter says:

    How old are you?

  27. habs_punk says:

    How about I buy you a Team Russia jersey for the next Olympics then?

    Most of the rest of your response doesn't even warrant a reply from me, it's easy to just let the hypocrisy and complete bullshit stand. For example, it's funny to you when Briere gets plowed headfirst into the boards, but it's not funny when it happens to Tucker. Speaking of little brain capacity…

    I'm sorry, but you contribute absolutely nothing to this site. You overload the site with useless articles, and then call people stupid when they make negative comments about it. You hate the next big Canadian superstar because he's a "diver", yet you seem to have a hard-on for Darcy Tucker, the player most known around the league, aside from maybe Ribeiro, as a diver. His skate moved towards the net, but it wasn't a kicking motion? If you say so. Of course, I have the video review judges on my side, and you have a couple of CBC commentators on your side for that one. Take that how you will. As for Tucker's goal scoring pace playing on a line with Peca, tell me, how many of Tucker's goals have come when Peca was actually on the ice. Maybe 5? He only scores PP goals where he's playing with TO's top offensive players. And I'm sorry but Crosby and Ovechkin are BOTH superstar players, they are BOTH tops in the league in scoring, they are BOTH incredibly exciting players to watch. You're hate for Crosby seems to have no substance behind it. Calling him a diver says absolutely nothing. There's got to be something deeper. Did he refuse to give you an autograph or something? Grow up. You're going to have to get used to seeing Crosby in a Team Canada jersey, it's going to happen at pretty much every single major international tourney from here on out.

  28. my_sphincter says:

    calling you bias wouldn't make sense as the definition for bias is…

    bi·as  (bs)

    A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial judgment.

    Since no-one called you a preference or inclination, they did not call you bias.  Maybe biased, but not bias…

    bi·ased also bi·assed  (bst)


    Marked by or exhibiting bias;

  29. Strogonof247 says:

    leclair has a ring in montreal, he should get in the HOF with his 50 goal seasons

  30. my_sphincter says:

    You'd take a guy who gets 50 points a year over Crosby…

    Seems like your team would be about as good as the Leafs.  Crosby, after a 6 point night is leading the league in points and it is only his second year in the league!  The youngest guy to ever score over 100 points in a season and in his second year, he is on pace for over 140 points!

    He is the best player in the league.

  31. my_sphincter says:

    Richer had a 50 goal season.  Should he be in?  Of course not.

  32. mtl_prince says:

    Leclair won a cup with the habs in 93' noob!

  33. kingcup says:

    because is shagging the boss maybe ? This site is sinking…..

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