League wants realignment decision by December

The first formal discussions regarding realignment for the 2012-13 season were held Tuesday at the NHL Board of Governors meeting. However, the only consensus reached by the time the meeting broke in the early afetrnoon was that a decision on how the League will be realigned for next season needs to be reached by December in order for the scheduling process to begin on time.

The League must adopt some form of realignment because Winnipeg, which will play the upcoming season in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference, has been assured of a spot in the Western Conference for the 2012-13 season. Therefore, it’s possible that the Jets’ move could create a ripple effect by forcing more teams to move or the League to blow up the current system and re-draw it for 2012-13.“Obviously we have to make arrangements to move Winnipeg west, and we had an opportunity to explore the issues,” Commissioner Gary Bettman told NHL.com. “No conclusions were reached, but it’s something I’m hopeful we can resolve at the December meeting.”

Bettman described the tone of the discussions as “very constructive and very positive.” A number of realignment scenarios were laid out in front of the governors, including ideas to keep the current six-division format or move into a four-conference format, featuring two conferences of eight teams and two conferences of seven teams.

Completely overhauling the current system into a four-conference system would obviously require the League to change the playoff format as well.


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  1. Leafs_Wallace says:

    That's they way builds divisional rivals, no crossing over, I always hated seeing series like Toronto/Pittsburg or Tampa/Philly, Boston/Philly ect…. There is no hate between them.

  2. JoelLeafs says:

    Plus, all this talk of rearranging the conferences bring up a key point: If the league were to theoretically to expand, how could the conferences ever balance? Where could a team be put in the West? How about four divisions in the East and two in the West? Either way, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, and even Minnesota (arguably Dallas too, but that's a stretch.. same as the 'Peg) should be in the East.

    I think that this division/conference rearrangement has the potential to do a great deal for the league… if only GB would set his fvcking agenda aside and focus on what's good for hockey – not what's good for hockey twenty years ago.
  3. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    I'm starting to wonder why everyone really hates Gary Bettman as much as they do?

    -Hockey fans were bored with games ending in a tie after the overtime, so Bettman introduced the shootout to the game
    -I know that it's REALLY hard for some of you all to believe but about ten or so years ago the Canadian dollar was really in the toilet and Bettman worked hard to keep teams in Calgary and Edmonton, as hard as this is to believe even Vancouver and MONTREAL were thought to possibly relocate – the whole nation held their breath collectively up there in Canada when an American bought the Habs but Bettman worked to help these teams
    -the following cities should thank Gary Bettman a little everytime they go to a hockey game – Buffalo, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Anaheim – not so very long ago these franchises with VERY stable ownership and solid fan bases were all in serious trouble, either because the ownership went Bankrupt (Rod Bryden/Howard Baldwin ) or to Prison (John Rigas) or they abandoned their teams fan base (Bill Wirtz/Disney Corporation) – Gary and his crew has done a reasonably good job (Minus the Boots Nashville issue) with finding and maintaining credible ownership groups.
    -He had a hand in bringing a team back to Winnipeg
    -the Heritage Games in Canada and the Winter Classic in the US
    -has marketed the game in ways that the previous League Presidents never dreamed of doing
    -Assembled a fine group of hockey minds to help run the league on a day to day basis
    -Fights with Ron MacLean on HNIC for the enjoyment of millions!
    -Brought the greatest players on Earth to the Greatest stage on Earth (the Olympics)
    And mostly he seems to relish the role of the Evil guy that everyone hates, I personally don't like Bettman but even I have to admit that he's done a few good things for the game and for the league
  4. reinjosh says:

    To be honest, I just don't like him. I'm fine with what he's done for hockey. In fact I'll usually defend the guy. I just think he's an ass. 

  5. JoelLeafs says:

    -Fans were bored with the game, so they changed it. So? Many would argue he went too far. I think most have warmed up to the shoot out, but many opposed it – ask most old timers. Was this something only he did, and that only he could have done?
    -He did good for Calgary and Edmonton? How well did he do for Quebec? Even Hartford could have arguably floated had they been given more time. He Fvcked over another team too, but I'll get to them…
    -He may have helped these cities stay afloat, but that overlooks the big picture: financial markets fluctuate over time. No one ever though the economy would be great and the Canadian dollar would be strong forever. Expanding how they did and frivolously moving teams and shuffling ownerships was incredibly short sighted and ignored basic macro economics.
    -Had a hand in bringing Winnipeg back eh? Where did they go in the first place, I wounder?… oh yeah, the desert: how well did that go?
    -Heritage I have mixed feelings about this. Loved the original, but though they got a bit tacky after that. But I still watch and love them (that Crosby shoutout goal in the slush was fantastic). I'll concede this point.
    -Marketing – debatable, he is a financial negotiator and business manager – not a marketing guy. I think he might have had an influence on it, but to hand all the marketing success of the NHL to Bettman is a bit much. Plus, Americans still don't like hockey very much.
    -Assembled hockey minds? I fail to see how this is unique to Gary – look at any GM with recent success, notably Detroit: this is just good policy, not visionary qualities.
    -That was pretty ballys of him to go on HNIC with Ron. But, as the politician he is, he was able to adeptly deflect the most of the attacks thrown at him. Great interview.
    -Again, here I have to concede. The Olympics wouldn't be the same without NHL players.
    Now that I've addressed most of your points, some negatives:
    -The media probably made too much of his relationship with Goodenow, but it caused problems… the main problem?: The lockout and subsequent cancellation of an entire season.
    -Winnipeg team? Great, don't forget: What about Hamilton? Toronto 2 (or 3!)? Quebec City? Tri-City? As I recall, Bettman was completely unwilling to deal with a certain RIM CEO. Yes, Balsille resorted to some underhanded tactics, but only after being cheated out of tens of millions (nonrefundable deposits on Pittsburgh and Atlanta [I htink], as well as legal fees, league fees, etc) by a Bettman who knew he would never give him a team.
    -He also introduced revenue sharing to cover up his blunder in putting far too many teams in the Sun Belt. Now profitable teams are bailing out shit markets (not all in the south, but there is a trend).

    Maybe I was a bit harsh on him, but I stand by my criticisms. Hindsight has laser vision, so I guess we'll just have to let history tell us how good/bad he was.

  6. mojo19 says:

    1. I hate shootouts. I want them to bring ties back, this system is *****ing stupid as far as I'm concerned. That's -1 for Bettman
    2. He had to keep those teams in Canada or he would have been assassinated. Not giving him credit for doing his job.
    3. He has done an adequate job. Again, helping Buffalo, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, now Dallas etc. This is just him doing his job, he gets no extra credit for doing an adequate job.
    4. Winnepeg =  +1
    5. Wow the winter classic…. I think I watched the one when the Wings played the Hawks, that's about it.
    6. ??? Its a new era, he should continue to grow and market the game in new ways. If he marketed it with old recycled idea's from the 80's he would be a complete failure. Again, not gonna give him any additional props for doing his job adequately.
    7. Sure, he hired good ppl around him, i'll give him that one.
    8. Ron MacLean…. he argues with Ron because he avoids the hard hitting questions. Coward.
    9. Olympics, props

    Overall, I don't think he's terrible, he's done an okay job. Workman like, lets not give him too much credit though.

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