Leave Gainey Alone

Ok, so Gainey didn’t land an amazing free agent. People really need to stop blaming him for it though. It is not his fault. There is talk of replacing Gainey and that is nuts! Gainey is the best thing to happen to this club. Yes he is very laid back but he is trying there it no doubt about it.
Big stars who don’t want to play here just can’t stand the pressure and in my mind aren’t big stars. Let the guys who want to play her have a shot. Anyone who wants to play in Montreal is ok in my books. Give them a shot and they will succeed, guranteed. Samsonov last year expressed no desire to play in Montreal, but Gainey signed him thinking he would work with Kovy, which on paper looks amazing. In reality though they are far to similar in personality to work together. In all honesty Yashin might be the guy to try for. If put in the right situation can be a dominant player. He will listen unlike samsonov. The Habs will make the playoffs this year mark my words, how far they can really go remains to be seen. The talent they have relies within, and there is no arguing that. Gainey has a lot of faith in the young talent coming up and most people should agree. We have a lot to look forward to. The only thing we truly need is a 2nd line center. I have all the faith in the world with Plecky, he still has a long way to go though. He honestly will likely be a number 2 center but i dont think that pressure should be put on him yet. Give Yashin that chance, she what he is really made of. Anyway thats just my opion. GO HABS GO!!!!

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  1. Froggy says:

    I 100% agree with you.  I really think Gainey is doing an exceptional job.  The fact stars don't want to play here is not b/c of Gainey, but the fact of high taxes in Quebec, horrific media pressure, and geograhical location (away from family).  In the end I feel great about our team and we definitely have a bright future! 


  2. habsoverserver says:

    There is no talk of replacing Gainey.  But face facts, the team choked last season and Gainey was a seller at the deadline.  He didn't improve the team in the offseason and the team is perhaps marginally better than last year but in no way a threat to challenge for their division.  Potraying him as a mastermind is illusory.  I've said this before, but just because he was a third line player all his career, doesn't mean we need an entire roster of third liners. 

    "Give Yashin that chance, she what he is really made of"  your typo sums it up.  Yashin plays like a she. 

  3. habsrock99 says:

    if anything, Yashin is more similar to Kovalev then Samsonov. Was it not Cashin who sat out an entire year because he wanted more money? Was it not Cashin who signed a 10 year deal and didn't make through to the 7th year? Was it not Cashin who said he wanted to play for the Isles and need I say more? If Cashin came to Montreal, it does 2 things. One, hurts Plekanec's growth and if I remember correctly, Plekanec thrived as the #2 Centre last year. And two, it'll be a bigger bomb then Samsonov and this time next year, everyone will be demanding Gainey's head, yet again. God, I think if Montreal won the Cup, people on this site would continue to search for flaws and demand Gainey's head.

  4. nychabfan says:

    Gainey clearly prefers 3rd liners,he cannot due to his nature bring high-risk, high-return players, ditto for the draft.He is not improving the team and he never will.Bring Andre savard back!

  5. Gowan1139 says:

    I do realize Yashin is a similar player to Kovy. To me samsonov is more so though, they were best friends. Anyway like i said it was my opinion. I also agree that bringing in yashin or whoever to play a 2nd line center roll will hurt pleckys developement. like i said though i have all the faith in the world in him, but he does still have a long way to go. I honestly hope he has another amazing season and proves that he can fill that need. Also there was more to Yashin sitting out that year than just money, there were problems between him and management plus certain teammates. Anyway i'm liking the team this year, if we can have the young guns really step up and play big rolls we will do ok.

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