Lecavalier getting closer to being Hab?

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Is Vincent Lecavalier finally going to get to come home?

While Lightning GM Brian Lawton told reporters yesterday that he hasn’t received any calls about the all-star centre’s availability, the chatter has shifted into high gear that the Canadiens are finally going to acquire Lecavalier before July 1.
With the Bolts trying to get to the salary floor — which was set at $40.8 million (all terms US) yesterday — next season, the belief is Lecavalier is going to be dealt. Montreal GM Bob Gainey told reporters Thursday he is looking for a No. 1 centre and he has plenty of money to spend.

The problem is the Habs don’t have much to offer. Sources say they could send G Jaroslav Halak and C Christopher Higgins, who is a pending RFA, to the Bolts as part of a package. Lecavalier is scheduled to make an average of $7.27 million for the next 11 years.

Lecavalier might not be the only Bolts’ player on the move. Sources say Tampa has been putting pressure on C Vaclav Prospal to waive his no-movement clause, but he’s dug in his heels and made it clear to owner Oren Koules that he plans to retire in Tampa.

No dealing Bouwmeester

The Panthers look like they’re going to have to hang on to D Jay Bouwmeester until July 1, when can become a UFA. The indications are Bouwmeester told teams interested in acquiring his negotiating rights before the draft that he intends to test the free-agent market. The Flyers, Flames and Canucks all made a pitch for Bouwmeester’s rights, but were told there was little or no chance he would sign.

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47 Responses to Lecavalier getting closer to being Hab?

  1. THEGREATHAB says:

    First of all I will say that I am a big fan of Vinny, and Halak and Higgins would be a steal to land him btu I dont think that alone will land him.  What I have been hearing is TB wants Markov in a package for Lecavalier.  I personally would not trade Markov straight up for Vinny, just look at the Habs record over the last few years when he's been injured, D wins games, and Markov in my opinion is one of the top 5 d-men in the league, and definately the most underrated.

    If Montreal could land Vinny for Halak, Higgins, S Kostitsym, and a prospect I would jump at it.  But this alone will not make the Habs any better, we still need to address all the UFA's.  I would make every effort to sign Tanguay, Komisarik, Koivu and Kovalev in that order, then the Habs would be an improved team.

    Dont forget that Vinny is coming off a year where he only had 1 more point than Kovalev, he was injured, but did not put up numbers of a 7 million plus guy.  There are other centers out there that Gainey is looking at, the names I am hearing are Marleau (I would stay away from him), Thornton (I like the idea of him), M Richards (would help), and A Kopitar (young and talented).  I hope Bob makes the best Hockey decision, and not base it on if the guy can speak french or not, because at the end of the day, the Hab fans will not care what language you speak if you win.

  2. pezzz123 says:


  3. pezzz123 says:

    Markov is NOT a top 10 d-man in the NHL, and definitely the most overrated.

  4. reinjosh says:

    Bouwmeesters a Flame!
    at least his rights are
    this pretty much means Big Bert and Cammy are not going to be back and that Sutter will clear salary in at least one more trade

  5. Burgergold says:

    smells like JBO might sign with the flames
    and flames might trade Phaneuf for Heatley

  6. reinjosh says:

    FING EH!!!!!!!

  7. reinjosh says:

    the first part maybe
    second part no way
    Phaneuf isnt leaving because of one bad season
    that would be a terrible move by Sutter


    Agreed. Don't know how he came up with that one ha.

  9. mtl_prince says:


  10. mtlman2005 says:

    someone is gonna have to leave, they can't afford Iginla, Kipper, Phaneuf and Bouwmeester… and no way Heatly is going there…

  11. lafleur10 says:

    quit trolling!why don't you go andplay with the other shames fans if you can find any! look at the stats and the stats says markov is a top 10 d-man in the league sorry to burst your bubble!

  12. pezzz123 says:

    Phaneuf is an elite d-man still very young, trading him would be the worst move of the century.

    And trading him for Heatley would add even more salary on the cap, so it doesn't make sense from a financial point of view either.

    Now we only need to dump Vandermeer and Primeau, and MAYBE one of Sarich/Langkow. Backlund should make the jump this year, and I guess Boyd is ready for a top 6 role now. If he isn't, then screw him he's a bust 😉

    Phaneuf – Regehr
    Bouwmeester – Sarich
    Giordano – Pardy

    That would be a HECK of a defense. WOW.

  13. pezzz123 says:

    The stats tell he's a top 5 OFFENSIVE d-man in the NHL, but his -2 says otherwise for the top 15 whole package d-man.

    and quit insulting people, or you'll never get any credibility.

  14. Burgergold says:

    vendermeer gone

    Les Coyotes de Phoenix ont échangé l'attaquant Brandon Prust aux Flames de Calgary en retour du défenseur Jim Vandermeer.

  15. kilter says:

    forget vinney,he’s not worth the money,and who *****ing cares if he can speak french and the the thought of giving up halak for  him terrifies me then we would have no goaltender at all,i would give up Price and Higgins  for him yes …IF i was going to make a deal for him…but at the end of the day its too much of a cap hit for what you will get in return the ends do not justify the means,but they should trade Price right now when they can still get something for him because if he plays another season with the Habs he will be totally worthless because everyone will know that he’s garbage!!!

  16. reinjosh says:

    nope heatley is not thankfully
    and now that vandermeers gone they are fine
    they sign bouwmeester
    sign a second line winger and they are golden
    they have 11.25 million  (roughly) in salary space so its all good

  17. cam7777 says:

    Is anyone starting to wonder what the hell Gainey is doing?  So far this is his lineup for next year:

    andrei kostitsyn – maxime lapierre – georges laraque
    sergei kostitsyn – glen metropolit – max pacioretty
    ben maxwell

    andrei markov – roman hamrlik
    josh gorges – ryan o' byrne
    mathieu carle – p.k. subban

    carey price – jaroslav halak

    lots holes to fill, lots of talent to sign, lots of things to address, and yet no news out of montreal….

  18. lafleur10 says:

    and give credit(to markov and other habs players) when they deserve it instead of coming on here and having no idea what you are talking about! it's clear that you have a strong dislike or hate for them but the stas speak for themselves! how hard is it for you to admit that the guy is a top offensive d-man in the league! look i hate the leafs but i can admit when they have something or do havr something ad i've repeatedly said that kaberle right now is the only player that they have that's worth a 1st r,d pick like it or not1 and markov is the same! even your flames pezz i mean i'm stupid i know phaneuf is one of the topd-men in the league!like it or not,but i will give credit where credit is due! but when you come on here and making assinine comments and are being obtuse you are the one that has little to no credibilty!

  19. lafleur10 says:

    nice deal for the flames! sutter raped the panthers! wow nice looking defence so far1 phaneuf,bouwmeester,regehr! awesome top 3

  20. lafleur10 says:

    pezz the flames now have an outstanding defence,that can rival detroit! as they say defence wins championships!

  21. reinjosh says:

    dump Primeau in the minors
    trade Sarich and have Erixon or Aulie step up
    and sign Pardy
    Sign Moen and maybe one other forward and were golden

  22. pezzz123 says:

    uhhh you just told exactly what I told myself. He's a top OFFENSIVE d-man. Nothing more.

  23. lafleur10 says:

    no you didn't read my last post,in response to yours! you were saying that he isn't a top 5-10 defnceman in the league and we are saying that! you are saying he's a top 15 which he isn't! based on the stats he's one of the top 5!

  24. reinjosh says:

    your an idiot
    he isnt a top 5, 10 or even 20 dman in the league
    i could tell you 20 better dman that i would rather have
    he might be a top 10 offensive dman
    but just barely

  25. pezzz123 says:

    actually I think Markov is a top 20 overall d-man, and a top 10 offensive d-man.

    For overall, here's my rankings. Markov is 18th.

    1. Lidstrom
    2. Niedermayer
    3. Chara
    4. Weber
    5. Pronger
    6. Timonen
    7. Gonchar
    8. Keith
    9. Kronwall
    10. Boyle
    11. Rafalski
    12. Green
    13. Phaneuf
    14. Bouwmeester
    15. Wideman
    16. Seabrook
    17. Vlasic
    18. Markov
    18A. Kaberle

    For offensive d-men, here it goes. Markov is 9th.

    1. Green
    2. Lidstrom
    3. Niedermayer
    4. Gonchar
    5. Boyle
    6. Wideman
    7. Rafalski
    8. Kaberle
    9. Markov

  26. pezzz123 says:

    oh and I left Zubov out of the picture. I consider him retired at this point. Otherwise, he'd be top 5 in each of the categories.

  27. lafleur10 says:

    look douche bag go play in the traffic and go back to( fagnation)ala leafsnation and dream about trading jason blake and ponikarovsky ,and ian white for more 1st r.d. picks! and when you haven grownup comeback and we'll talk you snot nosed kid! markov is a top 5 d-man in the league check the stats idiot and you'll se he was the 2nd highest scoring d-man in the league! where was mr.bean(aka tomas the best defenceaman in the league) kaberle,according to you leafsfans!

  28. pezzz123 says:

    Being a good d-man is not all about the points my dear, otherwise Green would've won the Norris, and he would be the best d-man in the NHL.

  29. ICELIZARD says:

    Lecavalier in Montreal would be awesome… However, we all know it probably won't happen.  I would love to see one of these three centres coming to Montreal via trade:
    1. Lecavalier
    2. J. Thornton
    3. J. Carter
    Out of the three, the most plausible would be Carter since Philly has some serious cap issues and would need to trim it's payroll.  With this said, it's unlikely they would trade within the same conference…

    The Habs would have a much more realistic chance to acquire one of the following centres instead:
    1. D. Briere
    2. B. Richards
    3. M. Camallari

    The problem with the 3 centres above is that they don't fill the Habs needs, which is a big RW centre.  All 3 are 6'0 tall or smaller and aren't the toughest around the boards.  With this said, I have a feeling Gainey will make a pitch for B. Richards if the Lecavalier trade doesn't happen. 

    Other than that big centre the Habs are coveting, they also desperately need to find a #2 d-man to play with Markov.  I would make a pitch for B. Seabrook…  Chicago has a great defensive core and could afford to trade one to receive help at the forward position for Kane, Toews & company.  I'm not sure whom the Blackhawks would want in return…  Let's keep in mind that SK74 played with P.Kane in London (OHL) and together tore up the league…  Perhaps SK74 along with another young Habs for Seabrook?

  30. reinjosh says:

    the most plausible would be Lecavalier
    anyone who thinks Carter is going to be moved for whatever reasons let alone cap reasons is a moron

  31. bigscoup says:

    I have a question. You have Niedermayer ranked 2nd and 3rd(in overall and offensive D-men )…..Now earlier you said Markov's -2 makes him not a complete D-man.I think you have him ranked 18th and 9th.My question to you is ….How did you get that ranking? Markov(64pts 78 gms -2) has better stats then Niedermayer.(59 pts 82gms -8)…….Thus the better player would be…..Markov

  32. hockeylegend488 says:

    haha thats funny, as somewhat a habs fan thats the worst lineup in the league. obviously they will sign players but i see them with the first pick overall next year, them or the leafs. montreal has alot of prospects i think tho

  33. Habroller says:

    Markov is a stud 1-on-1. He may not be a defensive defenseman in terms of hitting and blocking shots, but as far as offensive defensemen, he's one of the best to defend his own zone.

    Green is not a defenseman, he's a 4th winger, he probably won't ever win the Norris unless he becomes a real all-around stud.

    Saying Timonen ranks about 10 spots in front of Markov shows how laughable and anti-habs your are, my friend.

  34. pezzz123 says:

    Who would you take to build your team around? Niedermayer, without a doubt.

    He came back in december, and was slow to start. But he finished the year very strong and looked like an all-star again.

    Niedermayer also has a few Norris, so I guess 1 medium season isn't telling it all.

  35. pezzz123 says:

    Markov is NOT a stud 1 on 1. I'm watching all 82 Habs games, and I can guarantee you he's a liability defensively. Denying that shows how much you're biased, my friend.

  36. pezzz123 says:

    Carter is a bargain at 5 millions, they won't move him.

    Cammalleri is a left winger.

    Keith-Seabrook is one of the best pairing in the NHL, and Seabrook is signed for 3.5 millions (a bargain) for 2 (or 3?) more years. They won't move any of them.

  37. Habroller says:

    Exactly, if you're watching all 82 games, that means you're from Montreal. Reading your every day comment on HTR also lets me know your bias against the Habs is much stronger than my favourable bias will ever be. There's no negative bias as strong as the occasional Bruins or Flames Montrealer fan.

    Why would you, pezzyboy, would have anymore credibility than so many hockey analysts who recognize Markov's all-around play.

    You have no credibility. None. And that won't ever change. You have been laughable in the past and you just keep nurturing your laughableness even more as time goes by.

    Cheers, and have a good and lovely Sunday.

  38. Habroller says:

    Yeah, build your team around a 37 year old who leans towards retiring every single damn year. That's showing some pretty decent perspective here, pezzyboy. Really helps your already strong credibility…

  39. pezzz123 says:

    browse around, and you'll see I got a little more credibility than you my dear.

  40. pezzz123 says:

    and by analysts, you mean Gaston Therrien, Normand Flynn and Jacques Demers? Yah right. THAT hurts your credibility.

  41. ICELIZARD says:

    Cammalleri played LW in Calgary but was a C with the Kings…

  42. Habroller says:

    I didn't mention at any point these morons.

    You really suck, my dear AND you have no credibility whatsoever, even more when I read around your teenager stuff.

  43. PuckNuts says:

    In 2009, it was Sundin. This year it's Vinny. Next year it will be Luongo. And on goes the list of talent that won't go near the Montreal media with a 50 foot pole… Look what they did to Cary Price and the Kostitsyns. And that was only last year! Montreal is it's own worst enemy.

  44. Habfan17 says:

    After what Philly traded, oops sorry, over paid, to get Pronger, Mtl would have to trade half their team to get LeCavalier. I don't know about the rest of you fans, but I am tired of hearing about Vinny coming to Mtl and how bad they need him. If Boowmeister signs in Calgary, Sutter will have to move salary to make room. It may be more reasonable to trade for Jokinen. He is no way comparable to Vinny, but he does produce and add size up the middle. With Lang being 38 and coming off of a bad injury, not to mention what he may ask for, it may be better to sign Malhotra. He is fast, very good in both ends and pretty good on face offs. He is a big centre, although not very physical. Then if they sign Beauchemain and laperriere they would add sone grit and leadership that was missing last season without having to give anything up. If they can sign Komisarek, Tanguay and Koivu, they could then try to get a Gaborik or the Sedins and then fill out the balance of the roster. I had heard read that LA would like to move Johnson and Frolov. Maybe there is an opportunity there! Send O'Byrne, Fischer and the Kostitsyn's.  What ever Gainey decides to do, I hope it doesn't involve Tampa and Vinny. He would cost way too much!!

  45. Habfan17 says:

    I like your suggestion to send SK74 to Chicago for Seabrook. I would think that he would be happier if his brother came with him, so maybe send the brothers for Seabrook and a 3rd round pick. I think the Hawks may prefer to trade Barker. Why not send AK, SK, O'Byrne and McDonough for Barker and Seabrook?

  46. Habfan17 says:

    maybe it will hit us all at once! From what I have read, the GM's have been reluctant to make any trades. Who could have known this would happen. I think Philly caused a lot of other deals to fizzle when they overpaid for Pronger!! If a 34 year old goes for that many high end guys and draft picks, what does a late 20's top player go for? The answer…more than the other teams are willing to part with. If Gainey is smart, he will forget about Vinny!! His price just went way up!!!! It was already going to be very costly.

  47. Habfan17 says:

    After what Philly gave up for Pronger, your suggestion of Higgins Halak and SK would never fly! Tampa, depending on which of the owners you talk to, want to spend to the bottom of the cap. That may give Gainey a bit of an advantage, but if they were to include PK Subban, I would not do the deal.

    If Mtl could send O'Byrne, McDonough, Plekanec and next years 1st round pick, that should do it. They get a centre to fill in and help Stamkos, a solid prospect, some potential in O'Byrne, and an extra 1st round next year to help them rebuild. If they don't want Plekanec, send Higgins. The only danger with sending Higgins is that if the deal was done before Komisarek has decided what to do, he may leave.

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