Leclair could be the key to a Cup for the Rangers.

The rangers have got a ton of talent, but they don’t have a true first or second line left winger. I realize that these guys are professionals and expected to adapt but it is a simple fact that guys feel natural at different spots, and the Rangers don’t have any left wingers.

Messier, Holik, Nedved, Lindross and Lundmark, 5 centerman.

Bure, Kovalev, Carter, Barnaby, Petrovicky and McCarthy, 6 right wingers.

The only left wingers that New York has are Donato and Lacouture, The flyers want to be rid of Leclair’s salary, so why don’t the Rangers go after him, then sign Lucky Luc, give him a chance to bounce back playing on the second line, with powerplay time.

Why do the Rangers need Jagr, he just another right winger who likes to play on the fringe. Leclair and Robataile will give you two guys who will willingly go stand in front of the net on the powerplay and bang home loose pucks.

The blueline should be able to sort itself out with a good coach, the talent is their and they’ve got the depth, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Dunham is solid between the pipes but if you have too, you can give him to Philly for Leclair and let Blackburn carry the load.

In the end, it boils down to the left wing, if the Rangers can pick up some natural left wingers then they are a playoff team and cup contenders, if not there just a waste of money.

Any thoughts?