LeClair's Four Teams List, Larry Brooks was RIGHT!

Flyers LW John LeClair has agreed to waive his no trade clause, and he has also given the 4 teams of where he’d like to play. Sources: LeClair agrees to waive no-trade clause

The Flyers have been saying for years that they do not have a bottomless pit of cash.

So in what is being described as an effort to reduce payroll to make room for free-agent signings and their younger players, the Flyers have asked John LeClair to either agree to a rewritten contract that would spread out the cost of his current $9 million-a-year deal or to waive his no-trade clause.

According to several team sources, LeClair has agreed to be traded to at least four teams – the New York Rangers, Los Angeles, Detroit and Dallas – but has not agreed to a blanket waive of the clause that allows him to remain a Flyer through the remainder of his contract.

LeClair has 3 years remaining on a 5-year deal that guarantees him $9 million a year.

Reached last night, LeClair declined to comment on what the team sources have said. He said he would not talk about his contract or the possibility of a trade.

“Anything can happen,” LeClair told the Daily News. “But I’m not going to say anything about it. This will all be worked out in the next couple of weeks.”

Flyers president and general manager Bob Clarke on Friday denied the team had asked LeClair to waive the clause. He also denied a report that the Flyers contacted the Rangers to see if they were interested in trading for LeClair.

“I haven’t talked to [Rangers general manager] Glen Sather since Christmas,” Clarke said.

LeClair’s agent, Lewis Gross, did not return calls for comment either last week or yesterday.

That the Flyers are seeking to do something about LeClair and his hefty contract comes as no surprise. After a disappointing showing in the playoffs by LeClair, coach Ken Hitchcock said the team would begin to reduce LeClair’s ice time in favor of some of its younger players.

LeClair, who started last season strong after extensive offseason training, missed 47 games recovering from shoulder surgery after dislocating his right shoulder in November.

After coming back near the end of the regular season, LeClair did not regain his early-season form. LeClair, who will turn 34 next month, had 18 goals and 10 assists in 35 regular-season games. He had two goals and three assists in 13 playoff games.

If the Flyers reduce his ice time, having a third-line left winger making $9 million a year just doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense that the Flyers would seek to do something about the size of LeClair’s contract. They are in the market for a goalie, having just traded Roman Cechmanek to Los Angeles, and they are hoping to re-sign defenseman Eric Desjardins, who will become a free agent July 1.

Clarke has said the Flyers would wait until July 1, when the free-agent period begins, to see which goalies would become available. He also said the Flyers would consider trading for a goalie.

To do everything the Flyers will need to do in replacing Cechmanek and signing Desjardins, they will have to reduce payroll.

The Flyers ended the season with a payroll that topped $56 million. Sources said the Flyers would need to increase that to somewhere near $65 million to make the moves they believe they have to make.


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  1. mikster says:

    So Larry Brooks was right! Well, I don’t know who will take him but LeClair would look good with Lindros, Allison, Guerin-Modano, and not so good with Detroit since they are looking for a center, and obviously he should look good with Lindros.

    However, he is 34 years old, injured often and who knows. Flyers won’t get much at all in return since they will have to eat up his salary and his trade market value is not that high anymore.

  2. GpDogs41 says:

    As a Detroit fan this is hard for me to say but Im going to do it. Backup goaltender Manny Legace for John Leclair. Manny is an excellent goalie and I love him but hes not getting his chances in Detroit and maybe should move on. It would be upsetting to see him go but it might need to be done.

  3. JeffBurnz09 says:

    If Dallas can get him, healthy, and not lose too much to get him, I like this deal. I don’t have alot of faith in him right now with the injuries he’s had lately, but he did play with Modano in the Olympics and had a great run. So Guerin-Modano-Leclair is one hell of a line, but who do they lose? Again, they’re trying to dump payroll, not add it, so unless they can sent Turgeon to Philly, I don’t see this comming true.

    Detroit, New York, and even Dallas is not surprising to hear. Hey, someone’s leaving their team, where are they going to end up? New York, Detroit or Dallas, every time.

    If he doesnt go to Dallas (which I’m not sure I like anyway) I hope he goes to LA.

  4. bdeppe says:

    The only way the Stars would do this is if they traded Turgeon to the Flyers and they eat about 4 million of LeClair’s salary.

    The Kings will sign Luc for a much cheaper rate than LeClair’s 9 million

    The Wings will wait and see what McCarty and Fedorov. There has been mention that they might target Vaclav Prospal if Fedorov leaves.

  5. aaron says:

    The only team that has enough money and a stupid enough trade record to do this is the Rangers. Actually, they’re the only team that meets either one of those requirements. Why has LeClair agreed to be traded to the Rangers, I wonder? The other three teams are all actually good…

  6. big_booty says:

    When the original story broke, this is what Brooks wrote:

    “The Post has learned that Gross and Bob Clarke have both spoken to the Rangers about the possibility of reuniting LeClair with Eric Lindros – who combined with right wing Mikael Renberg to form the Legion of Doom in the mid-’90s – but that Sather’s interest is currently lukewarm, even with the Philly GM having offered to absorb a significant share of the contract.”


    In this article, Clarke says:

    “”I haven’t talked to [Rangers general manager] Glen Sather since Christmas.”

    I fail to see how your boy Larry was right, mikster, seeing as how that LeClair and his sycophant have “not agreed to a blanket waive of the clause that allows him to remain a Flyer through the remainder of his contract.”

    Waiving a no-trade clause means that you allow your team to ship you anywhere. This is a sort of “only trade me one of these four teams or I won’t waive it and you’ll have to pay me” thing.

    This kind of crap really pisses me off. I am reminded of what the Flyers went through with Lindros, when he said he would only play for Toronto, then added St. Louis and Detroit to his list. This was before his final option, the Rangers, stepped into the picture.

    Speaking of the Rangers, if they indeed have no interest in LeClair, good for them. It’s probably the smartest thing that Sather has (or hasn’t) done since he took the reins in Manhattan. Also, as I said before, I find it interesting that this story pops up after rumors were swirling that Lindros’ future with the Rangers was in doubt. Like I said, why re-unite 2/3 of the Legion of Doom only to cast away its centerman?

    Will the Rangers contact the Leafs as to the availability of Mikael Renberg?

    Detroit probably doesn’t want LeClair either – they don’t need a $9 million body playing second fiddle to Brendan Shanahan.

    I highly doubt the Kings have any interest, as they are bleeding cash. Even if the Flyers were to eat 1/2 of his salary, that’s still more payroll for the Kings to pony up. They are in a saving mode, not spending. Besides, who are they going to offer up in exchange besides draft picks? Kip Brennan? Mikko Eloranta? Please…

    Dallas is also having money troubles, they’re concentrating on keeping Hatcher in the fold. Would Tom Hicks want to spend $18 million per year on two players? Doubtful.

    I don’t see LeClair going anywhere. I could see Clarke maybe re-working his deal to make it a little more palatable, but the fact is that with his age, injury history, and price tag, he’s too heavy for some weakling teams to lift.

  7. big_booty says:

    I don’t think Turgeon comes to Philly, the Flyers really don’t need him.

    I also don’t think that the Stars and Flyers are in any sort of position to trade one headache for another.

    LA can’t afford LeClair, they are losing too much money.

  8. big_booty says:

    I’d do that deal in a heartbeat.

    Unfortunately for the Flyers, I don’t see Ken Holland doing this. The Wings already have their star winger in Shanahan, why go get a more expensive #2?

  9. mikster says:

    Is every Flyers veteran player that gets traded a headache?

  10. mikster says:

    LeClair-Modano-Guerin does look slick. Flyers will pay a good amount for LeClair’s salary, the Stars will trade Matvichuk else where. Gainey may try to get Turgeon back somehow.

    It’s complicated, but it can happen.

    And, NYR, Wings, Stars are the three big rich teams. When a player is making $9M a season….you bet those teams will pop up in trade rumors.

  11. big_booty says:

    You tell me….

  12. mikster says:

    As of now, and i am going my trade market value, Sather has done some good trades. Got Dunham for so little. Lindros came at a price and he lost that deal. Bure came in for basically nothing. A pretty fair deal with Poti and York. Got Sandy McCarthy and a 4th round pick which is Bryce Lampman (will be a solid d-man) for Langdon and DiMaio. Got Kovalev for a bunch of waiver picks up and a 3rd line winger in Samuelsson that will be replaced. Got Mironov for a 4th rounder and only had to pay him $1.2M. Got Anson Carter for Dvorak, who i think will play well next season if injury free, and Cory Cross, and he even got a good young d-man in Ales Pisa.

    I mean, these trades have not gotten them to the playoffs, unfortunately since you look at this team….it should be good and fun to watch, but on the trading market….those are good deals.

    Also, Sather, apparently, is not interested in LeClair.

  13. mikster says:

    Well, not exactly right but he got it quite a few days ago and he almost got it exactly right. I mean, many reactions were, no way….that is completely untrue.

    Well, not all. So, give some credit to Brooks for breaking the news between the Flyers and LeClair.

    Obviously Clarke wants to dump this guy, if he can.

  14. defenestrate says:

    Is it just me, or does the icon on this article look like a severed swan’s head?

    SCTP – “The Jungian Thing, Sir”..

  15. bender says:

    I don’t know what your smoking Dad, but what ever it is, I want some!

    SCTP – “I don’t need drugs to enjoy this, ONLY TO ENHANCE IT”

  16. brewstar03 says:

    I only see Leclait going to the Rangers. Of course they have the money to get him. I can see him working out pretty good there if he stays healthy, but he still won’t be very dominant.

    Dallas can not afford him. No way. They have to give up Matvichuk or Arnott to help pay for Turco and Hatcher. And pay for Leclair. They would have to give up Turgeon to Philly to offset everything, but Philly doesn’t need a center.

    L.A. can’t afford him. No way. They are losing a ton of money. Unless they gave up someone, but I don’t even know who.

    Detroit isn’t a good fit either. They need a center. Leclair makes more than Shanny. And Shanny is so much better.

    So i guess Leclair to N.Y. then. Maybe

  17. flyersdude123 says:

    LeClair’s contract is the headache

  18. flyersdude123 says:

    I hope the Flyers trade him for a bag of pucks and the other teams absorbs his whole contract. That would make me happy. Leclair for a 3rd round pick, and the Flyers don’t pay for any part of his contract.

  19. mikster says:

    In your dreams!!!!!

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    Any team that trades any live body for LeClair is the joke of this league. THis guy hasn’t played 3/4 of a season in years. Now with the lockout coming, Philly wants the other teams in the league to sacrifice cheaper, and/or younger players so that they can dump a player they obviously overpaid for? I say shit on Clarke. He is the one who gave him this contract, so he should have to eat it.

  21. Kashin says:

    Would they not then have the top 3 guys in salary in the league. With Bure and Holik. Kovalev could meen top 4.

  22. keon says:

    leclair is useless, let the rangers have him!!!! they can have renberg too!!!

  23. bender says:

    If the rumor turns out to be true, ALL thoughts about money aside, where does he fit on the a-four-mentioned teams.

    New York Rangers – Of course he’d play great again with his good buddy Lindros, he may even get the bee out of his bonnet and get him playing some real hockey again. I think the connection would be great for the Rangers, something that they are missing, line chemistry.

    Los Angeles – This is the team I’ve mentioned Leclair going to, I would have thought a big old blockbuster with him and Cecko going to LA would have been kewl. Same as NYR the Kings have Allision and him and Leclair could create some great team chemistry. Why don’t the Kings have more money though? They are in one of the biggest markets in NA.

    Detroit – the only team I couldn’t really see too interested but could make the most sensible deal w Legace. He just doesn’t seem to in their lineup. But stranger thing have happened!

    Dallas – I think Dallas would benefit the most from a guy like John and vice versa. Putting him on the top line with Modano and Guerin (who know eachother well) would open up the game a little more for Leclair and may put him back into 40 goal shape.

    The two questions of course are the money factor and who do the Flyers get in rerturn.

    IF…..(jeffburnz gave me the idea) the Stars trade Arnott and Matvichuk for the fist pick from Florida. And let Hatcher go, Would they have enough room to fit him. Then the Flyers certainly don’t want Turgeon, he wouldn”t fit the Flyers style. Maybe swap D men, Therien (to fill the Hatcher void) and we could take Sydor, or maybe even Zubov, unless he’s subplanted!

    Dallas would be the best thing for all three parties (the Leclair camp, Flyers, Stars) I believe!!!

  24. aaron says:

    No, Lidstrom, soon to be Fedorov, Jagr, Kariya, and I think Forsberg (some Av anyway) all make at least 10 million dollars and beat out all but Bure of the guys you just listed. Kovalev only makes like 5 million dollars.

  25. aaron says:

    By stupid, I meant more throwing a lot of money out for a few players right before the lockout. Not necessarily making bad moves. Most of his moves are absolute steals…they just don’t do anything for his team, b/c super stars don’t win in the NHL anymore. That was an 80’s thing…wrong decade.

  26. defenestrate says:

    Careful, football boy – you’re starting to sound passionate about hockey again…..

  27. bender says:

    A special thing happened when Kariya came back and scored that goal, and now with the draft approaching and CBA looming………..I have HOPE once again…………………..

  28. flyerfanofthepeg says:

    Flyers wouldn’t want Turgeon

  29. Goldenscud says:

    Man, if LeClair and Desjardone leaves – what are we going to do??? Where is Gilbert Dionne when we need him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. tml28 says:

    what about the maple leafs, now theres a possibility we already got renberg and theres rumors of lindros coming to toronto so why not add leclair since the maple leafs need a left wing bad. it would be the legion of doom and maybe renberg and the whole line can get there game together


  31. tml28 says:

    it doesnt matter there gonna suck and the maple leafs are better the flyers dont even have a goalie what a joke!

  32. Goldenscud says:

    The leafs had a goalie this past playoffs and they didn’t get to far.

  33. rrudd says:

    to dallas:

    john leclair

    to philly:

    pierre turgeon

    ron tugnutt

  34. tml28 says:

    true but the flyers had a better defense, u know mr bean didnt look good in net. good luck with eshe, can u say 2002 boston bruins with steve sheilds they gotta do somethin b4 they start the season, what do u think there gonna do?

  35. JeffBurnz09 says:

    LA doesnt have money? I thought they had cash, but just wouldnt spend it? If they really want to save money, LeClair isnt the way to go. He’s not going to win them a cup by himself, and 9 million is alot to pay a guy just to make the playoffs.

    I guess Detroit has to be looking most likely right now. Again, I guess these are teams he’ll go to, not necessarily teams that want him. I don’t see Dallas getting him, even if it would be nice to put him with Guerin and Modano. He’s too expensive and they need to save money. Unless they take some of Dallas’s over priced guys (Tugnutt, Matvichuck) and eat some of Leclair’s contract, it wont happen.

    Rangers are always possible. They might get him to put back with Lindros, to hopefully get him playing well again. But again, LeClair is a player on the down side of his career. He had a great career, but he’s not in his prime anymore, he’s making alot of money, and he’s not producing they way he used to-how many of these players does New York need? They already have the ghost of Messier, Lindros and Bure, and are close to killing off Kovelev.

  36. JeffBurnz09 says:

    The only questions are, who would Philly get in return for Leclair? Dallas needs to drop payroll, so I could see arnott, Matvichuck or Tugnutt gone to Philly for Leclair. Dallas has some trade bate. I don’t think Hatcher leaving in an option, I think if worst came to worst they’d go over budget to keep him and then trim payroll after they sign him.

    Matvichuck would be good in Philly. Big strong defenseman, playing for Hitchcock again. Arnott wouldnt be bad. Strong power foward, who’s younger than their Roenick types, but more experienced than their Gagne types. And Tugnutt is great to have as a back up and mentor for Eshe.

    Philly / Dallas seems to be the best deal for both sides.

    I don’t know who Detroit would give up, or who Philly would want. At this point, the only guy I could see is Legace. He’s a #1 goalie trapped behind Cujo. He’s be great as a started for Philly, or even to split the year with Eshe. Other than him, who does Detroit have to give? Philly wants to get younger and cheaper, and Detroit’s line up is older and high payed.

    If it was going to happen with LA, I think the Ceckmanek deal would’ve done it. LA and Philly were talking, and Leclair must not have came up then. Again, who would they give up?

    I guess the Rangers is possible. I don’t think its all that smart of the Rangers, but they’re already paying 80 million to lose, whats another 9? Do they have anyone Philly could use?

  37. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Philly won’t take Turgeon if they’re smart. He makes 7 million and hasnt shown he still has anything. He’s the exact type of player they don’t need right now, old and high payed. I wish they would take him, but I don’t see it.

    Tugnutt is possible. How about Arnott or Matvichuck?

  38. boborr4 says:

    Clarke would have to eat about $4 million per year of LeClair’s contract to pull that off…. which I don’t see happening… or work something else out with LeClair before that deal could be made.

    That would probly be the best deal involving LeClair that could be done. The Rangers? What do they have that would interest the Flyers right now???? Dunham, who is all but untouchable? The Kings? Naw… Dallas? Don’t see it.

  39. bender says:

    Ya when it comes to Leclair, it’ll either be picks and some low ball guys or guys who are decent like Matvichuk, where their team finds them expendable for some reason or another.

    Legace is the guy I’d really want. He’d be good for the Flyers, but somehow I don’t see Leclair in a Wings uni!

  40. defenestrate says:

    Legace’s eyebrows are too small…

  41. Aetherial says:

    Mr Clarke would sprain his wrist in his haste to try and sign that deal.

    CuJo for LeClair makes more sense than this. NO WAY Detriot gives up Legace for LeClair.

  42. Aetherial says:

    Please God no.

    It is time the Leafs got rid of overpaid veterans for whatever they can get and they started to seriously rebuild this team all over again from the ground up.

  43. titans says:

    Yea too bad nobody wants his broken down ass!!

  44. defenestrate says:

    “Even the hands on a painted clock are correct twice each day” – Confucious

    “If you throw enough sh%t at a wall, eventually some of it will stick” – My Grandpa

    SCTP – “Philosophy Is Fun! Whee!”

  45. tml28 says:

    i understand where ur comin from but they gotta go 4 what they can get and they gotta win the stanley cup soon not later

  46. lbjaokay says:

    PLEASE LET Desjardins GO! At least one third of Philly’s goals against were a result of his errors. I thought Clarke would have tossed him when he relinquished the “C” on his sweater because of the “burden!”

    John LeClair will come back to bite Philly in the ass if traded. Cechmanek & LeClair on the Kings? What do they know that I dont?

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