Leetch a Bruin

TheFourthPeriod.com reports that the Bruins have signed a one year deal with Brian Leetch.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Blah. I still hate seeing him in anything but a Rangers uniform. Even so…paired with Boynton, he’ll be a part of a decent defense in Boston. And if they keep Thornton, their power play will be very good. Much better all around defender than Gonchar.

  2. BruinsBruisers19 says:

    YES YES YES YES YES AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Finally got someone big, its only one year, but oh well, thats probably all he has left in the tank, this is a much needed aquisision, good job O’connell now sign Thornton and Forsberg with the left over cash and were all set, haha!!!

  3. 92-93 says:

    good for Leetch and Bruins fans. they are getting a top-notch D-guy. i remember when the Leafs got him at the deadline everyone kept saying that he was too old to help the club but Leaf fans know that this guy has amazing hockey sense and improved McCabe’s play immensely.

  4. skandelousHABSfan says:

    this is so funny!

    the only player the leafs seem to be able to keep is Owen Nolan…haha

    sorry to kick a team while its down, but it is just funny.

  5. WangKumar says:

    What a waste for the Leafs. He played what, 20 games in total for the leafs. Sather actually comes out on top for something, and this alone should spell JFJ’s fate as GM.

    It would seem as if players would flock to Toronto and take less to play there, but I guess with the media/fans, their dirty style of play and overall lack of privacy, free agents are reluctant to play there. What happend to the honor associated with doning a leafs jersey?

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Yeah, Boston fans should be happy with him. He can easily play for another 2, 3, 4 years at a good level, simply because he plays smart hockey. He needs support, but Boston has some good defenders there. McCabe was a different player after Leetch was paired with him. As for McCabe, that should carry over into this year…he might even be an all star if he really steps up.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    It doesn’t have as much to do with honor as it does with economic realities now. This is a different NHL. The superstars are going to be much more spread out now. Think of it as the NFL…kinda sorta. You’re going to have good players all over the place now.

  8. Resmo112 says:

    i feel their pain, hate the leafs, but i feel for them. owen nolan should die. or atleast have more knee surgery so the leafs have to pay him more money.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Get a grip.

    The Leafs have about 7 million to spend on 6 players. I bet they simply cannot afford who is being signed now.

    Because of their unsuccessful push for the cup the last couple years, they basically entered this situation in the worst position of any team.

    Aging vets

    lack of youth from bad drafting and traded picks

  10. hockeyhead says:

    Once upon a time there was an NHL lockout and no hockey for a year…………..

    and then from the ashes rose a BIG BAD BRUIN.

    whew whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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