Leetch back in Toronto?

Boston.com is reporting today of rumours involving Brian Leetch being dealt back to Toronto due to Bryan McCabe’s groin injury.


(story is down near the bottom of the page)

“A rumor circulating north of the border has the Maple Leafs in hot pursuit of defenseman Brian Leetch, who spent a short time in Toronto in the 2003-04 season after spending almost 17 years with the Rangers. The rumor is fueled because Maple Leafs defenseman Bryan McCabe has been sidelined since Jan. 7 with a torn muscle in his groin, but O’Connell said if the Maple Leafs are trying to make a deal, it’s news to him. ”There’s no truth at all,” said O’Connell. ”We haven’t discussed trading Brian Leetch at all.” Leetch, who signed a one-year contract without a no-trade clause last summer, has been sidelined the last three games with a groin strain.”

Will the Leafs reclaim one of the few defensive bright spots that they had in the last 5 years?

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  1. mcpickl says:

    nelios, itd be nice if you could fabricate one trade rumor for your team that didnt include park, mccarthy or both. nobody wants your crappy players.


  2. mcpickl says:

    yes it did.

    the article it the boston paper said, theres rumors from north of the border in toronto


  3. neilios says:

    They are just suggestions you dumbasses and Jovo’s name is being tossed around and for McCarthy and park they are just players that can even out the salary and to even most trades up since Jovo is a franchise type player and he would be a good fit in Boston maybe even captain the team there.

  4. lukeleim says:

    Brian Leetch, Andrew Raycroft & Sergei Samsonov for Nik Antropov, Andy Wozniewski, John Pohl & Tuukka Rask

    Ed Belfour to the Vancouver Canucks for Matt Cooke

    Jason Allison & Aki Berg to the Calgary Flames for Jordan Leopold

    Khavanov, Clarke Wilm, Mariusz Czerkawski to the St. Louis Blues for Lee Stempniak

    Steen – Sundin – Tucker

    Samsonov – Lindros – O’Neill

    Ponikarovsky – Stajan – Cooke

    Kilger – Wellwood – Domi




    Kaberle – McCabe

    Leetch – Leopold

    Klee – Colaiacovo





  5. Trickst says:

    well i guess boston can’t look at any players on montreal because non of them can avg a point per game, skate, or play defense

  6. Trickst says:

    well i guess boston can’t look at any players on montreal because non of them can avg a point per game, skate, or play defense

  7. mccraig416 says:

    If the leafs trade away Allison for Leetch, they would have to be retarded. I am a die hard leafs fan but, the fact of the matter is, the leafs are not winning the cup this year, no chance in hell. Why trade away a guy who is 30 for a guy who could retire any year now just for a feeble chance at the cup.

    A dumb move if you ask me.

    Plan for next year leafs

  8. habs79 says:

    Yep that’s why Montreal surrenders 30.3 shots per game to Toronto’s 30.8. Also why Toronto has allowed a total of 108 goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods compared to Montreal’s 91. No wonder Toronto has blown so many leads with late melt downs. Toronto givers up 3.15 goals per game compared to Montreal’s 3.16. There is of course Montreal’s 81.4% penalty kill to Toronto’s 80.6.

    Also Montreal is not in a position to get a player like Leetch. They are not going to cotend for a cup this year, so getting a rental player should be out of the question. Also like I said Boston would look to trade with the west not a division rival.

  9. intothevoid001 says:

    its not like interdivision trades haven’t happened before. teams having a fire sale near the deadline usually aren’t to worried who goes where

  10. PaulK123 says:

    Leafs don’t suck, they just have lots of injuries, when Bryan McCabe, Darcy Tucker, and Eric Lindros come back you better watch out, oh yeah and we have better prospects than you will ever have! You think yours are better than ours?! Thats like saying your house is taller than the CN Tower!

    Go suck a lemon, mother-!@#$er! 5 years down the road the leafs are gonna woop your asses! Oh

    yeah! Do you know wats hilarious, your best player didn’t even wanna be your captain! Go @#$% your


  11. PaulK123 says:

    were the hell did montreal come in on this discussion! Oh I get it! Your just jealous because

    no-one cares about Montreal!

  12. muckies says:

    The flyers aren’t thinking long-run. They are thinking this year and next, when they have FoBo and a veteran D that in 2 or 3 years will be a huge elephant on the cap-space of Clarkes team.

    Siedenberg is 1 5-6 defenceman at best, and he won’t be missed.

    That being said, Nedved does have a good shot, but is this the guy you want on your second line in the playoffs?? Not me. Nedved has had a good career, but I don’t think this is an updrade at all for Philly.

  13. nyrhockey094 says:

    To Darcy 16, what were we thinking, look at his first year with us. 37 Goals, thats what we were thinking. That was when he was still under 30, and also where are Pavel Brendl and Jan Hlavac right now? Only one doing anything with there Career is Johnsson. Getting rid of him made way for prucha who has what 23 goals in 37, 38 games at the most.

    ALSO I never said we were overhyped, In past years it was pathetic how much we payed someof these lazy ass players. Im just saying though that we dont go in there with stanley cup expectations when there not realistic.

  14. nyrhockey094 says:

    You have 3 buddy, Rask, Wellwood, Steen. Steen is proving himself at the NHL level and is gonna be with you guys for a while. Wellwood is looking to be the same way, Rask….. I have yet to see what he can do at the NHL level so I really dont know. Lindros isnt going to do anythign buddy, he had a hot start, thats it, Just like every other year, he gets injured and then hes down. Jagr, he didnt want to be captain, and look where we are, more so look where he is. LEADING THE LEAGUE IN POINTS. Petr Prucha 23 goals 7 assists,????? Henrik Lundqvist, 3rd in save % 4th in GAA? Its kind of sad how no one on your team has more then 20 goals, and that your dman is gonna be the leading scorer. Tucker 18 goals correct me if im wrong but isnt that leading your team? Wheres Sundin this year? He seems to be absent from the team. Jason Allison was the ONLY decent pick up, and your thinking about trading him for Leetch? That in itself is hysterical. Isnt he like 3rd or 4th on your team in points? Do you guys like making your team older and older? Did you guys really think Belfour was gonna be the one to take you to a cup at 40.. or is he 41 now, i forget. So when your leading scorer, Mcabe, and your teams goal leader Tucker with 18 is back im sure you are going to do some reaaallllllll damage. For your own sake pray that Lindros stays hurt.

  15. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    petr prucha for the rangers is better than any leafs prospect/rookie the team uses. hopefully they make the playoffs soo u fans back up ur talk. now we got this freakshow above on a 5 year plan…give it up

  16. leafs4cup says:

    coudn’t agree more.

  17. habs79 says:

    Actually it was the other Leaf fan if you actually bothered to read the entire thread. Maybe you should get you facts straight before you run your mouth.

  18. 92-93 says:

    actually, a leaf fan goaded him into this discussion by making a point that has nothing to do with it. it wasn’t habs79 – and the latter simply brought out a whole bunch of valid stats and points too to back up his argument.

    i dunno why so many people are willing to get into pissing matches on this site (re: your last sentence) and start making stupid stupid claims/comments.

  19. 92-93 says:

    i agree.

    there will be times when Neved might score an OT winner and then the flyers fans will say clarke is a genuis. but more often than not, i think neved will disappoint a lot of fans with his detoriating play.

  20. nyrhockey094 says:

    THANK YOU FINALLY some one who has common sense. And hes right, 5 year plan lmfao i missed that one.

  21. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    boston is giving up so much for so little.

  22. muckies says:

    Hello Leaf fans: is it true that Shayne Corson was forced to retire by the Leafs management because he was caught sleeping with Mogilny’s wife at the end of the season when Corson stayed in Toronto to nurse an injury?????

    I know Corson and Tucker and Greene were really disliked within the team, and i guess we know why.

    I know this follows in the Gary Leeman and Al Iafrate wife rumours (Al got out and Gary got traded), not to mention the Clarke/anderson hot-tub thingy.

    It sort of goes to the bigger issue of team chemistry. The Habs don’t have it, Minnesota doesn’t have it, it looks like Vancouver doesn’t have it anymore, i guess having to stick up for a criminal every night must get tiresome (Brendon Morrison, you’ll get traded soon, don’t worry, and the Bertuzzi scene will end. In the mean time, keep a close eye on your wife).

    It would be hard to high-five a guy after he had been high-fiving your wife, or he broke somebody’s neck and never apologized to the team.

    Trade Bert, who cares what Naslund wants. Naslunds’s getting paid millions to represent the Canucks and not his interests. good captains always support their organizations, even in tough times, like Sundin and Alfie.

    Alfie didn’t get paid for 2 weeks once because his boss was a cheap bastard. Sundin had to put up with 3/4 of Leave fans saying he couldn’t become the captain because 1. he was a Swede 2. He was soft 3. he chocked in the playoffs.

    But you never here a word out of these guys besides – i support managements decision.

    Anyways. Sens 4-2 over the Leaves. Big Brian will drop Belak.

    Toronto will resign UFA Kaberle and Mccabe.

    Ottawa will resign UFA Redden and Chara.

    The weirdest thing about Toronto fans. 95% of the fans never get to see their team live because the ACC sells all its tickets to corporate millionaires, and there tickets are way to overpriced, and the management does nothing to get tickets to the fans and kids who make the Leaves the great team they are. the everyday blue collar workers, (the guys at Tim Hortons instead of Fourbucks) who have always loved their team, in good and bad, but have to wait for a millionaire who doesn’t want to go see the Monday night game versus the St. Louis Blues and gives away ghis ticket, to get into the ACC, and they still love their team.

    All you Toronto fans that are proud you fill other stadiums with your fans, you should be ashamed. the only reason they come to Ottawa for games is because they can’t get tickets in Toronto, or can’t afford them, and who would want to sit next to a a bunch of rich jerks who drink red-wine and eat sushi at hockey games, and are more interested in just being at the game for social reasons then seeing a hockey game, instead of drinking BEER and eating Hot Dogs and actually enjoying hockey the way its supposed to be enjoyed.


  23. wingerxxx says:

    I thought we’d seen the last of the stupid Corson-Mogilny’s wife thing. The answer is no, it is a stupid urban myth. There are tons of little rumors and myths like that through NHL history. The other two you mentioned are prime examples. The players probably get a good giggle in the locker room when they hear that fans actually talk about that stuff.

  24. muckies says:

    Ottawa 1-0, 1 minute into the game. if you like allsion, you must love his defense coverage as well.

    As a Sens fan, I do.

  25. mtrakker85 says:

    Well its hard to look at the long run between the two players. What is Nedved now? 33 or so? Seidenberg is probally about 24. The Flyers made the trade to help now and not the long run.

    The Flyers have a ton of talented young D-men. They needed another foward to help with the lack of production from lines 2-4. Whether it will help or not is a total mystery, but something had to be done. The salary is what bothers me the most about the trade. Taking on that 2.2 mill, it will be hard to make any other improvements to the team before the deadline.

  26. neilios says:

    muckies you sound a little kookoo your self there man I think you should get your self checked out.I dont know what you mean but you probably dont even know what your saying but you say Vancouver dont have what it takes you have to be joking there right.Canucks are just starting to wake up now moron but they still had a pretty good 1st half I would say they are doing better then the Leafs and Bert will start ripping it up pretty quik and it dont matter if Morrison gets traded as long as they get someone that can dish the puck to Nassy and Bert and Brad Richards would be a nice fit here or a Gomez.

  27. muckies says:

    2-0 Ottawa. just another heatley 1 timer for a goal.

    I like how the leaves can’t get the puck off the boards when they are in Ottawa’s zone.

    Did Toronto get a shot on their power play????

  28. muckies says:

    3-0 Ottawa.

    How do you MoFo Totonto fans like Fisher now???

    What is that, 30 goals in the five games the Sens have played against Totonto this season?

    And we still have 2 periods to go.

  29. muckies says:

    4-0 Ottawa.

    Leaves allow a goal in the first and last minute of the first period.

    Yikes, the sfael suck

  30. muckies says:


    nice break away for Alfie.

    he may hit the 30 goal mark tonight.

    Belfour doesn’t look that fast going side to side like he used to.

  31. muckies says:


    Totonto needs some Defenceman.

    Look at it this way if your a leaves fan. We are doing you a favour. after tonight, the leaves will have to get some D. they can’t just say they had a bad game. thats 2 8 goal loses, and now its 6-0.

    All you leave fans that slamed Fisher in previuos posts, eat shit.

    2 breakaway goals for Fish, he has to show you leave fans how good he is.

  32. shakrmakr says:

    Hey I remember Ottawa fans being *****y the last few seasons and getting their asses raped later on by the Leafs in the playoffs. So I would shut your mouth until after the playoffs.

  33. shakrmakr says:

    How was that Allison’s fault? It was Antropov that *****ed things over.

  34. muckies says:



    Toronto isn’t even fighting back. Anne-drop-oof, ponikamooski, O’Neill, Allsion, these guys don’t care if they are down 7 goals.

    Toronto has to either get some D, or start building for the future. They lose McCabe and they look like an OHL team tonite.

  35. shakrmakr says:

    They need to fire Quinn. He is the main reason why Toronto looks the way they do. He is the most overrated coach in the league. It sucks though Fergy is a smart guy but unfortunately Quinn has last say on everything.

    A good example of Quinn’s brutal coaching is that he is double shifting Berg, Klee and Khavanov who can’t move at all. Colaiacovo and Kronwall who can actually move are barely getting any icetime.

    Don’t forget they have Tucker and Lindros gone as well as McCabe.

  36. muckies says:

    Final 7-0.

    The best part of the game was after the whistle when Toronto tried to act like they were tough. ^0 minutes to late.

    Neil was ready to drop the gloves, and nobody would dance.

    Oh well, have to see if totonto can turn it around Monday. I’d say no.

    As of tonite, the leaves aren’t in the playoffs.

  37. chanman says:

    my I make a observation tha THE LEAFS have just been soundly trounced by the senators this evening. The leafs are a boat yet to leave the dock.

  38. habs79 says:

    I would say it has to do with the fact that people are fans of their team not true fans of the sport. They pretty much know nothing outside of their team rules and everyone else sucks. They don’t know the game well enough to back up any point they might have. Well if you can’t attack the idea then attack the person, it makes them feel better cause they simply can’t state an argument with any logic.

  39. Kamakaze says:

    I was hoping for a game tonight, but YEESH! They got trounced! I couldn’t even watch… It was like a gorilla, senselessly beating a small, small puppy with a large stick, over and over again, until the puppy became but a fine paste…

    I will agree about Toronto, they aren’t a terrible team, they have some talent, but, Quinn isn’t doing it for them, these guys just don’t have that.. THING that makes decent players play good and good players play great… I guess I just don’t like their whole team attitude…

  40. cecilturtle says:

    Please do not comment on a player(s) that you have never seen or know nothing about!

    Thank you.

  41. 92-93 says:

    absolutely pathetic display tonight …

    by you muckies.

    i have never seen anyone gloat so much over a regular season win. considering the history between the two teams, you are on very thin ice.

    but i have come to expect this kind of ‘classy,’ low-brow behaviour from you.

    you are an embarrasment to other ottawa senator fans and i’d hate to see the kind of sportsmanship you’d display on any playing surface.

  42. 92-93 says:

    The Nine Step Plan for the Leafs to be a Cup Contender AND Re-build at the Same Time

    (and yes it can be done).

    The following is something I’ve been writing for a bit now and I just want to hear some feedback.. I posted an earlier version of this 9-Step Plan that involved a trade for Allison. Now I propose an even more revolutionary trade. The following nine steps is meant to be a plan for JFJ to ice a team that is competitive but also forward-thinking (re: incorporate prospects into the line-up). It is also based on probably the best article I’ve ever read on what the Leafs need to do win a cup written by Allan Muir (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writers/allan_muir/10/14/inside.nhl/index.html). Basically, its one big trade, some shrewd re-signings, maybe one free agent signing, and a lot of youth. And that’s it. Most of the plans I see on this site are way too complicated and far-fetched. Keep it simple.

    The Remainder of the 2005-2006 Season – the Trade Deadline:

    Step One: Trade Sundin and Klee for Leopold and Reinprecht

    I’ve proposed this makes sense but it’s a heck of a price for the Leafs to pay. Calgary needs a solid Centre and some more offense, they have a surplus of defencemen, and Leopold’s offensive-defenceman role on the Flames squad has been minimized with the play of Phaneuf. Even Muir himself suggests that he could be on his way out at the deadline (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2006/writers/allan_muir/01/18/inside.nhl/1.html). The Flames have enough cap space to take on Sundin and Klee’s contracts. The Leafs get a young, top-4 defenceman who improves their defence but the loss of Klee means that their defensive depth is not necessarily better in the short-term. But this deal is all about the long-term. The Leafs also save some money on this deal since Leopold ($1.05 million) doesn’t make that much and Sundin and Klee make over $8 million combined – thus giving the Leafs some space under the cap. The Leafs also get a solid third-line Centre. This trade also means an increase in ice time for Lindros and Wellwood down the middle. Finally, I hate to say this but if this deal STILL doesn’t look realistic to some out there or to Calgary – I suggest replacing Klee with Kronvall (but I hope not). For all those saying that ‘Sundin isn’t that good’ – I would reply that it is just another instance of a player being devalued purely because he plays for the Leafs. Sundin is still a point-a-game, 70-85 points getter, a leader, and he can change the complexion of any team. Is he Joe Thornton? No. But he isn’t that far behind contrary to what most people think.

    Step Two: Try to trade those who will (or should) be let go in the offseason and trade Antropov for a draft pick.

    The list is long: O’Neill, Domi, Khavanov (all of whom are signed for another year with the Buds), Belak, Czerkawski, Berg, I’d say – regardless of the Leafs’ position in the standings on March 9th – that they should try to get rid of these guys for draft picks. Of course, no one will take them but the Leafs should at least try. The point is that this season has repeatedly witnessed the fact that the young players outplay the older ones and that in the short-term, these guys could easily be replaced from within the organization. Even the Marlies defence wouldn’t be that much of a downgrade from the defensive play of Belak, Berg, and Khavanov (although to be fair to Berg, he is an OK #6 D-guy). Nik Antropov is having a better year than usual but his knees are going to go any minute. If he is not dealt at this year’s deadline, re-sign him but for no more than what he is making now but make him a 4th-line centre.





    [Belak, Czerkawski]




    [Brown or Kronvall or Woz]



    The Leafs lose some scoring with Sundin but their D does improve slightly with the quicker and younger Leopold. With the improved play of Coliacovo, the Leafs’ top-4 can get most of the ice-time (45-50 minutes) – leaving very little ice time for Berg and Khavanov. If an injury occurs, Kronvall, Brown, or Wozniewski can be called up. Don’t like the lines? Well notice that I put the younger guys up on the top 2 lines besides Allison and Lindros and the guys who are not doing a heck of a lot on the lower 2 lines. Tucker is having a good year but I’d rather see guys are good in their own end on the wings on the top 2 lines. At this point the remaining steps and off-season moves will depend on how well the Leafs did the rest of this year (did they make the playoffs? Did they move beyond the first round? Etc.) and what needs need to be addressed.

  43. 92-93 says:

    The Off-Season:

    Step Three: Say Good bye to Czerkawski, Belak, Khavanov, and Berg

    If it was possible I would add the one-dimensional O’Neill and Domi to this list but the Leafs are stuck with them. Czerkawski is not even good enough to be a depth player on an NHL team and his $500,000 is too expensive. Aki Berg’s salary is way too expensive for a team that has younger kids who can play as good or better than him and for cheaper too. It’s also time to, FINALLY, say goodbye to Wade F-ing Belak.

    Step Four: Resign McCabe, Kaberle, Lindros, Allison

    Related to the departure of Klee and Berg is the resigning of McCabe and Kaberle. The savings from letting Khavanov and Berg go ($2.35 million) can go to the raises that Kaberle and McCabe will be looking for (I am estimating that they will be making a combined $2.75 million more then what they are making now). With the loss of Sundin it would seem that Leafs would be compelled to re-sign Lindros and Allison but if the Leafs could try to acquire another free agent Centre like McCauley instead of retaining Lindros that would be a bonus. I would still rather see Allison in a Leaf uniform next year than Lindros (for a lot of obvious reasons that a lot of people don’t seem to understand). However, if the Leafs resign Eric it should be for a two year deal of no more than $2.5 million a season. If Eric doesn’t like it, he – and his perpetually injured body and concussion history – can leave and the Leafs can look elsewhere for a Centre. Furthermore, the Buds are deepest in the Centre position if you look at the entire organization.

    Step Five: Keep the Process of Integrating Youth into the Line-Up

    The seven players that the Leafs will be keeping the closest eye on when the training camp begins will be Centremen John Pohl, Jeremy Williams and defenceman Jay Harrison, Ian White, Andy Wozniewski, Brendan Bell, and Niklas Kronvall (assuming Kronvall is not traded for Leopold). For the purposes of this article I am going to choose Pohl, Kronvall and Woz to be called up to the team before the season begins. This keeps the payroll down and keeps the line-up young and fresh. Kronvall will already have some NHL experience under his belt and Pohl and Woz both have played a few NHL games. Going into the 2006-2007 season new faces like Pogge, Earl, Vorobiev will be worked into the Marlies roster (Rask will probably be brought over at some point too). Aubin will probably be dropped so that Pogge and Racine will split goaltending duties. Depending on who is called up and who is not the Marlies will still have a strong squad. According to my above estimations, White, Woz, Vorobiev, and Bell will probably be the Marlies’ best D-guys and Earl and Williams their best forwards.

    Step Six: Bring up Brown For Depth Purposes

    The Leafs are going to have to pick up some depth to replace the poor depth guys they don’t resign (Czerkawski, Belak). Brad Brown is an option to back-up the younger guys on the blue-line and can be resigned for the league minimum. Battaglia is another option and he has had a good year with the Marlies and should at least get a shot at playing with the big club. But the Leafs should first try to get a decent free agent RW (re: Step 7 below), which would move either Domi or O’Neill into the healthy-scratch/‘extra forward’ position on the club.

    Step Seven: Pick Up a Free Agent Forward

    If possible I would love to see guys like LW Jeff Friesen, C Alyn McCauley, RW Jamie Langdenbrunner, or RW Anson Carter get signed by the Leafs. Friesen will sign for cheap considering the season he has had with the Caps and the recent injuries he has had. I could see him competing with Kilger for the 4th line LW spot. But my preference is for one of the RW mentioned above because that is where the Leafs need some depth. By the way this is the ONLY free agent pick up I am suggesting that JFJ COULD make. However, my suggestion is to save the money for the rest of next season to see which needs they still have. With the cap ceiling going up, there is a strong possibility that the Leafs could add one of the 4 players I mentioned above. Other notable free agents that I would like to see with the Leafs:

    D Ruslan Salei, G Martin Gerber (not likely to be let go by the canes – depending on Cam Ward’s play though), G Curtis Joseph, D Phillipe Boucher, D Denis Gauthier, D Jay Pandolfo, D Frantizek Kaberle.

  44. 92-93 says:

    Step Eight: Pick Up the Option on Belfour and Play Tellqvist More Often

    BUT only under the condition that Belfour understands that Tellqvist is going to get AT LEAST 30 starts this year. Belfour would probably want to reach the 500 win plateau but if he cannot accept giving Tellqvist more ice time then this step cannot be taken – and this is where the space between the cap will become tight because the Leafs would then have to go out and get a goalie like a Cujo or Gerber to replace Eddie. Another suggestion is to try and get Eddie to become the leafs goaltending coach after next year. Obviously he will have to retire and then become the most expensive goaltending coach in the NHL. I think Eddie wouldn’t mind fulfilling the mentor role that he experienced with Tretiak. Considering the young goalies that the Leafs have – Rask, Racine, Pogge – considering the possibility of Belfour’s son getting drafted in the next few years, and considering the technically sound style that Belfour has, it would seem he is the best guy to coach these kids. There has been lots of talk about trading Eddie at the deadline but unless a quality goalie is coming back the other way (Raycroft, Noronen/Biron, Roloson/Fernandez, Burke/Grahame) then there is not point in making such a move – especially with the uncertainty of acquiring a free agent goalie in the offseason. Also, the Leafs would probably have to give up a whole lot more than just Belfour in such a deal.

    Step Nine: Sign the RFAs – Kyle Wellwood, Matt Stajan, and Carlo Coliacovo





    [Wilm, Domi]







    This line-up is assuming that the Leafs acquire a free agent forward and get rid of Antropov via a trade. For the purposes of this article, I am going to suggest that they will acquire RW Jamie Langdenbrunner or RW Anson Carter. I think the Sharks will not let McCauley go and I think that the Leafs have a better shot at acquiring Langdenbrunner over Carter because the Devils will have their work cut out for them in the offseason with their resignings. I don’t think Vancouver wants to see Carter sign elsewhere after his stellar play this year.

    The weaknesses on the right are immediately solved with Carter/Langdenbrunner and if you look at the 3rd and 4th line and the 2 extra forwards, this team is not too bad depth-wise. The depth on their defence is still a work in progress – ‘in progress’ because of the growing pains that young defencemen are inevitably going to go through in the NHL. A free agent pick up from any of the defencemen I noted earlier in Step 7 would help here but for now I’ll go with this line-up and the Leafs will have plenty of cap space to make such minor acquisitions.


    Departures: Sundin [6.8 million], Czerkawski [500K], Belak [665K], Antropov [1 million], Khavanov [1.25], Berg [1.06 million], Klee [1.9 million]. – total: $13.2 million

    Additions: Langdenbrunner/Carter [approx. 2.25 million], Reinprecht [1.44 million], Leopold [$1.05 million], Pohl [450K], Woz [450K], Harrison [450K], Brown [450K], – total: $6.54 million

    Returnees: Allison [4 million], Lindros [approx: 2.5 million ], Wellwood [approx: 1.25 million], Tucker [1.6 million], Steen [720K], Kilger [475K], Ponikarovsky [700K], Wilm [450K], Domi [1.25 million], O’Neill [1.5 million], Stajan [approx: 1.25 million], McCabe [approx: 5 million], Kaberle [approx: 3.5 million], Coliacovo [approx: 1 million], Belfour [4.56 million], Tellqvist [450K].

    Total: $36.7 million dollars

    With the expected hike in the cap next year to about $42-45 million, the leafs will be able to re-sign most of the guys they want (UFAs and RFAs) and have more money left over to get a few more other free agent players as the season progresses and their needs become more evident (Damien Cox has suggested that as the Cap ceiling rises, teams like the Flyers, Wings, and Leafs will regain some of the advantage they once had). If the league minimum goes up it shouldn’t make that much of a difference in the payroll. The Leafs would have some cap room to sign someone during the season when if that is necessary (something that does not exist now).

  45. neilios says:

    Sens still suck compared to the Canucks the Sens beat a team that is very weak right now on D and the Canucks beat a very good goalie in Theodore and a pretty decent D core in MOntreal,and plus the Canucks sat there big line for the last 2 periods didnt play like the Sens and play there big line all night long.Thats called respect something the Sens dont have I guess just like there fans.

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