Leetch Coming Home.

Brian Leetch’s short playing time with Toronto has given him no time for Jelling with building a new home in Toronto

Now this may Drive Toronto fans crazy, but guess who will be coming HOME to New York?

Rumor has it that this lockout will be Brian Leech’s ticket back home.For nearly 2 decades Leetch lived a Red White and Blue Career. And even though it seems over, his nearly 17 year Ranger life may not be coming to an end all so fast.

A shocking day hit New York when this most Loved Ranger was said to be traded to Toronto, and time seemed as if Leetch would never return.

Small Rumors have been popping in and out that Leetch is living in is home in New York since the season ended.

Toronto’s somewhat early exit in the playoffs gave Leetch a total of only 28 games played with Toronto. Lately it has been said that Brian is living in his New York home with not many plans of buying a home in Toronto. The shortness of time in Toronto and the up coming of the Lockout has proved not well for the Maple Leafs and it’s new star.

Leetch has 1 year left on contract and what many don’t know is that if the lockout does last through next season or half of next season, that’s just the more time Leetch spends home in New York.

Sorry Toronto fans but it all comes down to basics. Leetch will undoubtedly hit the Free agent market next summer, and if you think he won’t go out of his way to see if the Rangers want him back your crazy. Leaving family friends and everyone he has ever known behind in New York to move to Toronto is just not going to happen. Sad but true.

Leetch just wait it out. Because we know you’ll be coming home.

To early to talk about this? I think not, not when he’s living in New York Comfortably.