Leetch Coming Home.

Brian Leetch’s short playing time with Toronto has given him no time for Jelling with building a new home in Toronto

Now this may Drive Toronto fans crazy, but guess who will be coming HOME to New York?

Rumor has it that this lockout will be Brian Leech’s ticket back home.For nearly 2 decades Leetch lived a Red White and Blue Career. And even though it seems over, his nearly 17 year Ranger life may not be coming to an end all so fast.

A shocking day hit New York when this most Loved Ranger was said to be traded to Toronto, and time seemed as if Leetch would never return.

Small Rumors have been popping in and out that Leetch is living in is home in New York since the season ended.

Toronto’s somewhat early exit in the playoffs gave Leetch a total of only 28 games played with Toronto. Lately it has been said that Brian is living in his New York home with not many plans of buying a home in Toronto. The shortness of time in Toronto and the up coming of the Lockout has proved not well for the Maple Leafs and it’s new star.

Leetch has 1 year left on contract and what many don’t know is that if the lockout does last through next season or half of next season, that’s just the more time Leetch spends home in New York.

Sorry Toronto fans but it all comes down to basics. Leetch will undoubtedly hit the Free agent market next summer, and if you think he won’t go out of his way to see if the Rangers want him back your crazy. Leaving family friends and everyone he has ever known behind in New York to move to Toronto is just not going to happen. Sad but true.

Leetch just wait it out. Because we know you’ll be coming home.

To early to talk about this? I think not, not when he’s living in New York Comfortably.

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  1. TheCoach says:

    Over the past 3 years, Alfredsson has played with White, Arvedson and Schaefer. Those aren’t exactly superstars. He also makes players around him better. We saw what he did with White, who couldn’t even get on a roster before an exhibiton game where he played with Alfie.

    Also, the only guy who thinks Sundin is definately better, is Bill Watters. That is no surprise, as he was the one who gave him 8 million dollars per year.

  2. Aetherial says:

    I guess I have to ask why this discussion is happening?

    If he decides to contiue playing after his contract expires (regardless of the conditions under which it expires)…

    then he wil have to decide what he wants to do to finish his career.

    He will look at returning to New York, or perhaps staying in Toronto or maybe somewhere else?

    Money will be a factor, the team will be a factor, and his past in New York will be a factor.

    But who knows, who cares? It is just not that big a deal.

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    Ummm first of all, how is my arguement flawed when you guys haven’t won a cup in the post expansion era? We may have not been able to win in the original 6, but the talent pools were against us in the original 6. A majority of Canadian players were deferred to Canadian teams due to a homestead rule that was back in place since the beginning of NHL’s tenure, and whatever the Rangers got was leftovers. Some good players came out of it, but when did we ever get a Rocket Richard? or a Bobby Hull? or a Gordie Howe? or an Alex Delvecchio? We never got those future HOF’ers.

    On the other hand, where the league is more of a competitive nature, what have we done? Since post expansion… We’ve reached the finals in 72 and 79 but lost, won 2 presidents trophies in 92 and 94, and won a cup in 94.

    Tell me, what has your team done in the playoffs aside from a 4 eastern conference finals appearances 93, 94, 99, and 2002?

  4. GretzNYR99 says:

    I wouldn’t really be talking about him if I were you. Especially after calling Pavel Bure a has been after he put up a point a game, and was on pace for 50 goals in NY if he got hot once or twice, whic is most definitely possible.

  5. wingerxx says:

    Maybe not to you, but it is to hardcore Rangers and Leafs fans. Those are two very large fan bases. This article is very biased, but obviously people care about the issue.

  6. Sands says:

    Thats a great point. Well done.

  7. DandoEagle says:

    leetch is defenately coming back to new york……to play for the islanders the more better team in new york

  8. RangerSteve says:

    I didn’t know that stickyicky you guys got out on the Island messes you up more and more. Please, Leetch won’t go to the Isles. He makes too much money and they already have about 7.5mil locked up between Aucoin and Niinimaa. Milbury, at some point, has to find that damn winger for Yashin.

  9. DandoEagle says:

    leetch would take much way less money to play for a real winner in the isles than a big fat loser like the rangers

  10. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Ummm, am I to understand that the league is more competitive since post-expansion?

    I’m assuming that you’re not suggesting that the talent-thin league which has players like Robert Riechel and Aki Berg still getting significant ice time is more competitive than pre-expansion? I don’t think so.

    So let’s look at what the Leafs have done over, say, the last ten years and what the Rangers have done in the same period. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but how many 100 point seasons do the Leafs have? Have many sub-80 points seasons have the Rangers had? Just because the Leafs haven’t won the Cup doesn’t mean they haven’t been successful in the playoffs or the regular season, and if you’re still riding the 94 Rangers Cup win, then I think the Toronto Blue Jays still rule because they won the World Series in 92 and 93 – let’s not even pay attention to the fact that they suck today and have for a number of years.

    Get off the fact that the Rangers won the Cup in 94, it’s ten year old news. Won’t be long before it’s 37 years and counting between Ranger Cup wins.

  11. ranger_fan says:


    |_| /_

    | | /

    Thanks I needed that. While the Rangers are not playoff contenders, there is a thing called loyalty. And since when after the mid 80s have the Islanders been winners?

  12. ranger_fan says:

    Ah the stupid thing cut off my HA, oh well, you still get my point.

  13. ranger_fan says:

    If Leetch doesn’t retire, and no team offers him 10 million a year, or he doesn’t want to go back to his birthplace in Corpus Christi, then yes he will be a Ranger, unless too that he HATES SATHER like almost everyone else.

  14. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    I agree…other players just like living in the other cities which doesn’t mean they want to be traded back to their former team….like Robitaille when he played in LA then bought a home there, he was signed by Detroit and his family still lived in LA, because its hard on the family to always move…..and then it was a coincidence that he is now playing for LA again…….so what im saying is it doesnt matter if he lives elsewhere, just as long as he follows the team city by city….

    This rumor of Leetch returning to NYR is probably made up, out of no where just because the team is going through a rough time

  15. AmazingHockeyPckWackerGuy says:

    And New York can? Thats why you made this rumor? right.

  16. leafy says:

    So What? He’ll be 38 or 39 by next summer. The Leafs can easily sign someone else then.

  17. mauzam21 says:

    Were you awake when the trade was made?

    In the first interview Leetch gave after being traded to Toronto he stated that if Glen Sather had given him an option on whether on not he wanted to be traded he would have said no.

    I’m a Leaf fan, and I really want this season to happen just because I don’t want Leetch’s last year as a Leaf to be wasted. But season or no season, as of July 1st , 2005 Brian Leetch will be getting ready to suit back up for the Rangers. And can you really blame him. Sure the Rangers stink, but he’s played there his whole career and he is loyal to them. That’s why I like Leetch so much, he sticks with his team.

    Why must you post things that hockey fans should already know. This is not news to anyone.

  18. Rancid says:

    and Sundin’s played with Roberts and Mogilny.

    Alfy’s linemates were way less skilled that Sundins. I agree with you that Alfredsson the better player.

    Great Point.

  19. Rancid says:

    -1967 and counting.

  20. Rancid says:

    New York will in the future with there amazing farm system.

  21. Rancid says:

    You made good points.

    Leetch is one of the classiest players in hockey.

  22. lordstanleyiscominghome says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read on this site.

    How many Ontario born players in the nhl do you think live around the toronto area?

    If it was only this easy.. we could put together a few great toronto teams..

  23. DarkPhoenix says:

    Uh, check Toronto’s history. Toronto’s had about as many BIG players as New York. That Canadian team rule you’re referring to only applied to the Montreal Canadians and the French Canadian players (why do you think Montreal was always loaded to the hilt with French Canadians?)

  24. GretzNYR99 says:


    You mean the team he buries everytime he plays against them?

    Check his career numbers against the Asslanders, it’s no lie.

    Loyalty, buddy. Something you twits will never have. You losers abandoned your team after 8 years of losing… nah, it was actually before that. I’d say like 5 years. Your franchise in whole is an absolute joke from the ground up, being that your fans are a bunch of fair-weather know-nothings. New Jersey’s fan base is the same way. We stick 7 years and no playoffs, and I’m still talking shit. To add salt to the wound, I know more about my team than you do your own.

    If you’re gonna talk shit, at least have some clout and past history as a fan. Don’t come back after 8 years when you get Alexei Yashin and Michael Peca and claim to be a fan.


  25. GretzNYR99 says:

    Alfredsson is easily the most overlooked player in the league. No one considers him a superstar, but in this day in age, he puts up adequate numbers, his +/- is always good because of the fact that he’s that damn good defensively, he just plays a great all around game. He’s scrappy too, he grinds well for a guy who’s 5’11 and 195 up against guys who a lot of the time outsize him by a few inches and 10-20 pounds. Sundin is a complete ***** for a guy who’s 6’4 230 pounds. He could have been the prototypical power forward, and put up monster numbers, but never had that drive. That drive seperates Alfredsson from Sundin. The only thing that seperates Sundin offensively is that he’s had better wingers to play with in the past, and played on better power plays… that 92-93 Nordiques power play… Monstrous. Even the Leafs power play now with Leetch could be one of the most dangerous in the league. Alfredsson has captained a team that has risen from the cellars to become one of the most dangerous in the NHL.

  26. GretzNYR99 says:

    So if I should get over the cup win, you guys should get over making the playoffs each year?

    Overall, I’d trade making the playoffs consistently for 7 playoffless years and the cup. Our drought WILL come to an end, your consistency is bound to falter, especially with the lack of potential impact prospects you guys have.

    Wow, 100 point seasons, and what do you have to show for it? A high payroll full of veterans and a drought that hasn’t seen a semblence of an ending to it.

    So you’re stating that the league isn’t more competitive now than it was back then? Ummm… dipshit… 6 teams, as compared to 30. The talent pools have gotten deeper over the years, but the game has changed for the worse. If you’re still riding those 100 point seasons, I can still ride the 94 cup win, and since that’s the topic of discussion, post season success in the Post Expansion Era, I think I will.

    So win a cup before you come back trying to argue this. You can make the playoffs all you want, but until you make it count, don’t argue a lost cause.

    Long live 67.

  27. GretzNYR99 says:

    Every team had future HOF’ers in the original 6 except New York and Boston.

    That applied with a majority of Canadian players until the mid 50’s.

  28. Sands says:

    Your telling me that not winning a cup means you can still have a successful playoff season? you idiot. What are you talking about?! you idiot, so then your telling me anyone who comes in second should be happy when they lose in the finals? what the……. you are a moron.

  29. Sands says:

    but you still coment so my job is done you Jack. Wow are we on stupid pills tonight here HTR fans?

    Dude you still read it and it is one of the only articles to get near 100 comments in the last month so please… shudup and sit down. Know your roll pal.

  30. DarkPhoenix says:

    Okay, than pray tell, why are you naming players from Detroit and Chicago? They aren’t Canadian teams, last time I checked.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Okay then pray tell the “Except for New York and Boston” part.

    Need I say more?

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    “Know your role, pal.”



    Status quo: OWNED.

  33. GretzNYR99 says:


    Status Quo: OWNED.

    When sucess is measured by constant first round exits, that will mean either…

    A. It’s the end of the world.

    B. “Hell froze over.”

    C. I “found [god].” (Note: VERY UNLIKELY)

    D. Steve Smith scored again on his own net.

    E. All of the above.

    Nice one, Shit-For-Brains.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    Because to Sands, and some other Ranger fans, this a sign of hope that there’s a chance of him coming back to NY. It’s just a rumor as all other stuff aside from the news that is posted on this site. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and to add salt on the wound, don’t post in it.

    In other words, keep it to yourself if you don’t care for it. You’re only proving how much of a sissy-ass whiner you really are by posting replies like that. Go cry about it somewhere else.

  35. GretzNYR99 says:



    My, my… what has this world come to?

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    02, 03.

    2 years, not that long.

    In 01 it was Detroit, in 04 again Detroit.

    All those overpaid has-beens, and no cup.

    Sad, sad world.

    Come back when you win a cup, if you’re even alive to tell the story.

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    Considering that since expansion, the deepest you’ve gone in the playoffs is 4 eastern conference finals… which is not saying a lot, obviously… I really wouldn’t be talking about the Rangers if I were you.

    Toronto hasn’t won a cup in almost 40 years, and won’t win another for at least another 10 because they have a 6’5 wuss of a choke-artist who is “captain material” (what a laugh), and they’re losing prospects left and right in trades to bring in veterans to bring them to the promised land, which won’t happen with Ottawa, Florida, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and the Rangers getting deeper and more dangerous every year. Watch out buddy, Toronto’s gas tank is running dry, and the Rangers are just starting to rev up. Give the Rangers 3-4 years and they’ll be a contender. Give Toronto 3-4 years and they’ll be where the Rangers are now.

    What a laugh.

  38. GretzNYR99 says:

    Read what I posted to cgolding.

    And let me ask you something…

    If it’s not a big deal, why are you posting? You basically just ate your own words in a contradictory manner.

    Lesson: Think Before You Speak.

  39. GretzNYR99 says:

    “This rumor of Leetch returning to NYR is probably made up, out of no where just because the team is going through a rough time”

    If that’s the case, then I think whoever it was would start making up rumors of Peter Forsberg returning to the NHL and playing for the Rangers.

    Yeah, real smart. You look more stupid than you call whoever made this rumor up out to be.

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