Leetch in Blue and White?

Here we go with more rumors, but now that the Leafs are not acquiring the services of Gonchar, they have apparantly turned their focus towards Leetch. The Fan 590 reported at 3 pm today that the leafs are in heavy talks with the Rangers for Leetch. Specific details are not available in terms of players, but they are reporting that it would be non roster players and high draft picks.

As I was writing this message, I received an email from a colleague in Buffalo, that he has heard that it could be a multiple player deal which would see Lindros and Leetch head to Toronto. I cannot confirm the source, this is information coming to me from a colleague in Buffalo who reported it after hearing it on an Albany radio station.

Personally I think it is highly unlikely that the Leafs will land Lindros, Leetch is possible, but they do not want to give up a roster player and I can see Lindros drawing at least a roster player.


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  1. rangerfan2000 says:

    Funny, I just posted the story and then saw this, but it’s good for the Rangers and the leafs too. I think the Rangers are asking for Alexander Steen or Carlo Colaiacovo as well as the 2nd round draft choice. I think that if Rangers can throw Lindros their way, they can probably get both prospects (who are considered “non roster” players) as well as the 2nd rounder.

  2. CaptainModano says:

    It never ends, does it? Once another Leafs hopeful is traded to another team, it’s always “We didn’t need him anyways, now we’re getting THIS guy!!”. Pronger will NOT go to Toronto, and I’m still convinced Leetch will end up in his home state of Texas, with the Stars.

  3. bpanther83 says:

    I heard the same thing on 680 news. Im not so sure of the lindros thing though. Supposedly its 2 high draft picks and a baby leafs player. Not sure who or anything. Though i could picture lindros being included, I doubt the leafs will give up anything solid for NYR to accept. But as for leetch, Im hoping but not getting excited till something happens.

  4. bpanther83 says:

    Why does everyone ***** about the rumors? Their mostly legit, but we all know toronto Gm’s can be dumb and back away last minute. SOme are made up, and Im with u all on that, but Toronto fans aren’t the only ones doing it. The Gonchar thing WAS NOT a made up thing. It was legit…The leafs backed away and thats that. At the time they were the top team vying for Gonchar. But the price went to steep. I didn’t want him anyway. We all know the leafs will get someone…1 or 2 players. So of course the rumors will be strong. Sorry we got more fans than everyone elses teams, so we get more posts.

  5. tj_hooker says:

    I really don’t see Lindros playing a whole lot longer. In order for him to be effective, he has to play a physical game. If he plays a physical game, however, he’s bound to get another concussion. Do you really think such a risky proposition would demand a roster player?

  6. cyclone says:

    This would be terrible for the Leafs. They would be giving up a chunk of their future for a defenseman who is weak at best in his own end, and a has-been forward whose brains have probably been reduced to oatmeal by now. They would be better off getting Martin Gerber out of Anaheim or Jani Hurme out of Atlanta, and Brendan Witt out of Washington.

  7. MAniac29 says:

    I’m telling you leaf fans, Tarnstrom is the way to go now. Tarnstrom is the same age as Gonchar, and sure, he doesn’t have the same pedigree of success as Gonchar or Leetch, but he is much younger than Leetch, has a much smaller salary, and is probably a bit of a better defensive player than Gonchar and arguably as sharp on the PP. He may lack a bit of the 5-5 offensive ability, but there is no mistaking him as a sure fire PP guy. Look at what he’s done on the Pens this year, I mean he’s got 27 PP points, he’s tied for the defensman league lead in goals, and he could probably be had for the same if not less than Leetch. The only appeal I see in Leetch above Tarnstrom is playoff experience and his prestige as an elite player. However when you consider the chances of losing him after one or even two years where as Tarnstrom is just now entering his prime, I think that it’s still in the best interest to grab Tarnstrom.

    The Pens will probably be reluctant to part with him, but I think that after seeing what Gonchar brough in, that they would be justified in asking for a first or a good prospect and a third, or maybe even just straight up for Bell, Harrison, or Carlo, but I’d like to see the Pens get a pick.

    Already the teams have made the Jackman/Berehowsky swap, so maybe there is a good line of communication too. By the way, Jackman looks like the steal of a life time. He’s got great energy, he’s had 9 points in 9 games, including an OT winner, and he has played solid defensively and been disciplined. If it was so crowded on the blueline that Tor could part with him, I don’t see why they are so hesitant to part with one of the three mentioned above.

    Another option is to trade for a forward. Ryan Whitney should be making the jump from NCAA to NHL next year, and is an equal prospect to the three above. Rozsival will be returning from injury, and Lupaschuk may be ready to jump as well, so the interest in another Dman may not be the same as it would for a bona fide O prospect. Part of me thinks CP might be intersted in Antropov because of his size, but on the other hand, he’s so oft injured, and the pens have had trouble with their big prospects that are weak making the jump to the NHL. Thomas Steen is always a possibility, maybe even Wellwood could be gotten. Stajan isn’t going anywhere, and I doubt with Ponikarovsky’s play of late they’d deal him.

    How about this though. The Pens throw J.S. Aubin in the deal. Now I know most of you will probably not think he is much of an upgrade, but honestly the guy’s got skills. He really has been stripped of a fair shot in Pittsburgh time and time again, and has played pretty well this year in the time he has seen. If the leafs aren’t looking for a real big name guy, Aubin may give them another NHL goalie option going into the playoffs. With the addition of Aubin, maybe I guy like Wellwood could be had, and with a pick even maybe.

    Interesting how another Pittsburgh/Toronto deal could shape up….

  8. matrix2003 says:

    that sounds about right for the both of them. Lindros would be had for a pick but not a player off the roster. Most fans have these outragious idea of what players are worth, and when the trade doesn’t go down like they thought… they’re in shock. I’d say, what you suggested is about what it would take to get them. P.S. It’s nice to see someone that doesn’t suggest insane trade rumours/ideas.

  9. matteo says:

    Make sure you get a large roll of bubble wrap to put around Lindros’ head if you pick him up.

    So basically what you guys are saying is two prospects who the Leafs fans are always talking about for a guy with a Mushy Head and an old defenseman with 2 years left.

    DO IT…PLEASE!!! That trade will make the Adam Oates deal in Philly look like a steal for Clarkie.

  10. kojakleafs says:

    I think the Leafs would be crazy to pull that type of a deal. Lindros’ reocurring concussions make him a huge liability and Leetch’s game has plumated considerably in the last 2 years. Leetch still has a good head and could be an asset on the powerplay, but I can’t see him helping Toronto’s defensive problems.

    If JFJ does go ahead and pulls this crap off, he will be officially the dumbest Manager in the history of hockey, right atop of Rejean Houle. It is simply non-sense to give up a high draft pick and a former 1st round prospect (Colaiacovo/Steen), which have both promising NHL careers, for 2 old school players, especially when one is considering retirement at this moment.

    Getting used up players who had success 5 years ago is not the solution for Toronto since they already have experienced veterans in Nolan, Nieuwendyk, Sundin, Roberts and Belfour. Keep the existing squad and fill the holes with players who still have 5-7 years left to play. JFJ should rather focus on getting strong defensive players like Jason Smith or Keith Carney.

    Enough with the superstars!!! If this deal does happen, JFJ will be following Sather’s same footsteps 3 years ago.

  11. thecat_39 says:

    i sure hope the leafs get leetch, id rather have him than gonchar anyday, hed help the leafs more than gomchar. as for lindros, i cam se him doing well in t.o. on maybe the 2nd like with niewendyk and antropov, but lets jut jope Fergie makes the right choice by not giving up too much future(ie: colicacovo, steen, stajan..etc)GOLEAFS GO!!!

  12. kojakleafs says:

    “Thomas Steen is always a possibility”

    I don’t think the Pens are interested in Thomas, they might like his son though.

    You make a good point with Aubin, the man does play a solid game. As for Tarnstrom, I don’t know if the Leafs should get that type of a player, I’d rather see Jason Smith or Keith Carney. If JFJ can bring one of those two in the lineup, I’d then look into Tarnstrom and try to get rid of Berg (his bad pass led to Boston’s tying goal last night and frankly, you cannot have that happening in the playoffs. Berg is just too inconsistent)

  13. MAniac29 says:

    Haha right on about Steen, my bad. I remeber when the winnipeg Jets had Thomas Steen as the center of the line between Selanne and on like NHL 94 before the days of line changes and he was awesome!!

    Anyway, I think Toronto would be better served to pick up a dman of the Carney, SMith, Witt type as you said. I am still curious as to if Toronot was in the running for Gonchar or not, because if they were then they must be after an offensive minded guy, personally though, I agree with you that its not what they need…

  14. kojakleafs says:

    How can you compare Gonchar with Leetch? His stats are not even comparable and Gonchar is 5 years younger, better defensively, and plays with much more intensity than Leetch. Kelly Hrudey said it best, Leetch plays with no heart and just doesn’t give a crap anymore. He was thinking of retirement this summer so that pretty well sums up his committment to hockey.

    Yes Leetch has posted some good seasons throughout his career, but the caliber of play from both players as of now, cannot even be compared. If you think they do, I don’t know which games you are watching or if you even understand the game of hockey.

  15. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    This would work, he is old but hes pretty good, i mean look at messier hes really old but he still plays and good and hes a better defensive player than gonchar, and colaiacovo or steen. I mean if you can get this guy for another year or two do it. As for Lindros hes becoming kinda fragile and right now ain’t worth a roster player.

  16. Wills says:

    Fan 590 report a BS rumor every hour, but I think the Leafs would be interested in Leetch. Problem is so are at least 4 other teams. I have a feeling he will go to Dallas.

  17. kojakleafs says:

    Yeah well, unfortunately Gonchar was traded to Boston earlier today for a 1st/2nd draft pick and Shoane Morrisonn. Like I said, the Leafs should look first and foremost at a defensive D and then pick up an offensive one to help Kaberle on the PWP. However, I still argue that Gonchar filled both those descriptions, considering this year’s +/-.

  18. mymanbob says:

    sure….why should Toronto have to give up any roster players for an ALL-STAR defenseman?

    Gotta love the thinking in T.O.

    Boston had to give up a 1st,2nd and a prospect (roster player)…where do you guys come up with these ideas??


  19. kojakleafs says:

    Because Boston is stupid!!!

    Look at what price did Ottawa get Bondra or Philly get Zhamnov… The reality is that Leetch is old and is not worth 2 1st rounders.

  20. bpanther83 says:

    Thank you, I try not to be bias and to be more realistic in what I say. I don’t like it when some stupid people come and say stuff like “Joe Thorton for Renberg” Its just dumb. (thats not an actual comment its just an example of stupidness)

  21. mymanbob says:

    ok. we’ll see what happens buddy!! LOL

    every GM in the league is stupid except Toronto’s…except when Toronto misses out on big name players…then they’re stupid right?

  22. Dymd3z says:

    Well i would feel pretty good if this trade is done, but at at the same time disappointed. For starters, Lindros is injury prone, like most of the leafs – we don’t need anymore of that. But with other hard nosed players on the leafs bench whereas the Rangers had only kasperitus so maybe he wont be such a target.

    But with leetch, sure he has depth and stanley cup winning and playoff experiance, but the leafs have ton of that as it is. Do we really need another rent-a-player like phil housley? Id prefer Poti if anything – or why not sign tverdosky? He was a free agent and went to euro hockey – call him up and give him a deal he is a good d man (according to my nhl 2004 game lol). Thats my 2 cents on the situation.

  23. kojakleafs says:

    Not at all what I am saying, if one GM can make a mistake, it’s JFJ (ie: Jackman for Berehowsky)

    All I am saying is that in my opinion, it would be ridiculous to get rid of Steen/Colaiacovo and a 1st round pick for a defenseman that was thinking of retirement this summer and that just has no more will to play the game. I am not at all questioning Leetch’s talent, he proved along the years that he’s a great offensive D-man, but ALL-STAR or not, he’s just not worth that much anymore. Five years ago, I would of pulled that trade right away, but not anymore.

    I mean, would you give up two 1st rounders for 15-time All-Star Mark Messier???

  24. tr8der_info says:

    Ahhh…..36 year old defenceman? I just checked his bio on NHLPA and he looks like he’s 82!!!!! They COULD use him but they should get some young players too.

  25. MAniac29 says:

    yea I know he got dealt. What Wash got out of Gonchar is what is making me think that it might be worth it to deal Tarnstrom. Tarnstrom’s not physical really, but he hasn’t made many defensive mistakes this year either..

  26. hillsy6 says:

    The Leetch deal is one thing, but Lindros requiring a roster player is innaccurate. Lindros is damaged goods that is an unresricted free agent at the end of the season, so by the trend that has been set by other trades in the NHL you know Lindros would have to come pretty cheap. If they acquire him with or without Leetch this is what they would be getting, a 6’4″ 240lb centreman that has already won the Hart trophy and been on Team Canada three or four times, he would plug in between Tucker and Nolan perfect, nothing against Reichel he has played well this year but he is too small and slow for the Boston’s and Philladelphia’s. If he gets hurt again the Leafs are not on the hook for anything, most of his salary is paid for this year and he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year, but if he thrives playing for the team that he has always wanted to play for and stays healthy well how does this look Mats Sundin, Eric Lindros and Joe Nieuwendyk up the middle, not bad, none better actually.

  27. kojakleafs says:

    Yeah, why not get Svehla to come back as well. Tverdovsky made that decision on his own and I doubt he’s bound to return to the NHL any time soon.

    How can you feel good about a trade that would bring Lindros and Leetch for Toronto’s top 2 prospects. Lindros was told by doctors that he should retire, and Leetch only has 1 or 2 seasons to go. Toronto has to stop bringing these old goofballs and stick with the winning roster they have right now. At worst, try to get a strong young defenseman to replace Berg, cause if they pull this stunt off, Toronto will have the same playoff results as last year, with Wesley and Housley.

  28. jacosta says:

    The supposed deal is for a non roster player and two draft picks. It doesn’t say high picks just draft picks.

    And to all those who criticise the price, give it a rest. Look at the rest of the deals. I wish people contributed real opinions instead of…

    Hahahaha and crap like that. enough.

    If I were the leafs I would look at getting Rucinsky from the Rangers. I think players are going cheap right now and he is one of the only Rangers to actually be in the plus rating.

    The leafs will look to add defensive help but they also need some skill and speed up front to add to Mogilny. Rucinsky is fast yet defensive minded.

    Put him on a line with Stajan and Nolan as your third line and it would add some scoring punch.

  29. kojakleafs says:

    Agreed, but I think Toronto is looking for a defenseman with somewhat of playoff experience and Tarnstrom none. That’s why I’d love to see Smith or Carney in TO

  30. kojakleafs says:

    Good point!

    But how does this look;

    Jagr, Kovalev, Lindros, Nedved, Rucinski, Leetch, Poti, Mironov, Holik, Malakhov and Messier???

    Looks good on paper but they’re still out of the playoffs. In hockey, talent is one thing, but nothing beats chemistry and heart.

  31. MAniac29 says:

    Tverdosky cannot play in the nhl this season because of International hockey rules.

  32. Aetherial says:


  33. Aetherial says:

    I am sorry but Gonchar went for a reach-around and a couple picks.

    He is 6 or 7 years younger, earns less, and has better numbers.

    Why on earth would you believe that the Leafs would have to give up a Colaiacovo or a steen + a couple high picks?

    Doesn’t anybody pay any attention to what is going on with *other* trades? Nobody ever heard of the guy Boston gave up for Gonchar.

    I can assure you that the rumors that had colaiacovo going to the Caps were BS. In light of what they got, Washington would have jumped all over that deal if it was offered.

    If the Leafs get Leetch, if ANYONE takes Leetch, it will be a rental player and they will not give up much at this point.

  34. thismeanswar says:

    well the hell with all you guys that thout the leafs wernt getting leach.BECAUSE AS OF NOW HES A LEAF GO TO HELL LEAF HATERS

  35. thismeanswar says:

    so much for stars EH ya retard LEETCH IS NOW A LEAF

  36. Scott24 says:

    done deal. Rangers get maxim kondrateiv and jarkko immonen

  37. goleafsgo7 says:


  38. Scott24 says:

    doesn’t look so good when it is missing kovalev, leetch and nedved does it

  39. spazmainia13 says:

    got who?

    Greyzky’s clone but bigger and also happens to play D?

  40. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Nah, I disagree. See, just cause you’re a first rounder don’t mean jack. Consider Alexander Daigle, a first overall pick. Consider Alek Stojanov, another first rounder. How about Patrick Stefan, another first overall?

    It’s nice to have first rounders, sure, they usually turn out. But the Leafs don’t have a good history of developing young players. So to give up a first rounder in 04 (which will be a low first round pick anyways) and/or a second rounder, for a 34 year old defenseman who might play way in his final kick at the can, I say do it.

    Besides, if they do run out of prospects or picks, the Leafs can always buy players, they’re one of few teams who can afford such a luxury.

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