Leetch in Philly?

Apparently the Flyers are interested in signing Brian Leetch. Not sure if Ranger fans will be to happy seeing this(i won’t be), but if Leetch wants to play in the Atlantic Division Area it probably won’t be with the Rangers who knows…http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=180293&hubname=nhl

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    booooooooo. I really think he needs to do either a Roger Clemens and just sit and wait or just let go of the game

  2. Kraut182 says:

    Is anything being done to fix the run-on comments? It’s been a while now and I still haven’t seen anyone say, “We recognize the problem and are working to fix it”, or anything along those line. Is this being worked on? If so, please just post something on the homepage saying so. If not, please do work on it. I don’t want to be a complainer, but to me this is a very big problem at HTR that needs to be addressed and hasn’t yet (to my knowledge). Thank you

  3. wingerxxx says:

    On one hand, playing for a year-after-year winner like the Flyers could be great for Leetch, and he wouldn’t have to be “the” man on their blueline. But…come on, Leetch in Philly? That’s almost as bad as Scott Stevens coming out of retirement, to play for the Rangers. I don’t know how the Philly fans will take to Leetch playing for them. There are enough Flyers fans who have this senseless hatred of Leetch, or think he always has been overrated, when they don’t watch him play every single night, like a lot of Rangers fans have. I just don’t know about this potential move. Another thing to consider is that Leetch missed training camp…and at his age, that is NOT good. I am still hoping that he decides to retire.

  4. nonhl2005 says:

    The only reason most Flyer fans hated Leetch was because of the jersey he wore. I mean these are the fans that despised Nick Fotiu, Randy Holt, Ken Linesman, Ed Hospodar until they put on ( or in Kenny’s case put back on ) the Orange and Black and then they were fan favorites. Remember Hextall, he was a Flyer, left and became public Enemy #1 until he came back. You have to give these fans credit, they know talent and hard work when they see it and can equally smell out primadonna’s and egomaniac’s. Leetch will be welcomed with open arms, until his first -5 night.
    I like it and think it can help, my only concern is we have seen too many of these moves, guys on the downside trying to hang on and the Flyers give them one last chance, only to have them fall, Adam Oates, Dale Hawerchuk, Paul Coffey to name a few.

  5. trademan says:

    Please be specific …. what do you mean run on comments and i will problem solve.


  6. flyerjim says:

    I 100% agree. If Leetch can help groom Pitkanen up to a Norris trophy level D-man…I’m all for for it. But if he’s going to be nothing but dead, white-haired weight collecting a paycheck (no matter the price), I’d rather save the cash for the deadline.

  7. Sands says:

    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Leetch has stuff to work out with fam is the rumor I’m hearing. If he even decides to play again the Rangers will be first in line. As Sather has already said he contacted Leetchs agent during the off season and would trade someone to bring him in for one last year. Leetch is either going to be a Ranger or he’s done playing.

  8. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I got GRILLED for suggesting this when Primeau went down.

    As tough as it is for Ranger$ fans to accept – they don’t need and or can’t pay for Leetch like the Flyers can.

    In retrospect – keeping Kim Johnnson would have been a good idea for the Flyers but who knew if Primeau was coming back or not. If not – they can’t afford him. ALSO – wouldn’t you be worried about Johnnson’s concussions if you were Clarkie? Lindros, Primeau then Johnnson. THEN $4,700,000 – wow!!!

    The Flyers NEED Leetch. Period. He is a 40 pt d-man even at 38 years old. To suggest Freddy Meyer can QB the PP – is too much of a stertch for a team that is rolling Gange and Forsberg over the boards every night. Much like Detroit – the Flyers are rebuilding while staying competitive. And because of that they need some players to help out.

    Last factor – Eric Desjardin retiring hurts the Flyers. Although he aged A LOT in the last year – he is one of the few right handed d-men they have. Baumgartener is in the dog house and they were leaning on him HARD this year. That was a MAJOR mistake and Leetch fixes that ASAP. Leetch also brings veteran leadership to the Flyers who need it badly with young players who don’t know how to win a cup…

    Going to the Kings – Isles game tonight. First game of the year. Wearing a 1974 Bernie Perant jersey.

  9. Enigma says:

    He means that when someone posts/comments with paragraphs it doesn’t show up as though the person did do it with paragraphs. It can be a real eye sore when somebody reads/posts something pretty lengthy and it isn’t paragraphed.

  10. Enigma says:

    Not to be a pain or anything but while your at it could u please explain to me why is it that when I sign in and read peoples comments I get “READ THE REST OF THIS COMMENT….” and then have to click on “reply to this” in order to actually read a comment…….I never had that problem before.

  11. trademan says:


    and use

    to seperate the comments. Should work like a charm.

    I will look into it more when I get more time.

  12. trademan says:

    hmmm ….

    that code is without the _’s

  13. chevykurt says:

    I still think Leetch has a year or two or left in him. I am referring to a couple years ago when I say this, but when I saw him play live at the ACC in 03-04 two times, he moves so effortlessly and seems to have this ‘way’ about his game. I think he would be a real PP asset to any team.

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