Leetch Remains a Ranger

www.msgnetwork.com reports that the Rangers and Brian Leetch have agreed terms to a 2-year deal. More details to follow.

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  1. dickfitzwell says:

    the press conference is at 4:30pm today,good news for ranger fans

  2. mikster says:

    $6.5ish close to that number, a season as average salary.

    Well, it was about time. I was running out of patience. Welcome back Leetchy, stay heathy this time.

  3. kozzy_ says:

    Maybe they couldn’t strike a deal with Whitney so they got Leetch back.

  4. leafs2003champs says:

    I dont know about the rest of you but to me this seems like a VERY STUPID move by leetch not so dumb by the rangers he could have left and gone to a contender like the avs wings stars flyers leafs but instead he goes BACK to a team that has sucked for 6 years havent made the playoffs sense before #99 retired he must never want to see the playoffs again. O well I hope he enjoys losing cuz I am confused

  5. Sands says:

    Nice move By Sather… It was just the Right feeling all around…. I think we all knew it was going to happen…. the crazy thing to hear is Messier…. he’s got some pair of balls not to end his carrer here… or retire… i mean come on… It’s enough…. But nice to see leetch back.

  6. mikster says:

    Probably Slats would rather take Arvedsson.

  7. EMikey says:

    Sometimes there are more important things than up and leaving a team you’ve been with your entire career. All it takes is one year to erase six years…

  8. leafs2003champs says:

    I know but he is 35 and doesnt have alot of time left wouldnt you want to win another cup before you retired? he wont do that in NYC

  9. B-man says:

    Of course, I told EVERYONE that Brian Leetch would resign. He loves New York and loves the Rangers Organization. Its good to have you hear Brian.

  10. Freeze says:

    Thank God Brian Leetch is back with the Rangers. Look how far the Rangers have gone with him in recent years.

  11. defenestrate says:

    Masochism never goes out of style in some circles….

  12. dkball7 says:

    Senor Brooks es wrong again! lol

  13. NYRrule says:

    What a dumbass you are. How long has it been since the leafs won a cup? Yeah yeah yeah, they make the playoffs but they just cant seem to go over the top can they. In my opinion thats just as bad as not making the playoffs. Ask any team and I’ll bet they say coming in second is the worst feeling in the world.

    How many of you know nothings thought the Wild would ever make the playoffs this past season? I’ll bet not too many. The Rangers will be back.

  14. leafs2003champs says:

    I will have you know when the playoffs started I said the ducks would be in the final and guess what they were and yes the Leafs do make the playoffs every year and get between 90-100 points in the standings every year you guys in NYC have all the skill in the world AND STILL CANT GET 8TH IN THE EAST dont talk to me about my team you team is A HELL OF ALOT WORSE AND YOU KNOW IT

  15. tmeyers says:

    A leetch type defenceman is a dying breed. Leetch, Lidstrom, Bourque and Robinson. These guys had the ability to control the game from without sacrificing defense.


    1. Robinson type D




    Desjardins (only D to get a hat trick in the finals incl. game winner in OT)

    Any Suggestions???

    2. Orr Type D (these guys often caught in deep)




    Any Suggestions???

    3. Stevens Type D (Solid D with BIG hits)



    Any Suggestions?

  16. Malurous says:

    Rob Blake. And solid D don’t fit in the same sentence. That guy is not a Stevens or a Jovanovski, he’s more of a PP specialist these days…

  17. EMikey says:

    I think Leetch didn’t want to jump to another team because nothing is guaranteed no matter where he would have gone. I’m a Ranger fan but I’m not going to get into an argument about the Leafs, I respect the way they play. But, I’ll defend the Rangers this way. Let’s look at the top 5 scorers from 97-01 each year:

    97-98: Gretzky, Lafontaine, Kovalev, Leetch, Sundstrom

    98-99: Gretzky, Maclean, Leetch, Graves, Nedved

    99-00: Nedved, Fleury, York, Dvorak (half the year), Hlavac

    00-01: Leetch, Nedved, Fleury, Dvorak, Messier

    The 97-98 team should have made the playoffs, but the other 3 teams are average at best, and this is with NO defense whatsoever. The Rangers haven’t started spending a lot of cash (which other teams do) until a year and a half ago, which brings me to this point:

    Games played since acquired by NY:

    Bure- 51




    Say what you want but all this team needs is to play together more, and not have an 18 year old in net for half the season and they will make the playoffs. If Leetch and Bure don’t miss half the season, Dunham plays strong, and team defense tightens this should be one of the better teams in the East. They have to prove it this year and they will.

  18. leafs2003champs says:

    really you cant count carter and kovy because they were only aquired this year or in Kovy’s case re aquired so give them time the rest I agree with and if the 97-98 team didnt make the playoffs why didnt they?

  19. EMikey says:

    From what I can remember, Gretzky put up real good numbers, 90 points or something that year, and Lafontaine had a decent year till he was knocked out. But they just didn’t have any depth, especially on defense, so thats why they didn’t make the playoffs.

  20. leafs2003champs says:

    ok thanks because I have only been watching hockey for about 4 years so I never saw gretz play and that makes me kinda sad

  21. leafs2003champs says:

    foote D hatcher

  22. calflyers says:

    gee, and that clueless fuck Queef_Novice predicted he was going to Toronto…


  23. big_booty says:

    That imbecile doesn’t know shit from shinola.

  24. big_booty says:

    The only thing Brian Leetch will help the Rangers do is keep the payroll high. Granted, he is taking a modest paycut, but he is still overpaid.

    Leetch is of no use anymore, except as a situational player on the power play. I didn’t want him on my team, and anybody who did want him would have to put up with his inept defensive play in his own end.

    Minus-66 over the past six seasons does not a $6.5 million per year blueliner make.

    I hope all that bling-bling pays for a phatty-boom-batty new set of golf clubs he can break in at West Chester in May.

  25. mikster says:

    BS, if Leetch signed with the Flyers you’d be thrilled.

    Leetch is a big game player, works hard, is usually top 5 in blocked shots.

    You don’t think Desjardins is overpaid? I never saw you say that yet he is overpaid.

    +/- as you said is misleading like Yushkevich who was a minus rating in 11 of his 13 seasons, yet you said that was misleading.

    Hmm, Leetch’s +/- on a team that missed the playoffs is not misleading?

  26. Rico71 says:

    The Rangers’ defense has sucked badly for the last 10 years.

    Seems to me that after a while, a GM will catch on and try to improve on it no?

    Same goes with goaltending in Philly. Clark seems to think that no goaltending will get them deep into the playoff. Not gonna happen, even with a sound defensive system in place.

  27. Rico71 says:

    Forgot to mention my team the Habs…

    We’ve had 3 different GMs in the last 5 years and all have drafted dwarves. The Habs are too small and have been for ages.

    Again this year, they go out and draft midget scoring sensation Corey Locke. He’s got talent, but no size.

    This is not adressing the team’s greatest weakness…size up front…with talent. No more McKays and Kilgers please.

  28. Gforce says:

    Type 1’s -no Problem

    Type 2. How the HELL CAN YOU PUT BOBBY ORR IN THE SAME CATOGORY AS Coffey,Zubov.You can’t be that Dumb…

    Bobby Orr was the always Back In his End, they Called him the second goaltender..this simple Bobby Orr is in A LEAGUE Of HIS OWN…

    Type 3. is good, Boynton and Bake,Hammer

  29. Rico71 says:

    According to those FANatic Leafers…

    Everyone is going to Toronto. When they don’t, we get these types of replies… ‘Why didn’t he sign with Toronto?’ or ‘Quinn should have signed him!’


  30. Rico71 says:

    In my opinion…

    6+ millions for a 35 year old player is simply too much. Injuries, offensive production on the decline and very ordinary defensive skills does not get you 6+ millions(or 4 millions for Brisebois…my team has the same problem and he’s no Leetch)…unless you play for NY.

    Maybe Leetch wanted to play in NY…but not because he likes to win. I think that money helped him make his decision. He shopped around and no one was buying his ass…so he scuddled back to NY.

    I guess 6 millions a year helps him forget that players play for the Cup, not for the bucks.

  31. EMikey says:

    Leetch is so important to the Rangers it is ridiculous. I watch close to 30 or 40 games a year and he is visibly the best player on the ice and especially among defenseman most of the time.

    He is fundamentally sounds in his own end. Those who think otherwise obviously do not watch him play enough. And as far as plus/minus goes, its all about the TEAM, as if one player stops an entire team and one player scores for an entire team. But -3…oh noooo that is so horrible for a team who didn’t make the playoffs and from the leader in minutes played per game.

    Offensive production decline? Take his point-per game out put from last year and give him 82 games…he would have been t-7th among all defenseman in scoring.

    Injuries? 215 games played in three years is pretty good for anyone, let alone a defenseman who plays over 25 mins a game. Leetch had an aggravating ankle injury last year, its not like he’s had reconstrucing knee surgery.

    Like much of our society, we forget about honor. Maybe people who hate the Rangers think it would be a good idea for Leetch to jump ship and win another Cup with Detroit or Colorado, but where’s the honor in that? Maybe he takes a lot of pride in playing his entire career with NY and winning a Cup with them, and that is more important than abandoning a team (a la Bourque) just to raise the Cup. I was happy to see Ray win a Cup, but it just didn’t feel right when it happened. Why didn’t he just leave Boston in 1984 so he could have won more than one Cup then?

  32. leafs2003champs says:


  33. EMikey says:

    I’m not bashing Ray. It’s the Bruins fault they couldn’t put a Cup team together in 20 years. But, it still takes away from Ray’s legacy at least a tiny bit because he raised the Cup with a different team.

    As important as winning is, it’s not the most important thing in all situations. Is it not considered selfish to leave one team because they ‘won’t win a Cup’ and sign with another one because they will? In Leetch’s case, that would be incredibly selfish and wreck his image as a Ranger.

  34. wingerxx says:

    Inept defensive play?

    He had a postive +- rating playing with Tom Poti last year on the Rangers! I hate to point it out, but one of the two was playing some pretty good defense, and it wasn’t Poti. He’s a wicked shot-blocker too.

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