Leetch to the Flyers?


Speculation is growing that Brian Leetch might take a 2 year deal from the Flyers instead of a 1 year 6 million dollar deal from the Rangers. Apparantly, several high priced veterans on the Flyers have been asked to defer some salary so that the Flyers can sign Leetch.

This in my opinion would be a real coup. Not that the Rangers are very good, but losing Leetch would create a tremendous hole on the team. And the division rival Flyers would get much stronger. If the Flyers can get solid goaltending, they would be a serious threat to the Devils Senators and whomever comes out of the West. It will be interesting to see if Leetch takes less to stay in NY or sticks his finger up at the Ranger organization and says “see ya.” Remember, the man negotiating for the Rangers organization is the coach as well. If he pisses off his best player, that player probably won’t return.

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  1. Gretzky9282 says:

    Not happening, buddy. Don’t get your hopes up. The Fly Guys have a lot of kids that want to make it in, remember Joni Pitkanen or Jeff Woywitka however you spell his damn name? Meaning, Dennis Seidenberg’s another name in there. Plus I think they may not be done in the hunt for a goalie. They may try to upgrade from Hackett to someone else, cause I don’t think Hackett can get the job done. Leetch doesn’t want to go anywhere else but NY, HE’S MADE IT CLEAR ALREADY. He’ll take the paycut since he really wants to stay, and plus, Sather said he’d match any offer. This is just to get Sather to sign the damn man already, he’s worth $7 million a year, plus incentives if he hits certain numbers, and if they make the playoffs, in my book. I heard my Rags are signing DeVries too, which is great. A smart signing by Sather, cheap affordable defensive defenseman who plays hard every night, and can put up some decent offensive numbers. Now… to get rid of Lefebrve (who I heard is with Colorado again or going to be soon), Karpa, Malakhov, Purinton, and all those other overpaid bums who do nothing.

  2. Gretzky9282 says:

    What the fuck? The Leafs signed Marchment, and their organization is being a bunch of penny-pinching jews. Don’t expect Leetch in Toronto. Fuck that. And I love these idiots bashing the Rangers defense, when they probably don’t even play hockey. Ranger fans like myself know the defense is shitty, it’s old news. The funny thing is, you mongoloids couldn’t play anywhere near close to it. I’d like to see you step in, and do something before you go and bash it.

  3. NemiNA says:

    i am a diehard flyers fan and it hurts me to say this but with the lineup we have there is no way we can be considered a cup contender

  4. leafs2003champs says:

    actually there is an article on tsn.ca although it is mainly about philly it mentions Toronoto as well as other teams joining the flyers in the bidding for leetch

  5. cgolding says:

    since not being able to play as well as pro athletes is a compelling reason for people not to discuss sports, we should clearly close every sports bar in the US. stop going to games since we can’t discuss the stupid thing we spent our money to watch with our buddy next to us. god, this revelation could change the entire us economy. it would end the cable empire of espn, you’ve really hit with something here gretzky… dumba!@.

    i’m sorry your team sux by the way. i really do feel bad about the lindros trade, but it really just too good to be true that you all were stupid enough to take his whiny ass. not to mention the looming cba warfare can lend a lot of blame to that horrible organization you worship, not that the flyers are innocents. but the rangers(as well as the godforsaken yankees) pretty much exemplify everything that is wrong with modern sports. but at least the blue shirts blow unlike the pinstripes.


  6. leafs2003champs says:

    my cusin is the starting pitcher for the NYM

  7. RangerBlue says:

    Expect Leetch to come back to the Rangers. He is just taking those teams for a ride, jacking his price up as Sather allready said he will match any offer Leetch gets, unless its a Insane offer.

    People talk about the Rangers being crappy. Ok we are, every team has a down point.

    The Devils were called a Mickey mouse org,

    The Red Wings were the dead things in the 80’s

    How long was Quebec/Colorado horrible, until they suckered the Flyers into paying for Lindros?

    And Toronto has not won anything since Dr Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, so much for the mighty leafs.

    Philly for all the talent they have, has not won a cup since Cheech and Chong went up in smoke.

    At least the Rangers have a 94 cup, and it cannot get any worse then it is now.

    Every team has its down years, and comes back up thats how it goes.

  8. MantaRay says:

    Your very optimistic and I agree with you that the Rangers will probably re-sign Leetch, but default.

    This is the same thing Sather did with Richter last season. He didn’t want him, Cujo signed elsewhere and Ricky was forced to resign at a discount with the Rangers.

    There is no market for Leetch right now. He is too expensive (although Sather signing a #5 d-man like DeVries to $3 Million, certainly ads to Leetch’s argument) I don’t see any team offering Leetch what he is asking for hence, he also will be forced to resign with the Rangers.

    Every year Rangers fans think it can’t get any worse, but it can.

    The Rangers need to fire Sather, hire a legit coach, a real GM and start rewarding the young players, instead by buying overpriced, over the hill players because they have some Oiler attachment (Devries was also another Oiler).

  9. sluggo says:

    TSN reported this morning that before the Flyers could make an offer the Leetch several of their players would have to agree to take a pay cut to make room in the budget for Leetch, and who knows if that will happen.

    Also Leetch wants to return to the Rangers, and the Rangers have said that they will match any offer that any team makes the Leetch, so the only way Leetch will go to Flyers is if Clarke can get some of his players to take a pay cut AND if Leetch wants to the Rangers, which he probably doesn’t want to do.

  10. big_booty says:

    “Truth is, Leetch is still better than Desjardins.”

    There is absolutely no truth to that statement. Desjardins’ game is infinitely more well rounded than the pad-his-stats hockey that Leetch plays. Defensemen play defense, which means that you do your best to prevent the opposition from scoring goals. Leetch hasn’t been doing that the past six seasons.

    “I’m not buying the argument that Leetch isn’t good in his own end either.”

    You should buy it. I have seen him get muscled off the puck and pickpocketed numerous times, often by players whom he should have an easier time with. Simon Gagne – not exactly the most tenacious forechecker – has done it to him repeatedly, leading to not only scoring chances, but goals.

  11. big_booty says:

    So you think your boys won’t be in the playoff hunt this coming March? Interesting.

    The Flyers aren’t out to do Kevin Lowe or anyone else any favors. They won’t need Smith when their defense is deep enough as it is. “Playoff muscle?” Smith hasn’t seen tons of playoff action, and doesn’t really do much in the post-season.

    Wishful thinking on your part in the Oil getting Woywitka, but I highly doubt Clarke will trade him.

  12. sluggo says:

    The leafs won’t get Leetch, they are going after Oleg Tverdovsky

  13. sluggo says:

    Since when are the Flyers a Cup Contender?

  14. silva21 says:

    How the hell is clarke a dumb GM?

    Quinn, i can’t really argue since nobody seems to know what he wants these days, but Clarke is a genious.

    I have never seen a team so deep that it runs down to the fourth line. Their only weakness seems to be goaltending and though hackett is going to help, he’s yet to prove himself as a big time #1 goalie.

    Their prospects are also potential loaded and thier salary is budgeted to the every million… cept leclairs but that’s a different story.

    Clarke might be a total asshole but he has run the flyers into one of the best teams in teh league. Which is shitloads more than i can say about quinn.

  15. Gretzky9282 says:

    RangerBlue, you’re one smart guy. Especially since a lot of Asslander fans keep talking about us not making the playoffs, and they barely made it by the skin of their teeth to get knocked out in 5. Meaning, that’s as close as their going to get to the cup for a long time. So start chanting 1983, it’s all the hype. At least we have 1994, in which I was there at MSG for. Look at the Flyers fans, how many of you were around for their last cup? 1, 2 of you? I’d lean towards none, and if you were, you were probably so young that you didn’t know it was happening and can’t remember it. And as for “The Mighty Toronto Maple Leafs” who were once so bad that they were getting top 5 overall draft picks year after year without trading up for them… I wouldn’t even talk. One thing that I know for sure is that we’ve never had a #1 overall pick, and we’ve still managed to win a cup… but yet, Quebec who was shitty enough to have 3 in a row in 89, 90, and 91, in Mats Sundin, Owen Nolan, and Eric Lindros respectively, come on now, that’s blasphemy. Your teams were all once just as shitty as the Rangers are now, so don’t poke fun, or else we can just look back on the misery that was Quebec, the nothingness that was Toronto, and all the fog in Philly.

  16. ziggy77 says:

    That’s true all these teams were as shitty as the New York Rangers, but they never had 60 million invested in there players.

    They are a very badly managed team. Their way of fixing everything is to throw money at it.

    Obviously, It doesn’t work. The Rangers suck. So stop your ranting, and just get ready for a salary cap. You think they have problems now. Just wait to they are on a level playing field as everybody else.

    Oh Ya, Change your name you give the Great One a bad name.

  17. MantaRay says:

    At least the Isles are moving in the right direction the same can’t be said about the Ranger$ organization. $92 million in salaries can’t buy a playoffs spot.

    The Rangers will improve once they get rid of Sather and his home for wayword Oiler Country Club.

  18. MossRocks says:

    I expected your answer but I thought I would throw it out there anyway.

    As for the Oilers, I still like their playoff chances but I don’t like their defense overall these days and I think they are spending too much money on Salo and Smith. When you’ve only got $30M/yr to spend, you can’t afford to have it tied up in too few players. Salo and Smith are good players and will have rebound years, but they are at the age where they get paid for experience and not production. I’m happy with Brewer, Semenov and Staios on a bang-for-the-buck and total performance basis. Cross, Smith and whoever the 6-7 guys are, could hold the team back this year. Moreau, Salo and Smith should be trade bait and if you combine that with the young forward depth, they have a chance to revamp the roster nicely.

    As for the Flyers defense, I see it as highly risky. You are virtually counting on one rookie to make a major contribution and hoping that Seidenberg doesn’t regress. Also you are depending on Desjardins and Weinrich to last another year without the wheels falling off and they’ve already lost a step. At the same time, Therien stinks and Ragnarsson is average at best. Only Johnsson is a sure thing. Overall, the defense could be fine, but things could go very wrong in a hurry if the rookies are too green and the vets show their age.

  19. therealrangerfan says:

    hey thanks man…noe i got a good veiw on things…..also wat do u think happens on th etrade front….like gettign jagar or soemone liek that…or getting ray whitney?

  20. therealrangerfan says:

    whso that?

  21. therealrangerfan says:

    leatfs suck go rangers

  22. therealrangerfan says:

    talk about desprate

  23. therealrangerfan says:

    lol…..about 4 i might add

  24. ziggy77 says:




  25. Sands says:

    See the thing is with Jagr is that he is going to be traded for another person’s problem…. cause he cost so much…. They won’t get anything great for him….. but if Lindros goes for Cujo the only other Ranger problem on the team is Bure… and he might retire after this year…. The only reason a Bure for Jagr deal could have anyway of working is that Bure has one more year at 10 million instead of Jagr at 11 million for 5 more years…. One way of another if Jagr is in a deal to any team Washington will have to pay part of the salary….. the Rangers also tried to get Jagr to lower his contract and they told him they would trade for him… but he won’t do it … he wants to come to NY … but he won’t lower a contract to go to another team … he hates Washington now … and now Washington is desperate … so we will see….

    Whitney on the other hand is a possibility … not sure what would be sent for him … haven’t really checked him out really….

    Never a problem talking Ranger hockey here, send me a message whenever….

  26. cgolding says:

    what does that have to do with anything?

  27. cgolding says:

    yes, you have 94 jackoff. hang your hat on that, while spending 70 mil or whatever it is to miss the playoffs. and yeah… take shots at the islanders, THEY MADE THE PLAYOFFS!!! when is the last time you guys made it, was it when the flyboyz made gretzky’s kid cry in the sweep? god, that was like 7 years ago now or whatever, must suck to be you. and start bashing philly fans for not having a championship in their lifetimes, which is pretty moronic since the flyers fan base is extremely loyal and been around for a while. however, were you not allowed to be a fan when you hadn’t won in what 50 years, most of which you sucked?

    i mean i understand that you have a great amount of frustration to vent over your team sucking and all, but get over yourself. and great for you that you were in MSG when they won the cup, were you in MSG every game they didn’t, cuz honestly that is more impressive than buying one ticket and bragging about it the rest of your life.

    and yeah, quebec hasn’t won a cup… oh wait THEY ARE THE GODDAMN AVALANCHE NOW!!! AND LINDROS BECAME FORSBERG, AND YOU WATCH LINDROS EVERY NIGHT WHO GOT THE BETTER END OF THAT?? you are a dumbass and represent the reason the rest of the country hates ny teams, ny fans, and nyc itself.

    not to mention the flyers have almost always been a good team, their second in all-time winning percentage is pretty much testimony to that. so look up some stats, learn when teams move to other cities so you can actually make claims about them not winning cups… or, if that is too much effort for you, shut the hell up.


  28. thatsrite says:

    Desjardins has a great +/- because he has spent his career on great defensive teams. Did you see how many goals against the Flyers last year either bounced off him or got past Cechmanek because Desjardins blocked off his sight lines or fell on top of him? The Flyers got him from the Habs because he was their high scoring defenceman, and now he can’t even do that. The Habs would never have traded him or LeClair if they had been worth their weight — and the Flyers have not been much closer to a cup than the Habs since.

    I’m a Flyers fan, but the only reason Desjardins had a decent year last year is because he knew his contract was up, and the only reason he is still on the team is because he’s great delivering the company lines to the press and the other players.

    I dream of the day Leetch comes to Philly, but it will only ever happen in a Rangers uniform.

  29. EMikey says:

    How can anyone who watches hockey think that Eric Desjardins is better now or has ever been better than Brian Leetch. Only Flyer and Canadien fans will say that with extreme bias. Yes the truth is Leetch is better than Desjardins. How many GM’s wish they had Leetch as opposed to Desjardins? Which player is an automatic hall of fame inductee?

    And in case you haven’t noticed, a player in the 60’s wearing #4 changed the game so defenseman don’t play “just defense”. You make it seem as though Desjardins is like Scott Stevens in his own end. I’ve seen him do the exact same things you’ve said happen to Leetch, and I’ve seen him get beat to the outside on a consistent basis. Maybe its the black Tuuk’s but with every passing year Desjardins is getting slower and slower and slower.

    Brian Leetch is a great defenseman, Desjardins is only very good at best. I don’t want a player who is steady and goes through the motions, picking up points on the powerplay and giving up his captaincy. I want a player who makes everyone around him better, rushes the puck up the ice, and is difficult to defend against. Any defenseman can re-group in the nuetral zone, make solid passes, take care of his end, and shoot the puck from the point. That’s what Desjardins has done very well over the years, but it doesn’t make him great. Leetch can do all of that and more.

    We’ll see in the upcoming year which player continues to play at an elite level and which player keeps showing signs of slowing down and weakness. My money is on Leetch for the former, wherever he plays.

  30. EMikey says:

    you couldn’t have said it any better.

  31. thatsrite says:

    With all due respect, Leetch is a big minus because he plays on the worst defensive team in the league, and if he didn’t spend any time on offense, they’d be the worst offensive team in the league too.

    Leetch is an incredible defenceman and if you watched them win the cup in the 90s you saw some incredible defensive play by Leetch, far better than Desjardins’ the following year.

    What’s amusing is that no matter what happens with Leetch, the Rangers are still not making the playoffs next year!

  32. EMikey says:

    Anyone playing on those Canadien and Flyer teams is going to have a good plus/minus. That doesn’t tell the whole story. He’s been a #1 blueliner on the Flyers, but maybe that’s a major reason why they can’t get it done when it really counts.

  33. MantaRay says:

    There are two constants on the Rangers the past 6 six years: Poor defense and Brian Leetch.

    The +/- is a strong indicator of two-way play. Kasperitis was a +5 and played 20 minutes on the same shoddy defense. The Ranger defense is poor largely because of Leetch.

  34. kidhenry1 says:

    How loyal could you be to a team that

    a) Fired your coach and dear friend, and then drove out all of his supporters

    b) Doesn’t quiet rumors that you are about to be replaced with an inferior player

    c) Spend millions of dollars every year, and still come up limping behind the freakin’ islanders (bless their little hearts)

    There is no reason for Leetch to keep believing in this team. Loyalty is frequently born out of respect, and Glen “Walkie-Talkie” Sather doesn’t give that to his A. I say it’s time for Leetch to move–to the western conference, where the rich buisnessmen in the luxury boxes can’t hurt him any more

  35. NYR88Express says:

    dont go around dissing NYC…ur sooo lucky that HTR has rules of conduct, otherwise you’d be hearing it from a nyc boy right here…what Smallville are you from son?

  36. therealrangerfan says:

    hahaha true

  37. therealrangerfan says:

    hey thanks man….i kinda need that “ranger talk” to keep me going lol..i will keep askign u questions and hope fully update me on soem issues

  38. Ansky1213 says:

    cgolding, I’ve encountered a bunch of idiots around the internet, and you are already in the top tier. Go and learn how to construct a simple sentace. Half of what you’re saying could be valid, but nobody can understand you! “however, were you not allowed to be a fan when you hadn’t won in what 50 years, most of which you sucked?”?? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you trying to say that all we Ranger fans are fairweather and the Flyers and Isles have all of the real fans? Huh, so THAT’s why the Icelanders are always filling more seats than the Rangers. Just because half of the fans at the Colleseum are invisible doesn’t mean they’re not there!

    Lindros became Forsberg? Wow, a magical morphing hockey player! Is the government in on this? Frankly, I once again have no earthly idea what you are trying to say. The fact is, it is clear that you cannot read. His whole point about Quebec was that the mighty mighty Avalanche used to be the lowly Nordiques. You basically just proved his point for him. They are still the same organization, and the fact is they went through their low point, just like everyone else. Oh, and I have a little more class than to simply end a post with “shut the hell up,” as opposed to having, you know, something valid or useful or interesting to say. So I’ll bid you adieu, and wish your team luck in the upcoming season.

  39. cgolding says:

    actually his point was that quebec did nothing with their first overall pics, when in fact they did when they arrived in avalanche and had grown. and if you folowed hockey you would understand that the nordiques/avalanche aquired forsberg in the lindros trade, hence they used their number 1 draft pick to improve their team greatly. so no, i didn’t prove his point for him. rather than the rangers who accomplished the cup without a number one overall… go them.

    and the sentence you don’t like, whatever i’ll sit here and proof read next time, sorta stopped doing that on the internet cuz hell i was responding to something he said and didn’t feel the need to recap it so that my direct sentence made specific sense, just sorta assumed it would lead off of his comments. which the basic gist of was that people who hadn’t won a cup in the last 15 years had no business discussing their teams or hockey. thus in ’94 he really had no business talking because his team hadn’t won in so long.

    and no i’m not specifically dissing nyc, i’m pretty ambivalent towards the city itself. but gretzky is pretty much the reason that a large portion of sports fans can’t stand nyc sports fans cuz if you don’t root for a nyc team you pretty much don’t deserve to exist in their eyes. that was more a response towards gretzky’s attitude towards fans from other cities and the direct results of that attitude.

    and i’m glad i’ve made such an impression on your life that i’ve made a top list of yours, it is good to be noticed.

    and i’m from philly, not some hick town in response to the comment above.


  40. cgolding says:

    and respectively most teams in sports haven’t been bad enough for long enough to make espn’s list of all-time worst franchises, which the rangers did. enjoy ’94 and the 50 year wait ahead of you.

  41. UsedandAbused says:

    What a surprise…. Clarke says this is completely untrue. Like Always the New York Post is always wrong when it comes to Philly Rumors… When will people ever learn?

  42. MantaRay says:

    With all due respect thatsrite:

    This isn’t the 90’s.

    Its Leetch’s poor defensive play that drives him to be an offensive player.

    If you watched the last two weeks of the season with the playoffs on the line. Leetch made some pretty nice rushes late in games (what people forget is that his poor defensive play early in those games is what got the Ranger$ in a hole).

    Leetch is a big minus because he allows other players to beat him in his zone and when he gets caught out of position (which is frequent).

  43. cecilturtle says:

    If ??? Leetch signs with the Flyers?

    You will come to 2 conclusions…

    1- Leetch is the Best 2 way D-man in the game.

    2- The Rangers really really really sucked the last five years for this guy to be (-66)!!!

    Name one good defensive defensman Leetch has played with since Bookaboom retired???

    Cecil Turtle

  44. thatsrite says:

    You have been watching Leetch a little closer than I have (ok, much closer).

    I definitely remember those late game rushes at the end of the season, and you are correct that I totally forget his poor play at the beginning of the game.

    Still, I just don’t think you can blame Leetch for poor defensive play on a team that leaves him out to dry every night. You must know better than me that Leetch was the ONLY guy trying out there in those last few games; that’s why he needed to take risks.

    I think he knew well that if he didn’t create scoring chances then no one else would, and he had to risk a few defensive mistakes if they were going to have a chance. I don’t think you can blame a guy like Leetch for making a few defensive mistakes when he was the only guy trying to come up with creative ways to win.

    If Leetch had ANY support at all on that team, he’d be able to get back to basics and be the great defender he was in the 90s (which I concede are quite over).

  45. EMikey says:

    This is how you handle a Flyers fan. Of course they do a lot of talking during the offseason and throughout the season, but everything changes when the playoffs come around doesn’t it?? Believe me I’ve been there. Being a Lindros fan since his days in Oshawa, I got to experience the Flyer drama for years. Everything looked great until those dreaded playoff seeds came out, and the whole world tilted against Philly. And right now, thats the way it is going to be for the Flyers as long as Clarke is in there. I don’t care how many games you win or how many years you make the playoffs if you never win a Cup. Sure the Rangers under achieve and haven’t made the playoffs in six years, but its not like Philadelphia has a tiny little budget either. If the Rangers make the playoffs this year, anything can happen (i.e ’94)…which the same can’t be said about the Flyers because we know the rouinte we’ve been exposed to for the last eight years.

    And whats this talk about NYC?? I know you’re from Philadelphia, but you should still know better. You are lower on the food chain, and thats just the way it goes. So enjoy your Cup from way back in early 70’s, I know you’re craving for those black long pants to come back. Sure the Flyers are a good team, but they are never going to be Cup worthy until some serious changes occur. The Flyers max out their potential every year and end up ousted early. The same can’t be said for the Rangers but if they do…you better be prepared to eat your words.

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