Leetch to the Flyers?


Speculation is growing that Brian Leetch might take a 2 year deal from the Flyers instead of a 1 year 6 million dollar deal from the Rangers. Apparantly, several high priced veterans on the Flyers have been asked to defer some salary so that the Flyers can sign Leetch.

This in my opinion would be a real coup. Not that the Rangers are very good, but losing Leetch would create a tremendous hole on the team. And the division rival Flyers would get much stronger. If the Flyers can get solid goaltending, they would be a serious threat to the Devils Senators and whomever comes out of the West. It will be interesting to see if Leetch takes less to stay in NY or sticks his finger up at the Ranger organization and says “see ya.” Remember, the man negotiating for the Rangers organization is the coach as well. If he pisses off his best player, that player probably won’t return.

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  1. mikster says:

    Right, like Newsday said that the Isle’s are interested in Leetch and the NYPost said that the Devils were.

    I think Brooks is shooting these rumors at Slats, and apparently….they are not working since Leetch is not yet signed.

    Leetch should accept what the Rangers offered, 2 years $12M.If he doesn’t, oh well. It’s his choice.

    Why would Clarke waste money on Desjardins and now go after Leetch? He should ahve used that money to get Leetch.

    Rangers should get Staios and Ian Moran. Then try and get Arvedsson. All that should come to as much money as Leetch would make and it’s three starters.

    I want Leetch back, he gives it his best every night. But, he’s got to take the pay cut.

    If the Flyers actually get him, i highly doubt it…but it’s Clarke we’re talking about here and strange things do happen, then the Flyers will definitely be a threat. They’ll definitely start scoring. They don’t have a solid defenseman that leads a rush, creates space for the forwards, they don’t have a d-man that QB’s a PP….Leetch is also a very good PK’er…blocks shots, intercepts passes. I mean, he is what the Flyers need and what Hitch would love to get.

  2. Sands says:

    This guy has to come back… but yes he must take a pay cut…… 12 mill for 2 years seems fair. The only thing Sather told Leetch is look around and call me before you do anything…. thats what i read a while ago….. So satherwill try and match whatever he can.. but not over priced…. Like i said before… if leetch goes to anyother team…. the rangers will go far.. and leetch’s name will be bigger… he is the most underrated D-man… so maybe he needs a bigger spot light…. I hope he stays and sather again is letting the only heart on the team walk….. sucks with Sather just getting talant and not getting heart.

  3. Sands says:

    the Rangers won’t go far but who ever get’s leetch is going far into the playoff’s…… thats what i ment.

  4. mikster says:

    If he wants more than 12M for two years, i would not really call that much of a heart and loyalty.

    You get heart with players from the system. Right now they are not ready yet (though Murray, Moore may get call ups throughtout the season) maybe Lampman and/or Tjutin will make the D.

    Lacaouture plays with heart as does Donato…Barnaby. Rangers need hard working players that have talent. Staios and Moran are two d-men that are great team players and play with heart. Moran with Kaspar again? Makes sense. Staios gives us a tough stay at home d-man, and he is not old at all.

  5. flyersdude123 says:

    Lol, now I can sound like a Leaf fan, yippee. He’d have to take a huge paycut for Clarke to sign him. But honestly, I think Leetch will remain loyal to NYR. But if he’s having some problems there and he wants to win a Cup, he can be like Kariya and take a big salary dump to play w/ a Cup contender! Yup the Flyers! I’d be all for the signing! Dejardins and Leetch would be great together and for the stuggling PowerPlay.

  6. big_booty says:

    Are you totally deranged?

    I can’t understand what on the face of God’s green earth you must be smoking if you think that Clarke’s re-signing of Eric Desjardins is a waste of money.

    Desjardins is a quality defender, a rarity in today’s NHL. He was plus-30 last year, and is plus-184 in his career. He has only been in the minus three times, never worse than minus-3. He rebounded with serious authority this past season, seeming re-born under Ken Hitchcock.

    Letting Desjardins go would have been a serious mistake for the franchise. Letting him go for Leetch would have been worse. Desjardins is still a #1 blueliner, Leetch would be better served as a situational player (i.e. power play).

  7. big_booty says:

    I’m not doubting Bob Clarke’s interest in Leetch – it seems like the kind of thing he would want to do.

    That being said, I think this is a step in the wrong direction. Leetch is not a quality defender anymore, he’s minus-66 over the past six seasons. While he is still considered an offensive threat, he just doesn’t play pure defense anymore, which is what Ken Hitchcock preaches to his players.

    Playing for a coach like Hitch and alongside a steady defensive presence like Eric Desjardins might, MIGHT, prove to be beneficial to Leetch, but like Larry Robinson said: “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.”

    Also take into consideration the fact that the Flyers are trying to get younger. Jeff Woywitka, Joni Pitkanen, Dennis Seidenberg, and Jimmy Vandermeer will be putting pressure on Chris Therien, Marcus Ragnarsson, and Eric Weinrich. Why add a 35 year-old to the mix when you’re trying to add the kids to the mix?

    If it happens, I’ll be surprised. I won’t necessarily like it (like the Hackett signing), but I’ll stick by my team.

    Unlike SOME people I know on this site….

  8. dlo44 says:

    another wimp on that piece of shit defence is just what the doctor ordered. at least you got a top notch goalie to back them up. and on top of all this the team cant score, even with all the fire power up front on the powerplay. cup contenders you are not. you are one step above the rangers.

  9. EMikey says:

    ‘Just doesn’t play pure defense anymore?’ What does that mean? Truth is, Leetch is still better than Desjardins. I’m not buying the argument that Leetch isn’t good in his own end either. Too often plus/minus doesn’t have to do with how good you are as a player, but how good your team is and the people you play with. This is especially true for defenseman. Although slow footed, Desjardins is still a smart, steady defenseman but put him on last year’s Rangers team and he could have retired this summer.

    If Leetch were to sign with Philadelphia, I would be very surprised. Yes, he would probably make them one of the top 2 contenders in the East (with Hackett), but I think he knows he’ll be walking into more than just a better hockey team.

    The Rangers catch a massive amount of criticism, and rightfully so, but they aren’t that far off from becoming a really good team. Of course, people will say that New York will never win with the managment and team chemistry they have now, but if I were Leetch, I’d try to duplicate 1994 and not walk into Philadelphia expecting a Cup.

  10. EMikey says:

    Oh and when someone says that 1994 was ten years ago, and that was too long ago, and New Yorkers are holding onto the past remember…they think its 1975 in Philadelphia, just look at the man running the team.

  11. titans says:

    Leetch?!?!?! Leetch??!?! Whata you freakin kidding me?!?! Flyers aint getting Leetch! We don’t need another d-man!!

    Getting Leetch is as likely as getting a washed up bum like Jeff Hackett…ohhhh.

  12. sluggo says:


    So Bobby Clarke is only able to land a backup goalie like Hacket (when Potvin was aviable as an UFA, and several other’s are up for trade) and now you think he can get a Brian Leetch? HAHAHAHA

    Clarke is the only GM in the League worse then Pat Quinn. The Flyers won’t get Leetch just like the Leafs won’t get de Vries, because their GM are morons.

  13. MantaRay says:

    I have always had the utmost respect for Clarke and the Flyers. They have been our only threat in our division for the past decade.

    But with the signing of Hackett and the interest in Leetch I have to ask if Clarkie is on some form of medication? Clearly his thought process is a bit cloudy.

    I don’t think Leetch will fit in with Hitchcock at all. At least Desjardins knows which net to defend.

    A player with a -66 +/- is not really a defensemen, but a weak link. The Flyers have a steady and solid defense already, to introduce Leetch will just make them vulnerable. Leetch will really test Hitchcocks blood pressure when the puck is in the Flyer end.

    No doubt the Flyer PP will improve if they take Leetch, but $2 million dollars a season for a part-time player is much to ask. They might as well save their money and call up John Slanney.

  14. Sands says:

    Rangers can’t afford to lose the last of the heart on the team…. Tell me who has heart to win on the rangers? Duhnam….. hummm yeah maybe…… hahha not lindros… not bure….. kovalev isn’t getting his money….. maybe Carter wants to win somewhat….. ummm who else… Holik? thats a joke…o wait Barnaby! there’s another… whats even sader is that even the Captian (of the boat too) doesn’t even look like he wants to win anymore…. this is sad hockey in Ny when we let the only players that show any sign of heart and disire to win walk….. just like Mike York….. Leetch is the only star who wants to win…. and his stats are going to be higher then next year no matter were he sign’s…. he’s got somthing to prove…..

  15. Sands says:

    Rangers can’t afford to lose the last of the heart on the team…. Tell me who has heart to win on the rangers? Duhnam….. hummm yeah maybe…… hahha not lindros… not bure….. kovalev isn’t getting his money….. maybe Carter wants to win somewhat….. ummm who else… Holik? thats a joke…o wait Barnaby! there’s another… whats even sader is that even the Captian (of the boat too) doesn’t even look like he wants to win anymore…. this is sad hockey in Ny when we let the only players that show any sign of heart and disire to win walk….. just like Mike York….. Leetch is the only star who wants to win…. and his stats are going to be higher then next year no matter were he sign’s…. he’s got somthing to prove…..

  16. NemiNA says:


  17. sluggo says:

    It won’t, the Flyers have much chance signing Leetch as the Leafs do.

  18. therealrangerfan says:

    hey man…i enjoy readign your articles and such….im a huge ranger fan. and i need to know what u think will happen with leetch…hes my fav player b/c hes the heart n soul of my team…the rangers…also wat other moves do u see them make

  19. tsaler says:

    See now, there’s some good ideas!

    Ian Moran isn’t a bad idea if you’re like me and are purely frightened by the thought of Dale Purinton playing 60 games a season. Staios is another great choice.

    I like the de Vries rumors I hear. They won’t overpay for him, I don’t think, and he’s a fantastic defenseman so that would be hard to do anyway. It’s time for the Rangers to let go of some people. They should encourage Bure to retire, encourage Richter to retire, trade Lindros if they can find a deal where they can get a center that works hard EVERY night not just when he feels like it… oh, and isn’t making a humongous salary either, and they should also try to restructure Holik’s deal. Messier could be resigned, but I think Leetch should only be resigned if the de Vries deal doesn’t work out. It’s not that he’s asking for too much money or anything, but the Rangers need fresh blood as opposed to rehashing the same lineup year after year with a blockbuster somewhere that wants more attention than the last guy.

  20. MossRocks says:

    …because you are not signing him – he’s under contract to the Edmonton Oilers after the club accepted its option.

  21. MossRocks says:

    …unless you are trading for him.

  22. therealrangerfan says:

    look there is no rush to get the deal doen between the rangers and leetch….they will get a deal done soemtime

  23. cgolding says:

    for starters, bring up the +/- stat all you want. you stick anyone who plays 25 min a game on a team as bad as the rangers have been they will be minus, there is really no way to avoid it. +/- is so much a team statistic it is somewhat moronic to attack someone over it, especially when it is someone like leetch who gets a fair number of pp points which do not go towards his +/- at all.

    that being said he is obviously an offensive defensman who takes risks… wow, do the flyers need more defense? i feel the flyers under hitch can absorb a few risk taker without being adversely affected. the flyers problem is they weren’t offensive enough last year so this would be a nice boost to that, especially a power play that was horrible at conversion.

    and if you really believe that hitchcock wouldn’t welcome a guy like leetch, you my friend are smoking and drinkin some good #$@#. this is the kind of guy hitch loves, zubov-esque even, and wow they did well together in dallas huh?

    what this may show, which i haven’t seen anyone mention is that pitkannen will not bet getting signed by the 15th. something flyers nation may be sad about, but if you replace him with leetch it may not be such a bad thing. plus, you let weinrich walk next year and fill his spot with pitkannen at that point. clarkie is stalling because he is avoiding the rookie contract that pitkannen is seeking when the cba may be able to save him a ton of money. clearly this is all speculation but it makes some sense. not to mention the fact that hitch may not be too excited about breaking in two rookie dmen in the same year. perhaps we shall see a lot of seidenberg/woywitka next year… i really not happy with vandermeer and would hope he would be elsewhere not in my starting roster.

    i think this would be a good move for the flyers, especially if they can get rid of therien, who is my nemesis. regardless, fun to think about.


  24. flyersdude123 says:

    Your saying Glen Sather is a better GM than Clarke and Quinn?

  25. MossRocks says:

    http://www.nhlpa.com/Content/THE_PLAYERS/player_bio1.asp?ID=5347 This means you have to trade for Staios. He is under contract for this year.

  26. MossRocks says:

    Desjardins a quality defender? Good one. Say what you will about Leetch, but Desjardins is not a quality defender and he is grossly overpaid.

  27. tsaler says:

    Staios, Rita/Torres, and Horcoff for Lindros & a pick?

    How’s that look?

  28. MossRocks says:

    Looks like way too much for Lindros even if you cover the whole contract. Rita is probably available but Horcoff and Torres are not yet up for grabs. Rita, Torres and Horcoff are better than any young forward in the Rangers system except Lundmark. Why would they package two of them AND Staios for Lindros and all the baggage he brings?

    The Oilers are thin on defense and are likely spending too much on Salo in goal. They need to use their forward surplus to address these areas – more quality than quantity up front and they need a PP QB. If they deal Salo for a d-man like Skoula then they need a goalie like Dunham or Biron.

    Lindros is tempting but they can’t really move Staios without a strategy to replace him with TWO defenseman from elsewhere. (by this I mean, the Oilers already need a d-man, if they move Staios, they would need two)

  29. MossRocks says:

    … as a plausible deadline deal based on the positions of the respective teams in the standings in March? Oilers dump salary and fill a future need. Flyers get more playoff muscle and have other young d-men to make up for Woywitka in the system.

  30. tsaler says:

    Don’t blame the GMs for things that the fans and the team actually do.

    The Maple Leafs have lunatic fans that hate half their team and want every available player on the NHL to be playing for their team, and if they don’t want to forfeit huge amounts of salary and give up their left arm to play for the Leafs, well, the Leafs fans can’t understand what the problem is.

    The Flyers fans, well, they’ll will hit you in the head with batteries if you start to suck. Either that or we’ll watch you get near-2.00 GAAs for two or three seasons in a row, then we’ll call you a worthless bum and trade you to a Western team for pucks and a bag of chips.

    You wanna know why people don’t sign with Toronto or Philadelphia? Because the FANS SUCK ASS. I should know, I live surrounded by Flyers fans, and they suck. Greatly.

    Leafs fans are just stupid though, so I almost feel sorry for them. They don’t understand why everybody isn’t trying to pay THEM to play in Toronto.

  31. tsaler says:

    Ok ok:

    Staios, Rita, Horcoff, Cleary for Lindros, Dunham, Kasparaitis, 2nd rounder & some of Lindros’ contract

    What about that?

  32. MossRocks says:

    First of all, Cleary is a UFA because the Oilers bought out the rest of his contract. If Sather wants him, he can be had for probably $650K/yr.

    Kasparaitis is not very good and he makes too much money. Unfortunately, any deal between NYR and Edmonton has to result in less salary in Edmonton and more salary in New York. This deal would put the Oilers way, way over budget even if they manage to move Salo to COL for Skoula.

  33. leafs2003champs says:

    all players are

  34. ranger_fan says:

    I think he Clarke, Quinn, and Mad Mike Milbury all deserve worse GM. I don’t say that Slats is that bad. He just chose the wrong coach before. A lot of their problems are from Neil Smith.

  35. flyerfanofthepeg says:

    but not of Woywitka’s caliber

    not evan Pitkanen will be the defender Woywitka will be

  36. Tradedude says:

    yawn. more flyers crap.

  37. Freeze says:

    Over the past 6 seasons in the playoffs, 34 year old Desjardins is a minus -4. Ain’t it strange how plus guys in the regular season become minus guys in the playoffs, especially on the Flyers.

  38. Avalanche114 says:

    I haven’t heard that one, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but Colorado would have to get another defenseman, on top of the one they already need now, unless by some miracle we re-sign de Vries.

  39. MossRocks says:

    It is not even a rumour just some speculation I heard on another site. It has some logic, the Avs have been shopping Skoula around for a year and now they need a starter. If the Oilers can deal Salo for a d-man like Skoula and then deal a couple of forwards for a cheaper goalie they would strengthen the lineup more than if they kept Salo. (They can get some rookies up front and strengthen the D) It makes good sense to me but a lot of things need to happen to make it work.

  40. MossRocks says:

    Maybe true, I don’t know. The Oilers would need a good prospect in return for Smith though, who is still pretty young but just getting a little expensive.

  41. Sands says:

    Thanks kid, ummm i hope leetch isn’t gone….. I have a feeling Sather is trying to get leetch at the lowest price… which is smart…. but not like this… he thinks that since the market is not going crazy over paying a lot of money that he won’t be offered a lot and so he could match whatever he is offered….

    Leetch should be smart ad take a 12 million deal for 2 years…. it’s a good deal for him… sounds about right to me…… he lost his game the last few years…. but you have to know it was because he was the captian… and he couldn’t handle that C on his jersey…. when mess came back he played better…. not great but better… he still blocks more pucks then a goalie a night…. and is a great 2 way player….. more Offence but almost if not just as good on the other end of the ice…..

    Well de Vries is signed…. that’s good he’s a hatcher at a smaller price.. not as good no but just as big and might be that Jeff Bokaboom we missed with leetch….

    I hope not but i think Sather might trade for Cujo…. and that guy just is overrated…. he will get us to the playoff’s but out in the first round…. Lindros could go in that deal and if he does… Duhnam will be dealt and they will grab a nice amount for him… which is nice… only thing that worry’s me is that we will have no #1 center… that leaves nedved at the #1 spot… which the only way i’d want that is if Kovalov and Jagr were on his line… otherwise… i can’t see him leading theteam to a cup…..

    Bottom line is we need guy’s with heart…. sad that it seems Mess gave up on this team…. he see’;s somthing he doesn’t like… what it is i’m not sure.. aybe it’s just the kick he had when he was 30 but… we really need a coach…. i guess like sather for these Star players to move… i’d like to see a Keenen flipping on his players.. i want a coach with Emotion behind that bench… Sather doesn’t need that so he’s ok for the job.. he holds power over them which is nice…..

    We will see what happenes….. most rumors that are told… don’t really work out… they only work out when the deal is about done…

  42. RangerBlue says:

    Yeah like we need more leaf stuff.

  43. MantaRay says:

    Good, you take him.

  44. RangerBlue says:

    He won some cups as a gm.

  45. titans says:

    Great now all we need is a REAL starting goalie!!!

  46. B-man says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….. thats pretty funny. Leetch to the Flyers?? LMAO. Like i said before, Leetch ain’t goin’ nowhere. He’s staying in New York and he’s gonna finish his career with the rangers whether u people like it or not.

  47. calflyers says:

    would be nice if it happened

    Defensive pairings might be…

    Leetch – Pitkanen

    Desjardins – Johnnson

    Weinrich – Ragnarson

    Therien? – i guess he’s trade bait…

    (not much “bait” of course)

    I’d rather move Ragnarson

    this would obviously solidify the Flyers

    I also think Hackett will do better than people think he will

    Not saying he’s Broduer…

    Except for losing “Mad Max”, the Flyers future isn’t *totally* bleak

    (Except for the “new” WHA! – watch out for this league)

  48. Leaf_Expert says:

    Just throwing this view out:



    Berg-(Youngsters)i.e. Colaiacovo


    (Or if Svehla were to come back:



    Marchment-Berg/Youngsters stepping in once in a while

  49. calflyers says:

    throw it back

  50. calflyers says:

    just to clarify,

    my last comment should say “AND ALSO watch out for the new WHA, meaning this league might “raid players” and “ruin ANY teams future”

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