Legendary London Knights

The London Knights have developed alot of legendary players, here’s some of the best ever to don the green and white.Darryl Sittler, who played for the original London Knights went on to a hall of fame career with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and short stints with Philadelphia and Detroit, scoring 484 goals and 1121 points in 1096 games, including a ten point night against the Boston Bruins.

Another former Leafs captain, defenseman Rob Ramage, enjoyed three seasons for the London Knights, including a couple point per game seasons.

Should be hall of famer Dino Cicarelli played a few seasons in London, scoring 72 goals one year, went on to a 600 goal nhl career, and really should be in the hockey hall of fame.

Not a huge NHL star, but a fan favorite, Basil McRae played in London before becomming an NHL journeyman.

Future hall of famer and Olympic gold medalist Brendan Shanahan enjoyed a few years in the green and white, and went on to be a consistant 30 goal scorer in New Jersey, St Louis, Hartford, and Detroit.

Jason Allison, currently of the Leafs, enjoyed a few stellar years in London, including a 142 point season… he got 4 tonight, but really, does anyone think he can do that in the NHL?

Hard to say if he’s a future hall of famer yet, but last years goal scoring champion Rick Nash played for the Knights, and enjoyed enough success to get drafted 1st overall..

And who else? Corey Perry is impressing early in his career with the Ducks, he was the OHLs scoring champion with the Knights, and went a span of a little over six months without playing in a loss, including the WJHC.

The Knights are one hell of a team, with one hell of a groupe of player.

The best?

Sittler… by far…

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  1. -Swizz- says:

    nice article…

    go knights!!

    anyone else here from london?

    i think freddie brathwaite played for the knights..

    sittler was def the best…nash could possibly become the best though..

  2. d0rd says:

    If any team gets legendary status in the OHL using success of former players or number of NHL players or NHL superstars, the Soo Greyhounds win hands down… a list of players really isn’t needed, just a few “honourable” (really an understatement) mentions:

    Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffey, Adam Foote, Joe Thornton, the Beezer…

  3. Captain_Crunch17 says:

    The greatest junior franchise ever to send players to the NHL is the Peterborough Petes. No team has sent more players to the NHL than them.

    The List goes on and on…Pronger, Yzerman, Mike Ricci, Larry Murphy, Bob Gainey, Eric Staal, Langenbrunner, Steve Larmer…..list could go on for a while.

    It’s too bad they haven’t won more Mem Cup’s but this year they looked primed for a run at it.

  4. Freeze says:

    Sittler is the best by far?? Oh really?

    I noticed Mr. Shanahan had 3 Stanley Cup Rings.

    Refresh my memory, please. How many Stanley Cups rings does Daryl Sittler wear these days? Now don’t count those fake ones that you can buy out of the bubble gum machine.

    The number zero comes to mind. Well, at least that how I measure success.

    Oh, by the way. Don’t even bother mentioning that Sittler player for Detroit. He absolutely sucked as a Red Wing. He showed no heart whatsoever. I sort of measure players by their heart when I’m not counting their rings.

  5. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    wow thats 1 article that by leafymcleaf that wasnt completly stupid. then i read the bottom, sittler the best by far. hate to tell you i agree with the poster above me he played with heart when he was on toronto nowhere else. shannahan played with heart wherever he is. little biased here arent we he mentioned quite a few leaf players.

  6. Fraser says:

    Yes, the London Knights have an impressive star studded set of graduates. But the best junior hockey team in the entire world is the Peterborough Petets, the Pets have had more players drafte to the NHL and more palyers actually make (140+) than any other team in the world. They had a good team last year, and even beat London something like 6-2. They jsut choked when they hit Ottawa last year in the conference finals. They are ready to go for the gold this year though. I was a little scared when there best forward and best defenceman were still at AHL tryouts for the fist 5 games of they year, but now that they’re back, they’re a team to be wreckoned with. And this team features 10 current NHL drafted players wit the top pick from the OHL this year gonna be Jordan Staal. He si the younger of Eric Staal and might even be better. Micahel Ryder’s little brother Daniel is a tremendous two way palyer on the team as well. They didn’t suffer too bad from graduation, and were able to retain their core. THe Knigts got a big boost when SChremp, Hunter and Dennis returned and have won 6in a row as well. Knights – Petes final? Lets hope so

  7. mojo19 says:

    That was at the end of an exhausting career. He was outstanding throughout his career. And you can’t measure a players greatness purely on Stanley cups. Dale Hawerchuck never won a cup but I think he’s one of the best players ever, as is Sittler. (Shannahan is also one of my favourite players).

  8. noty87 says:

    take it easy, boyo. Shanahan was on the list. i dont know what you’re going apeshit over. no one took a crap all over Shanny, so lay off Sittler. They are both great.

    But my man Darryl did have that 10 point night.

  9. Avalanchesakic19 says:

    I dont know a lot about the knights but my best friends brother played with them for 3 years and then he was cut down with a knee inj. But he was allison’s line mate.. and his name we michale waud. So from what I know this team means a lot to hockey in canada … so ill SALUTE the knights … good job boys …

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