Les Canadiens Trade Rumors

Here, I have made a list of possible trades that Les Canadiens could make (I also kept in mind the salary cap, player interests, team interests, and the possibility factor).

1. To Montreal: John Madden
To New Jersey: Josh Gorges, Steve Begin, Late round pick(5th/6th)
~Montreal has been looking for a good quality forward as of late, and Maddens name has come up a lot. To N.J, a quality young D-man(who doesn’t quite fit into the big Montreal defense picture) and some o.k talent in Begin. Gorges and Begin’s salaries equal out to 1.52 Mil’, while Madden’s equals out to 2.93 Mil’, so the Devils also shed some cap money. So Montreal would have 3.53 Mil’ in cap space.

2.To Montreal:Alexandre Picard, Pascal Leclaire
To Columbus: Cristobal Huet
~”Cristo” has been deamed expendable by Montreal because of the play of Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price. So in this trade the Canadiens get a great rookie talent in Picard and if “Yaro” or Carey can’t get the job done, you get a former 1st round pick in Leclaire. I must also add that both Leclaire and Picard are french Canadian, so Montreal would be a very desirable location for both. And Columbus could use an all-star goalie like Huet. And Huet’s 2.87 a year doesn’t even put a knick in Columbus’ 10.86 Mill of cap space. And Pascal’s and Alex’s salaries mark up to 2.034 mill, so the Habs knock off some cap money.

3. To Montreal: Brandon Crombeen, 6th round pick
To Dallas:Yann Danis
~Dallas has been looking for a young goaltender, and Montreal has too many young goalies to allow Danis to prosper, so Montreal could trade him to Dallas for a big talented prospect like Crombeen, and get a late round draft pick too. Now, because the Canadiens only own the rights to Danis, Dallas wouldn’t recieve any money against cap, unless they decide to sign him. And same with Crombeen.

4. To Montreal: 4th/5th round pick
To Nashville: Garth Murray
~Murray may play with some spirit, and may be big, strong and young, but Montreal nees to make some room for highley skilled rookies who are intent on making the big club. So why not free up some cap space, open a slot for a rookie, and add another future prospect. With Garth gone, that would free up .600 in cap space for Montreal.Plus Nashville needs some more big players, and have tons of cap space to spare.

5.To Montreal: Steve Bernier
To San Jose: Francis Bouillon, Yann Danis
~Montreal needs some quality forwards, and San Jose needs defencemen, and a backup for Nabokov. This trade seems meant to happen. Bernier is young,talented, and french Canadian.Plus Bernier only takes up 1.18 of cap. And in return San Jose gets a pretty good defenceman in Bouillon and get a potential phenom in Danis, and would make as a great backup to Nabokov. San Jose has plenty of cap space to cover Bouillon’s Salary which is 1.87 Mill ( see number 3 for Danis’ contract details)

6.Also,reading hockey buzz’s Eklund’s blog today, I stumbled upon the sighting of Andy McDonald being a target of Montreal’s. So quickly, I decided to jump on this.
To Montreal: Andy McDonald
To Anaheim: Josh Gorges, Latendresse,2nd/3rd round pick
~ Even though this kind of looks like a trade out of an NHL video game, it still makes sense. The Canadiens are looking for a great centre who will bring some scoring to their lineup. And the Ducks coulduse some young depth at the blueline like Gorges, and would love to have Latendresse, who could fill in for the loss of Dustin Penner. Anaheim would also like another early draft pick to use their supreme drafting skills, and deveop another great talent. The Canadiens would be cuting close to the Salary mark, but it would still benefit them.
Well those are just a few rumors I thought made sense and followed every thing I said they would at the beginning.So what do you think Les Canadiens should do?
Sources: nhlnumbers.com (for Salaries)
Hockeybuzz.com (for McDonald rumor)
http://www.hockeyzoneplus.com/bizdb/nhl-salaries-search.htm (a very useful salaries generator, which can show you anyplayer [from a certain date] ‘s salary history)

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  1. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    68north – he was being fascitious.  I realize it may not have been plainly obvious, but his post was meant to be funny….and it was.  I laughed my *ss off.

  2. Hockey_Insider says:

    For anyone else who decides to keep postingn he same things, I;m going to eliminate the problem.         I said: "Here, I have made a list of possible trades that Les Canadiens could make "  could is the key word, I didn't say they were going to. Also, my sources that some of these players are being looked at in trades are : Eklund, Am 640, the fan 590, TSN etc…
    You people have to read, even at the begging of the whole article I eliminated some of your complaints.

  3. 68north says:

    lol i still think he should apply for the vacant gm's position in toronto next year

  4. Habroller says:

    I definitely agree with you though your assessment on Huet is quite wrong I say.

    Even if you mention he's slightly better, you can't put Huet in the same sentence you mention Denis, Raycroft & Gerber; well, at least not right now…

  5. MR40 says:


    It would be Price, Konstitsyn, Komi, and a 1st for Lecavilier.

  6. rojoke says:

    1.  Lou will deal Madden under two circumstances:  One, he refuses to shave or he holds out.  Madden owns a razor and he's gonna be in camp.

    2.  Huet hasn't been deemed expendable by the coaching staff yet.  For all that Halak did late last season, he was still spotty at times.  We'll see what Price does at camp before making any deals from the goalie position.

    3.  No comment, other than the fact that at this point last year, Danis was number three on the Habs depth chart, and now he's probably fourth, and I'm not convinced that Dallas is looking for a goalie for the big club.  They have Mike Smith, who had numbers almost identical to Turco (2.23 GAA, .912 save %) and Tobias Stephan in the AHL, who's three years younger than Danis and had similar numbers.

    4.  If Murray is sent to Hamilton, his salary doesn't count against the cap.

    5.  The last thing Montreal needs right now is another forward.  And San Jose doesn't need a back-up for Nabokov, they have one in Dmitri Patzold.

    6.  Eklund is Eklund.  Andy McDonald is probbaly the target of a lot of teams, but I don't see Burke giving him up, especially if Selanne decides to play another season.

  7. sanj91 says:

    and apperently someone needs to go back to 3rd grade….if ur gonna go thru the trouble to put a word in quotation marks…atleast spell it right……

  8. Johnnynuck says:

    And a pig COULD fly if it farted on the moon…   let's get realistic though.   People come on here for some intelligent insight into hockey and obviously nobody's buying what you've got to offer!   I'm honestly not trying to knock your intelligence or hockey insight but if you're going to post an article here, at least make it credible.   I get excited when I see trades that are possible and try to imagine how they would effect the two teams but you've got a bigger imagination than JRR Tolkien.

  9. 9 says:

    Latendresse will be a hab for his entire career.

  10. Rabid_Badger says:

    Do the Devils have a policy on facial hair?  No, really, it's a serious question.  For once I'm not just trying to get under someone's skin.  Man, it's a boring time of season if we're discussing facial hair policies…the puck needs to drop!

  11. 68north says:

    uh no shit sherlock-just trying to be greedy

  12. ferron says:

      I would give all three Grabovski, Locke and Latendresse for McDonald, Grabovski will be our next Samsonov, Locke's a career AHLer and Latendresse has to be one of NHL's worst skater and Can't play defense for S–T. Maybe if Carboneau would of shown any kind of respect to his Players, Than maybe Perezhoghin would still be with us today. Last year Perezhogin deserve more to get 1st line time than Latendresse and i bet you anything that Perezhogin would of had a better season than Latendresse did, after that Perezhogin lost all faith in the Habs organization and left. I hope Carboneau never makes that mistake again cause then it's out you Go! Carbo! I wonder if we could use Perezhogin in a trade and if any team would be interested?

  13. MR40 says:

    Only Neilios said those would happen.

  14. bleedingblu says:

    Its funny how Habs fans are DYING for a trade of some sort. Wake up guys! Training camp is about to start… nothing else is going to happen until have way throught the season!

  15. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    WOW – ferron, now you're crapping on Lats, Grabovski and Locke.
    I'm curious, who do you think are our top prospects in Hamilton and why?
    You will notice that there are no Hamilton players in the top-20 scorers list this past season.
    For what it's worth, I agree with you about Carbo's stupid handling of the Perezhogin situation, he messed that one big time.  In my opinion Carbo is the wrong coach for the team we have, with the types of prospects we have in Hamilton.  His defense-first system will stiffle whatever offensive creativity our younsters (Kostitsyns, Prezhogin, Grabovski, Locke, etc…) have.

  16. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I agree!!!  Let's get it on!!!!

  17. modk09 says:

    people come HERE for intelligent hockey insight???????????????? geez, i’ve been to a LOT of hockey rumor sites and this one is by far the dumbest. (its is also the only one not blocked at work which is why i am here). i dont think I have ever seen an intelligent conversation in all the time ive been coming here. the guy heard of rumors that we could be after people (madden) and people we could be trying to deal (huet, murray, gorges, boullion, Dandenault etc) and decided to make proposals that he thought could work. how is any of that different from what other hockey analysts do? sure they might not have been the most balanced but at least he tried. rather than *****ing, why not take the rumored targets and make your own proposals???

  18. baltic_thunder says:

    Well, at least you're right on the Eklund front.

  19. ferron says:

      I like your feedbacks MTL HABS 24 there never insulting and you never lose you temper. I know i might over reacted about the thing I said about Grabs and Lats but I know that Locke is a DUD for sure! The thing about Grabovski, yes is one of the fastest player i've ever seen but he also remind me of Courtnall, Samsonov or other 5'8" player throughout the league who will give you 55-65pts at best, didn't we just got rid of lot of them Samsonov, Bulis, Ribiero and still we have similar players in Koivu, Plekanec, Kostitsyn. Next Latendresse, I predict he  will have a career filled and shortened by injuries, He is Big but slow but last year  He you watched the game against Carolina, when he got hit hard to the head, AGAIN! The whole crowd went silent and We(habs fans) all though that was it. But one thing nobody can't take away from Late, If you watch most games last year, every time Guillaume touch the puck the crowd was going nuts! But the feeling is mutual, Lats loves playing in Montreal and I think that if Guillaume would to be traded, that would crush him. To answer your Question about who was the real Habs prospects in the AHL,I think IMO Price, S.Kostitsyn,Valentenko and I would give a chance to O'Byrn, I rather see someone new at the six spots than have a F–K-N relic like Dandenault or even the one and only Briser, why in the hell did we needed him for? What about you Habs24 do you think S.Kostitsyn will be an NHL star or bust?

  20. rojoke says:

    Yes he does.  Coaches and office staff included.  When Pat Burns was hired, he had to shave his moustache.

  21. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Well, I have lost my temper with this richardhead named the_worm, or something to that effect.  He baits people into arguments and tries unsuccssfully to prove his intelligence, instead he only demonstrates his stupidity.
    The thing about prospects is that the odds are against them.  The vast majority of them will never even suit up in the NHL, while some may enjoy a cup of coffee with the parent team and the odd one or two may end up having long and somewhat successful careers.
    I don't pretend to know which of our prospects will make the team and contribute.  It takes time to evaluate talent.  Some players have the skills but lack that fire-in-the-belly, while others lack those skillsets that would compliment their drive and will to win.  Scant few prospects possess both attributes.
    Those players you mentioned in your posts prove my point.  If you could take Ribeiro's skill and combine it with Bulis' size, intensity and drive you'd have a hell of a hockey player.  Sadly those players are missing that rare combination of ingredients players like Sakic, Yzerman, Gretzky et al are blessed with.
    Of all our prospects at the forward position, I think that only the Kostitsyns have all what it takes to be NHL regulars.
    On defense, I think Valentenko is the sole rearguard who will take a regular shift as early as this season if we run into injury problems.
    Price is as a surefire NHLer as there has been in our system in a long time, although I believe he needs some seasoning in the "A".

  22. gohabsgo17 says:

    I think the Andy McDonald trade sounds pretty good, but I don't think they would go after him.  Having said that they are looking for a big time forward.  How about:

    To Montreal: Vincent Lecavalier and 2nd round pick.
    To Tampa Bay: Alex Kovalev, Mathieu Dandenault, Garth Murray, 1st round pick.

  23. MR40 says:


    WOW. An overpayed and heartless and now pretty much at best a 3rd line player, a depth guy, and an overpayed 5th defensemen for arguably the best goal scorer in the NHL, and moving down slightly in the draft. What a joke.

  24. MR40 says:

    How about Garth Murray, a 7th round pick, some random guy who's pretty much a career minor leaguer who the Habs can sign just to be apart of this deal and make about 2.1 million per season, a sandwich, AND Cristobal Huet's foot for Martin St. Louis, Dan Boyle, Vincent Lecavilier, and 8 1st round picks.

  25. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    MR40 – I share your sentiments.  I wasn't going to comment on this because it didn't really deserve it, but I'm glad you did.  To think that we bash some Leafs fans for the same kind of delusional trade proposals.

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