Les Canadiens Trade Rumors

Here, I have made a list of possible trades that Les Canadiens could make (I also kept in mind the salary cap, player interests, team interests, and the possibility factor).

1. To Montreal: John Madden
To New Jersey: Josh Gorges, Steve Begin, Late round pick(5th/6th)
~Montreal has been looking for a good quality forward as of late, and Maddens name has come up a lot. To N.J, a quality young D-man(who doesn’t quite fit into the big Montreal defense picture) and some o.k talent in Begin. Gorges and Begin’s salaries equal out to 1.52 Mil’, while Madden’s equals out to 2.93 Mil’, so the Devils also shed some cap money. So Montreal would have 3.53 Mil’ in cap space.

2.To Montreal:Alexandre Picard, Pascal Leclaire
To Columbus: Cristobal Huet
~”Cristo” has been deamed expendable by Montreal because of the play of Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price. So in this trade the Canadiens get a great rookie talent in Picard and if “Yaro” or Carey can’t get the job done, you get a former 1st round pick in Leclaire. I must also add that both Leclaire and Picard are french Canadian, so Montreal would be a very desirable location for both. And Columbus could use an all-star goalie like Huet. And Huet’s 2.87 a year doesn’t even put a knick in Columbus’ 10.86 Mill of cap space. And Pascal’s and Alex’s salaries mark up to 2.034 mill, so the Habs knock off some cap money.

3. To Montreal: Brandon Crombeen, 6th round pick
To Dallas:Yann Danis
~Dallas has been looking for a young goaltender, and Montreal has too many young goalies to allow Danis to prosper, so Montreal could trade him to Dallas for a big talented prospect like Crombeen, and get a late round draft pick too. Now, because the Canadiens only own the rights to Danis, Dallas wouldn’t recieve any money against cap, unless they decide to sign him. And same with Crombeen.

4. To Montreal: 4th/5th round pick
To Nashville: Garth Murray
~Murray may play with some spirit, and may be big, strong and young, but Montreal nees to make some room for highley skilled rookies who are intent on making the big club. So why not free up some cap space, open a slot for a rookie, and add another future prospect. With Garth gone, that would free up .600 in cap space for Montreal.Plus Nashville needs some more big players, and have tons of cap space to spare.

5.To Montreal: Steve Bernier
To San Jose: Francis Bouillon, Yann Danis
~Montreal needs some quality forwards, and San Jose needs defencemen, and a backup for Nabokov. This trade seems meant to happen. Bernier is young,talented, and french Canadian.Plus Bernier only takes up 1.18 of cap. And in return San Jose gets a pretty good defenceman in Bouillon and get a potential phenom in Danis, and would make as a great backup to Nabokov. San Jose has plenty of cap space to cover Bouillon’s Salary which is 1.87 Mill ( see number 3 for Danis’ contract details)

6.Also,reading hockey buzz’s Eklund’s blog today, I stumbled upon the sighting of Andy McDonald being a target of Montreal’s. So quickly, I decided to jump on this.
To Montreal: Andy McDonald
To Anaheim: Josh Gorges, Latendresse,2nd/3rd round pick
~ Even though this kind of looks like a trade out of an NHL video game, it still makes sense. The Canadiens are looking for a great centre who will bring some scoring to their lineup. And the Ducks coulduse some young depth at the blueline like Gorges, and would love to have Latendresse, who could fill in for the loss of Dustin Penner. Anaheim would also like another early draft pick to use their supreme drafting skills, and deveop another great talent. The Canadiens would be cuting close to the Salary mark, but it would still benefit them.
Well those are just a few rumors I thought made sense and followed every thing I said they would at the beginning.So what do you think Les Canadiens should do?
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