Less than a week left

This is quite interesting…


(Oct. 3rd) As reports continue to suggest that the Penguins are close to signing forwards Alexei Kovalev and Alexandre Daigle, general manager Craig Patrick said he had no contract talks with the agents for the two yesterday, but Kovalev seems fairly optimistic that a deal can be struck before the Oct. 9 deadline imposed by both sides. “I’m really happy that this team is interested in signing me and keeping me here for a lot longer,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. We still have a lot of time.”

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    If Kovalev isn’t signed by Oct.9th then the countdown for becoming a Leaf will BEGIN!!!!!

  2. mikster says:

    Small chance of that happening….

    I doubt it though, other teams can make better offers.

  3. Robert says:

    i know damn…we don’t have cross to trade no more!

  4. ShaneDawg says:

    Please let me hit him, please please please!

  5. -Swizz- says:

    i read somewhere daigle had 3g 3a in 4 games?

    if those numbers are right….wow…impressive….i know its only 4 games, but maybe he can help pittsburgh….especially without lang this year….

  6. Bossy22 says:

    Has anyone heard anything of Michael Rozival. I haven’t heard any news of him lately. Just wanted to hear any news relating to this player. What kind of season do you predict for this guy. Thanks!!

  7. saiklo says:

    He is actually the teams best prospect as their main offenseive defenseman. He will be paired with Joe Melichar.

  8. saiklo says:

    If Kovy leaves, it will be because of money, so there is no chance he is going to go to a backwards socialist country where they will rape him for half his salary to pay for useless communist-like government programs.

    Kovy can make 7 million with the Pens and end up netting more than he would at 9 million with Toronto.

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