Let face reality Leaf fans!

Ok Leaf fans,

We have to come to accept the possibility that John Ferguson may NOT pull the trigger this year.
With the Leafs recent play its very probable that the Leafs may make the playoffs but may not have what it takes to go all the way.

JFJ is in a tough spot right now with some key players coming back. Making a move with players may disrupt what has already been put in place.
The last month we have seen players like John Pohl really step up with Battaglia and Devereaux. Pohl is back tonight and Tucker and Wellwood could be back next week. Both these guys have 31 points in less than 40 games played. Having these two guys in the line up will surely help on the offense especially on the power play. Not to mention Peca if the Leafs make the post season. He is a key player in any playoff situation.

In regards to defense, it hasn’t been too bad. Sure Gill gets burnt quite a bit and McCabe likes to cough up the puck but all in all they have been pretty consistent ….. better than the previous years at least.

As for goal tending, Raycroft has played very well … what else could you ask of him??

Now, as for that speedy winger that everyone is asking for, Ferguson may make a move for a winger but I’m sure he won’t be superstar. JFJ has already said that he will not gamble away the teams future for a rental and I know he means that. Then again, what are you going to do with all those young D-men?? Your not going to play them anytime soon since you commited four of your current d-men to multi year contracts.

The only rental I may see coming is Gary Roberts.
Bertuzzi, no way! Why would JFJ go for this guy when he has Poni doing exactly what he would do? Poni is a lot cheaper too.

Apparently, JFJ did make a run for Nagy but turned away as soon as they asked for a 1st rounder. Good move!

In conclusion, the Leafs are not in a situation where they should sell especially being in 9th spot. Even as a buyer, I don’t think there is really anything out there that will make a significant difference. It would be nice to see Peter Forsberg with the Leafs but lets face it…. not going to happen….. probably nothing will happen. The Leafs are still building a team that will take a little more time to be a serious contender.

Maybe this is better….

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  1. leaflova says:

    great artical, agrre with you 100%

  2. Gryphon says:

    #1 Article of the Week, maybe Month, it's true!

  3. the_word says:

    Nice to read something moderate, I agree with most of your assesment, but an issue I see re-emerging with the Leafs is Raycorft and the defense. 
    Sure the Leafs are on a role right now, but everytime they put together some wins we're simply waiting for the team to fall apart (whether it be Ottawa, Pitsburg or Florida).  Its tough to ignore though blow outs no matter how well this team plays.  On Saturday night's game it looked like the Pens were gonna hammer the Leafs again, but with some inspired play, we salvaged a point.  But again, Raycorft got exposed.  I just don't like the idea of this guy playing 70+ starts a year for the rest of his contract.

  4. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Thank you for the common sense, bleedingblu.  This article has been long overdue.  As I have stated on other threads, I would prefer that JFJ does nothing to mess with the chemistry of the team.  Time will work wonders for what is being built in Toronto.

  5. ty656789 says:

    good article. Too bad all leaf fans weren't as patient and would rather see the team bandaid problems than find the root of the problems and resolve them effectively. I personally dont see why everyone kept bringing up Nagy and Doan as possible signings for the Leafs. These guys are overated. Nagy is gone and does anyone remeber how much Doan sucked in the Olympics. He only made it because he was Gretzky's golden boy. I would love to see Bertuzzi in a Leaf uniform, but as a UFA signing in the offseason and it would have to be the old Bertuzzi before Steve Moore. Him and Naslund were great together. Him and Sunding would be absolutely incredible. The only thing that the Leafs need right now is a good one two punch like every other contending team has. They have the one(sundin) they just need the two.

  6. WDF says:

    Very very true.
    Wellwood, Tucker and Peca coming back would probably be better then aquiring a player at the deadline. I still think we should rent tucker out if we are out of the playoffs.

  7. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    ya the leafs shouldn't go for bertuzzi or forsberg, but i think that if a big trade will help in the short AND long run, why not go for it?  someone already commented on how we have 4 locked up D and we have what…  3-5 prospects in Defense coming up? trade at least one of them.  I also think that we should trade Tucker..  I have said it a few times now.  We don't need him the rest of the season and we for sure don't need him when he wants us to give him a multimillion dollar contract. 
    There are 6 games left until the trade deadline.  if the leafs bomb most of those games, could trading Sundin be an option?  dont get me wrong, i value him just like every other fan.  but if our team is going no where, and teams are offering Philly a prospect + 2 first rounders,  The leafs could possibly ask for the same, if not more considering Forsberg is always injured.  dont hate me because id trade the captain…  i was just thinking about the future for the leafs

  8. bleedingblu says:

    Believe me, I want to go for it all now too but it has happened too many times in the past where we give away number draft picks and prospects for an established player and got NO cup. And we have to deal with the damage for a couple years.
    i.e. – Brian Leetch, Owen Nolan

    I say stick to the system. We have a couple of blue chips that could be the future of this team. – Tlusty, Kumelin, Pogge.

  9. bleedingblu says:

    THanks dude!

  10. bleedingblu says:

    I agree with you about Raycroft! He's no Cujo or Belfour. He could shine when the pressure is on him but when his not being tested for a while in a period because the Leafs are dominating the opposing team, Rayzor seems to cool down and stiffin' up…. especially that glove hand!!! Maybe Aubin should see some ice time. Remember last year? Leafs vs Habs back to back games. Quinn plays Telli first game…. gets pumped and instead of playing Aubin the next game he plays Telli again……. and he gets pumped again. Then Aubin goes on a 10 game winning streak…. agrueably what caused the Leafs to miss the playoffs last year.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Well then you're lucky because even if he wanted to, JFJ could not pull off anything good without giving up a 1st rounder.

  12. burton686 says:

    Simon Gagne!!! We need to get him. I'd give up a 1st rounder for this guy!!! Save us developing that 1st rounder into an AHL mild star!!! Ferguson is one of the worst GM's in the business. Why can't we get a blockbuster multi name deal like the days of Cliff Fletcher? Pick up a superstar and a few depth players to bring us back to the Leafs of the early 90's!!!

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