Let face reality Leaf fans!

Ok Leaf fans,

We have to come to accept the possibility that John Ferguson may NOT pull the trigger this year.
With the Leafs recent play its very probable that the Leafs may make the playoffs but may not have what it takes to go all the way.

JFJ is in a tough spot right now with some key players coming back. Making a move with players may disrupt what has already been put in place.
The last month we have seen players like John Pohl really step up with Battaglia and Devereaux. Pohl is back tonight and Tucker and Wellwood could be back next week. Both these guys have 31 points in less than 40 games played. Having these two guys in the line up will surely help on the offense especially on the power play. Not to mention Peca if the Leafs make the post season. He is a key player in any playoff situation.

In regards to defense, it hasn’t been too bad. Sure Gill gets burnt quite a bit and McCabe likes to cough up the puck but all in all they have been pretty consistent ….. better than the previous years at least.

As for goal tending, Raycroft has played very well … what else could you ask of him??

Now, as for that speedy winger that everyone is asking for, Ferguson may make a move for a winger but I’m sure he won’t be superstar. JFJ has already said that he will not gamble away the teams future for a rental and I know he means that. Then again, what are you going to do with all those young D-men?? Your not going to play them anytime soon since you commited four of your current d-men to multi year contracts.

The only rental I may see coming is Gary Roberts.
Bertuzzi, no way! Why would JFJ go for this guy when he has Poni doing exactly what he would do? Poni is a lot cheaper too.

Apparently, JFJ did make a run for Nagy but turned away as soon as they asked for a 1st rounder. Good move!

In conclusion, the Leafs are not in a situation where they should sell especially being in 9th spot. Even as a buyer, I don’t think there is really anything out there that will make a significant difference. It would be nice to see Peter Forsberg with the Leafs but lets face it…. not going to happen….. probably nothing will happen. The Leafs are still building a team that will take a little more time to be a serious contender.

Maybe this is better….