Let it All Out!

Ok, I’m sure some members on here remember that more than two weeks ago HTR.com has mentioned the new addition of Fan’s Rant. If you don’t remember, please take some Cognitex and copy and paste the link below:


….moving on…

OK, I’ll try and make this as easy as possible.

How it starts

I will post a poll attached to the article that will have about 3 or more major topics that you vote. The topic that has the most votes will be chosen. That being said, make sure you vote. The poll will run until Sunday evening at 6 pm et. Now, i don’t think we should do this once a week.

To this post, I will already add the poll of the topics, once the topic is chosen by Sunday at 6 pm et, then people can start e-mailing messages and I will give two or three days of time for the members to send one message each. So, maybe on Tuesday/Wed the Fans Rant will be posted. When it is posted, a new poll will be attached to that Fans Rant article and the next topic will be decided next Sunday at 6pm et.

If you’re still conufsed about this, just post a comment asking your question(s).

Process Rules


That is the e-mail where a member will e-mail me a rant message.

The message should not be more than a paragraph. And I don’t want to make a permanent defition of what I conisder a paragraph, but I trust you members know what I mean by a reasonable paragraph, or short 3 phrased/sentences message, is.

Do NOT send me any other kind of e-mail that does not relate to Fan’s Rant.

Do NOT send more more than one e-mail.

Format of e-mail:

Subject: Fan’s Rant
Message: “(member name) says/shouts/yells/screams: blah blah blah……”

Always include Fan’s Rant as the subject. I will not open anything without that subject. Remember to include your HTR.com member name. We welcome guests to become members to share a short opinion with us.

It depends on how many e-mail messages I receive regarding how many will be posted. I am definitely not seeking more than 20, but expect the unexpected…we may get a lot of messages and we may have to include more.

You can curse and use foul language that will partly be censored though. Ex: $hit, *u*k…etc…

When a member posts a comment on the Fan’s Rant article, we do expect responsibility with censoring. Just don’t go overboard. And, don’t be too disrespectful.

That’s pretty much it. I hope this will go well, it should be fun, and I do expect some mistakes in the first few weeks and maybe make some adjustments as we go along, but this is basically it and let’s start with the votes!

Thank you!