Let's get the party started!

Free Agent frenzy, one of my favorite time of the year, has begun and some notable signings already took place so far…Jaroslav Modry leaves the Kings and signs with the Atlanta Thrashers

Much needed defensive help!

Chris Simon stays with the Calgary Flames

Thanx to Roman Turek.

Curtis Brown leaves the Sharks and signs with the Chicago Blackhawks

Good veteran role player

Matthew Barnaby leaves the Avs and signs with the Chicago Blackhawks

Once again, the Sens fail to acquire him…

Ian Laperrière leaves the Kings and signs with the Colorado Avalanche

Will most likely fill the void left by the departure of Barnaby, but at a lower cost.


Marco Normandin (Lint07)

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  1. kidhenry1 says:

    The most interesting FA this summer is Ziggy Palffy. He shut down a pretty hefty offer from the Kings and Larry Brooks reports (I know, that doesn’t exactly make it credible) that Pallfy believes that he can get a better deal from one of the New York area teams. He is skeptical about the chance of that happening.

    So who is gonna sign him? Maybe the Red Wing$, maybe the Ranger$, *hopefully* (but doubtfully) the Islanders?

  2. mikster says:

    Modry: Good for the Thrashers.

    Simon: Great for the Flames and glad he proved wrong to those that said he was washed up when the Rangers signed him.

    Brown: Why interest in the Hawks?

    Barnaby: No idea why he’d sign with the Hawks.

    Ian: Great fit for the Avs.

  3. Lint07 says:

    I wouldn’t be that much surprised to see NYR sign him. In fact there’s a rumor circulating that NYR would sign him as early as this week… we’ll have to wait and see I guess.

    As for other free agents, with names like Alex Kovalev, Pavol Demitra, Alexei Zhamnov, Mark Recchi, etc. that could literally end up anywhere considering the new CBA looming it will definately make the summer very entertaining.

  4. wayne2 says:

    I too would like to have seen the sens get Barnaby

    but the problem is there was a fewd between him and Muckler from his Buffalo days.

  5. Lint07 says:

    The biggest question mark would be Barnaby to the Hawks… It’s just a waste of time as he will not make them a contender, unless they promised him they’d get a top free agent (which wouldn’t surprise me a bit). Barnaby should’ve signed with a team already talented, looking for grit (read: Ottawa, Montréal)

    Check your PM’s, dude.

  6. Sands says:

    Rangers must have flat out said to Barnaby… sign some place else we are happy with out team.

    The Rangers had the upper hand on re-signing him so they must have not even made an offer if he signed to Chicago so fast.

  7. kingmo15 says:

    I think that the real frenzy will begin after there is a new CBA in place, and owners and GM’s have a concrete understanding of exactly how much salary room they have to operate with. Then, I think, you will see a chaotic week or two prior to the season starting.

    Until then, here’s to hoping that the Penguins are able to obtain some desperately needed offensive help…

  8. greengiant says:

    Matthew Barnaby leaves the Avs and signs with the Chicago Blackhawks



  9. dkball7 says:

    Now all Chicago needs is a 1st line winger, a 1st line center, and 3 solid defensemen.

  10. OttawaUhockeyfan says:

    On the Colorado avalanche official website, it appears the Avs have confirmed the signature of Anti Laaksonen and Ian Laperriere. Two good moves by Colorado. I’m surprised about the signings as Pierre Lacroix has never been known to sign free agents. Good moves that will add depth and speed to Colorado. I guess they are preparing for Forsberg’s departure maybe?

    Go Avs Go



  11. Lint07 says:

    …And most likely a new goaltender too.

    Pissing Thibeault and Dazé off by offering them two-way contracts, (yeah you read it well, contracts with a clause that let them send both players to the AHL and have them receive a minor league salary) is not the way to go…


  12. Enigma says:

    I agree, it surprised me to see the hawks of all teams get a guy like Barnaby. Why he’d want to go there is beyond my comprehension. You’d think that if the hawks were to sign someone it’d be a bigger name player who could help make them more respectable.

  13. Enigma says:

    Glen Wesley also resigned with Carolina. Good move by the canes, he’s a very dependable defenseman.

  14. NYRules says:

    barnaby said his family really like the city. But yea, Daze must be getting better and they are probably going to get one or 2 good free agents.

  15. OldNord says:

    Damn, Gainey didn’t signed Laperrière.

    Barnaby will be traded during the season. Mark these words.

  16. big_booty says:

    ….when he doesn’t play for the Leafs…

  17. toto says:

    Good for Barnaby and the Blackco.cks. The Black.*****s said they were going to be players. I heard Barnaby and his family have always enjoyed Blackco.cks much like GretzNYR99.

  18. wingerxx says:

    That right there is a pretty damn good PK duo. Excellent signings.

  19. toto says:

    At least you spelled this one correctly!

  20. Tweek says:

    looks good on the thrashers to get a top 4 d man like modry, theyll be a force next year if they can get one more centre and a #5 d man.

  21. chanman says:

    Curtis Brown leaves the Sharks and signs with the Chicago Blackhawks

    –Good veteran role player–

    Matthew Barnaby leaves the Avs and signs with the Chicago Blackhawks

    –Once again, the Sens fail to acquire him…–


    Brown and barnaby to chicago? I didnt even know brown was a UFa, how did the sabres get jillson for him if he was only a rental player?

    And Barnaby was so close to going to Ott, This really suprised me bcause the Sens could really use this guy, I though barnaby would wait around for offers awhile.

    Madden resigned with NJ I have heard, 20 Mil over 4 or 5 years.

  22. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Can’t wait to see who the Blues will sign.. They did free up 15 Million $ in salary after letting go Finley, Mellanby, Demitra and of course MacInnis..

    I heard they are looking at Conroy, Shannahan, and Hull.. Hopefully one of them can get signed by the Blues!

  23. mikster says:

    Naa, Barns was thirlled of going back to the Rangers.

    He wanted playing time and he knows he’ll get it with the Hawks. And, in hopes he could wear the C.

  24. x says:

    I was always to understand that Barnaby really liked New York and wanted to go back there.

    I guess he like a lot of places. He never played in Chicago so I wonder how it came to pass that his kin likes Chicago.

    It’s good to see Chicago upgrading their team though, even if it is of a modest sort. Maybe if Daze and Thibeault can actually stay healthy for 70 games or so they’ll have a chance to get in the playoffs.

  25. x says:

    They certainly have upgraded their team, though Modry and Havalid aren’t known for their defensive skills.

    Funny, it took the law 9 months to finally decide what to do about Heatley; they’ll have him on the hot seat during the offseason, then say ‘don’t let it happen again’ and he’ll be back in Sept.

    Maybe Zhamnov would be that centre you mentioned they needed.

  26. x says:

    I wish Cullimore would hurry up and resign with Tampa.

    I think he made somewhere around 1.8M last year and is looking for a 3M contract; Feaster is offering 4M for two years.

    He has gotten himself hurt a little too much. Missed 50 some games in 2002/2003 and busted his wrist in this years playoffs.

  27. Tweek says:

    they let those guys go cause they are losing so much money, i wouldnt see them signing too many players,maybe one star

  28. cwthrash says:

    Nine months isn’t actually a long time. The wheels of justice often grind very slowly, especially in a large city that is habitually one of the worst areas for crime in the entire country. The city/county has enough on their plate even at the best of times.

    I will admit though, I think the celebrity in this case delayed the proceedings a bit. But a month at most; blame the politics of a DA’s position for that. In real fact, the law doesn’t give a damn who you are. It’s standards are set and only an extraordinary cir*****stance can change it (ie a new precedent). Public perception obviously plays a part which is always seen in the juries, but the law stays constant for the most part. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the grand jury does.

    For the team, Zhamnov would work. Personally I’d love to see him with Kovalchuk; think they would work well with each other. Then again I wouldn’t mind at all if someone like Conroy or Rolston came on board, Rolston especially. He’s an excellent two-way player, which Atlanta needs. But I believe he has more skill than was shown in Boston. Line him up regularly with players like Kovalchuk or Kozlov or Heatley, I think he’d produce in a good way. Maybe that’s just me though.

  29. qsilver31 says:

    MacInnis is retiring?!!!

    When did this happen?

    If he isn’t then i really can’t picture him with another team other than the Blues…

  30. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Tru that!.. MacInnis needs to finish one more year as a Blue considering this year got ruined for him..

  31. commonwealth says:

    I agree the signings of Lapierre and Laaksonen are to help fill the void of Forsberg and Barnaby, but the Avs will need more then that to be succesfull. Lacroix is going to have to obtain some more big names (either through trades or free agents) to go along with Sakic and Hejduk. re-signing Skrastins and Gratton will help the depth especially with the additions of Lapierre and Laaks, but I believe the Avs should be more worried about offensive production then defense.

    What’s with Barnaby? I would think the Sens would have moved buildings to get him there, but instead he goes to the hapeless Blackhawks. The Hawks are gonna need ALOT more then these two to go anywhere next year.

    P.S. I like Madden staying in NJ, good job realizing his leadership.

  32. gr8haluschak says:

    The problem is it is not that he wants to it is the fact that he can’t play anymore.

  33. gr8haluschak says:

    it will be Hull and that is it, just for old times sake, I doubt Shannahan, I’d rather have Kariya, and I have already said my piece on Conroy.

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