Let's make some Changes…..

Everyone Wants to fight and Bash each other. While it is kind of fun to mess with another member we all need to remember the name of this site. It’s not Bashing Trade Rumors, It’s Hockey Trade Rumors. Let’s all remember that this site is for free….. Respect for the staff and each other is due.

I Have a few ideas in which I would like everyone to vote on and answer.Maybe changes do need to be made in order to have everyone enjoy this site.

My idea to minimize the Bashing of this site would start with the reconstruction of HTR.

First, there will be one main page in which post’s about Trades, Signing’s, Rumors, NHL News, etc., can go. Then every Team can have there own room and message board. These rooms will look the same as the main page, and fan’s from each team can chat among themselves. This will in fact reduce the Bashing of post’s…. Fan’s can talk about there teams with fellow fan’s and not have immature kids running around fighting with everyone and ruining this site.

Second, Band’s and locks should be put on some members. Members who can’t grow up and start to bash or have a racist remark, will have one Warning and then if it continues they will be suspended for a certain amount of days.

Then maybe the little children on this site will grow up, and realize it’s a privilege to be allowed on this site.

I propose this action to be taken because, I have told many people about this site. Most of them look at it, but when they see that this site is just a bunch of opinions and fight’s between members then get turned off from this site and do not join.

If these rules and reconstruction were to take place It would make a lot more people happy, and if need’s be I would be willing to pay a monthly charge.

I would like everyone’s feed back.

1. Would you accept these rules?

2. Do you think they are fair?

3. Would you pay a low sum of money if this site tightened up a little, and let you speak your mind, without having immature comments?

48 Responses to Let's make some Changes…..

  1. YingYan says:

    Aaah the wisdom of a moderator would be appreciated, it would help deter immature bashings.

    Pay for what? A moderator’s salary? (would have to work almost full time to filter ALL the trash all the time)

    Pay for no ads?

    For the rest i’m 95% with you…

    However i’m not sure sub-dividing too much would be a +, we do need some interaction.

  2. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Like someone had posted before when the money thing was brought up, unless the rumors are proven to be 100% true, and they are posted by true hockey analysts, then there is no meaning to pay a sum of money. Love the site, but much like any student, I am very tight with my money right now.

    And I think that the chat room thing is pretty cool, but I personally love the site on how it is. I mean, if we had chat rooms for every team, I would never check the other teams. And I love to be turned off of the Blues every now and then, and read about other teams. The chat room thing is good, but if the children on this site would grow up, then that would be 100% better.

    Maybe what we could do is like a strike system. Every time there is a ronchy or God-awful post made by some little kid, then he gets a strike. The strikes could be posted right on the person’s profile, letting everyone see how this person is. Much like Major League Baseball, 3 strikes you’re out.

    Good ideas though, Im for whatever makes this site more attractive to outside viewers.

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  3. keon says:

    This is a really cool site, and I think that the mentioned changes would make HTR even better! I do feel, however, that this site is not worth payng for. The information on this site is provided voluntarily by it’s members..,and as a university student, I too am very low on cash. I like the direction HTR is going.

  4. bubbakazoo says:

    Most definitely it would be a great idea to ban some people, and I’m sure there are a few out there who would put me on that list. However, I much prefer to talk about hockey than get into a pointless fight with a faceless enemy. I am willing to tone it down, but I’m not sure everyone is. If you look at what they’re writing it becomes obvious that they really are just ignorant fools.

  5. Krockasian says:

    1) No they suck, why don’t we just segrgate society too. all the blacks on the east cost all the whites on the west coast, all the spanish in the south, If you get all the same people in one room there would be no fun discussions and hurt the site.

    2) No you say racism is stupid but segregation is just as stupid. (look above

    3) I wouldn’t pay for the site now, so i would not pay for it if it gets worse.

    I think everyone should just learn to grow at least some skin and a pair.

  6. MossRocks says:

    I sympathize with the people who have been offended on this site. However, I hope that none of these changes are implemented. I have faith in common sense and I think it will prevail here. Let’s avoid making a sweeping system. Just have the administration make some warnings for future complaints, if they are ignored then go ahead and ban the member. End of story.

    Don’t make the typical reflex mistake that is often made by throwing away some freedoms while over-reacting. Hell, just after 9/11 civil libertarians would have allowed the FBI and CIA to do almost anything they wanted. We would all have numbers on our clothes, all phones would be tapped and there would be cameras everywhere. Thank heavens that didn’t happen. It’s a crazy analogy, but it holds some truth to this situation.

    I want to hear what other people think of the Oilers. I don’t want to read 30 articles by some punk about how great Mike Comrie is and how he shagged some chick at the Iron Horse. It is great to get other people’s perspectives on your team and their players. Leave it open and keep the ideas and perspectives flowing.

    Just relax and let reason rule. I think most of the offenders have received the message now and things will change. Maybe we need to get back to the trade rumours, etc. and spend a little less time on totally subjective topics like “favorites” or “most hated” Those tend to start a firestorm. Don’t change the site.

    By the way, “getting a pair” is not a solution In fact, the comment is counter-productive and is indicative of the problem on the site. Showing some respect and debating the issues is a solution. Nuff said.

  7. Sands says:

    I agree, payment’s might be a little to much to ask. If we had Hockey Analysts then I would pay. I like that idea.

    And I don’t mean chat rooms I mean rooms in which they are like now. Another message board for each different team. And the Main page would include all the trades, rumors, signing’s, NHL news, etc.

  8. Sands says:

    People like You, should be band. What did you smoke tonight? ummm at least try and act like your not 13. Grow up buddy….. This is a serious Post not some 13 year old no nothing message board.

  9. wingm says:

    Chat room/Message boards are an interesting idea, but I agree with the other comments that it would then minimize the exposure to what is going on around the league with the other teams.

    I agree with the banning/blocking solution though. Unfortunately, I think in order to make it effective, first offence should be a block for 3-5 days. That’s your warning. Next offence should be banning from the site.

    I know I don’t post a whole lot on the site, but when I do it’s because I feel I should voice my opinion on the topic. Just because my opinion doesn’t agree with someone elses doesn’t make it wrong. It is MY opinion based on my feelings/values and information that I have available to me at the time.

    I am a Leafs fan and proud to be one. I always have been and always will be. I understand the fun in ‘poking fun’ at others with clean jibes about their team, etc but I have noticed that it is getting more abusive and it should stop.

  10. pantherboy says:

    I do not like the part that every team would have their own room and message board. I think I would get lonely in the Panthers room by myself. Believe or not, but with 3000+ members on this site, still not every team in the NHL have a fan on this site (or in the Panthers case just one(and a half cuz Reg likes two teams :P))

  11. titans says:

    He should be banned for giving his opinion! In your Naziesque world everyone who doesn’t agree with you should be banned! Grow up sands!

  12. titans says:

    Sands in your Naziesque world everyone who disagree’s with someone else or anyone with strong opinions or personalities should be banned!! GROW UP! This site is fine the way it is and I’ll fight anyone who thinks otherwise, and I like the fact that I can have my own opinions and freely express them here! THIS SITE IS GREAT, NO NEED TO SCREW IT UP!! Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. We should be encouraging people to fight for what they believe in, not trying to get rid of them! Grow a pair will ya?!?!

  13. Coldwar says:

    Aren’t there diff. boards for the different teams right now?

    I like Pronger’s idea of a strike system. The best way to defer stupid things from happening, is to keep the stupid people off the site alltogether. Give a two or three strike process … You guys said you can tell who has multiple ID’s, so you could enforce this. Sure, you’ll get the occaisional dumb comment, but if it TRULY IS ENFORCED, than you will start to see a change. Sounds bad, but start passing out scarlet letters, and this site will be much better.

    Aside from that, I reccomend that the home page/index/whatever has only the options for what type of article you can read. List all the teams, Opinions, Rules, Fantasy, Rumors, News, Administrative, etc. Delegate which posts go where by what is in them. Sure, people can still post their opinions about a trade in the “Trades” section in response to an article, but you wouldn’t get the “who’s the best, etc” articles mixed in with the actual news. That means that people who want to avoid the “Who’s poppin out at you this season?” opinion articles can do so very easily, without even knowing that they exist, simply by going only to the section that interests them.


  14. Coldwar says:

    I was going to disagree with you, and write this huge response about how disagreements aren’t the trouble here, that the real trouble is the comments that are an embarrassment to the people who have something to say on this site … But it seems futile now. Titans, I had faith. But telling him to grow a pair …

    All of these allusions to Nazi-esque Germany and the “post 9-11 world” are ridiculous and out of proportion. ” We should be encouraging people to fight for what they believe in” … this isn’t war, the civil rights, or sufferage … it’s a hockey website.

  15. chewy says:

    I think sub groups for team chat is not a good idea, reason for that is it is good to hear educated and honest oppinions about ones favorite club. If it is do thoughtfully and with something to support it then it is fair game and should be shared. Example

    1) Leaf fan publishes that the Leafs are going to trade Cross and Hoglund to Calgary for Iginla?

    Bad) You are some type of idiot, how does this sh_t get published……..

    OK) If the Leafs want to get Iginla they will have to give up a lot more the Cross and Hoghlund………….

    I mean everyone has their favorite teams and the teams they dislike the most. But I find it is fun, if it is done with some respect. This is a fun site except for a few people, and having someone police it is going to be very time consumming, but Mikster, if you read this, you say you have recieved complants about comments made, if they are specific act on them, cause I am sure that a few people here think they are being funny when they make rude comments, when in fact they are actually not at all.

    End all be all to everyone on this site, past presetn or future- everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, and if it is that Cross is equal to Iginla so be it?? If you must, make constructive critisism, not curse and put down the writer, and you dont like, don’t read it, and post something, post your views.

  16. Coldwar says:

    You could even have a post for “rants” or something. Anyway …

    I can see something bad coming from the “Banning” procedure, too. And that is people saying they were offended in order to just get people kicked off. If any sort of banning goes into effect, I would caution that the steps taken and reasons to take them be very well thought out and as air tight as possible to prevent the misuse of it.

  17. Leb_Boy says:

    Guys i don’t see how it hurts your feelings if somebody that you haver no clue: where he lives, what he looks like, what his name is, all you know him by is titans.But thats just my opinion, if you wanna ban me for my opinion go ahead, it’s only the site that is losing.

    Also the only way i ever got hooked on this site was because of all the opions, all the stupid comments(which are funny) titans(did you knows???)..all the leaf fans great rumors(haha)..mikster trying to stand up for his rangers…

    come on guys, dont let this stuff ruin the site. right now it looks like it’s going down the drain. it was great. dont lose it

    and for ur 3 questions ill answer them…

    1.no offence but your rules suck..i think everybody would have something to complain about, so dont bother changing them.

    2.It’s not that they aren’t fair, they are just usless, people should grow up and understand it’s just some guy on the other side of the world expressing his opinion, and if really hurts you, private message him and tell him, dont make a huge thing about it, not worth the time

    3. not worth paying for, half the stuff on here is just ideas, never really rumors, except when the trade deadline, and even then you just got the info from another site and post it here. so it;s not like it’s breaking news!

  18. Sands says:

    OK I’m not fighting with you titans. Because you have proven that since you joined this site you have become one of the biggest problems here. I will no longer fight with 13 year old children like yourself. People need to grow up on this site, and that starts with you. Be a man buddy…… Don’t fight with people online because 13 year old kids started that tradition years ago.

    I am not hitting anyone’s opinion, all I am saying is that this member who has commented on my article. Didn’t even take it seriously and that’s the problem with members like you. It’s time to grow up boy’s and girls. Because when kids like you write stuff, no one takes it serious anymore. Many of us know that your little kid’s with no say.

  19. Sands says:

    three to five day’s. Sounds about right. I like that……

  20. Sands says:

    I completely understand. That’s why, We would have a main page which everyone can talk about trades, rumors, NHL news … and you can have your own choice of posting what you write on the main page or on your team page…..

  21. Coldwar says:

    I dunno. I keep rereading all of these comments, and I begin to believe what they say. Maybe I agree with these other guys that nothing should be banned. What if the TRULY horrendous, racist posts are removed, would that be tolerable? I don’t know. Who’s the judge? DAMMIT! I’m can’t stop, I’m Torn. I’m all out of faith, I’m Torn.

    I do still agree with what I said about reorganizing the site to keep the warring factions seperated. Whatever. GOD! Why are you so Wishy-Washy, Charlie Browne?

  22. Coldwar says:


    I was going to let this slide without pointing it out, but …

    You realize, Sands, that you are only propagating what you preach to hate? By calling titans a 13 yr. old boy with nothing serious to say, and as labeling him as the biggest problem on the site, you are becoming the beast that you want us to hunt. If you want people to respond without insult and with maturity to what you write, then BY ALL MEANS, you should be doing the same.

    And then you say “OK I’m not fighting with you titans. Because you have proven that since you joined this site you have become one of the biggest problems here.” in order to try to lift yourself up on this pedestal of maturity … Oh Thank God that SANDS isn’t fighting! What in the world would I do If SANDS were Fighting? Oh, Jesus, God, lookout, sands is fighting! Come on. Practice what you preach. I am hereby recinding any argument (aside from the reorganization of the site) I have made towards censorship!

    Viva la Asshole!

    Viva la Insult!

    Viva la Uncensored HTR!

  23. Sands says:

    I don’t want to limit any one’s opinions… All I am trying to do is lower bashing so everyone can talk grown up about hockey. Some children on this site have gotten out hand….. responses that make fun of other post’s are a little immature now. Most people on this site want to talk hockey. Not how someone’s post is dumb…. You should definitely be able to stand up for what you believe in I agree on only that with Titans, I never said we should take away opinions that would be out of hand….. I understand your message…. And I”m Sorry if you have gotten the wrong idea about what I ment.

  24. Sands says:

    I understand about the paying thing. I changed my mind on that…… Paying would understandable if it were hockey analyses posting about trades and other NHL news….

    What I think everyone is misunderstanding is that I am not trying to ruin peoples true opinions… All I am saying is that the immature people that make comments about things that make no sense should be band. You can still tell people you don’t like there post… or don’t agree with it. All I’m saying is that when someone post’s a trade rumor. Some members turn around with comments that have nothing to do with the subject. It’s out of hand and people need to grow up. I hope I cleared some things up…If you have a question send me a message…sorry for the misunderstanding.

  25. Sands says:

    I don’t want to limit any one’s opinions… All I am trying to do is lower bashing so everyone can talk grown up about hockey. Some children on this site have gotten out hand….. responses that make fun of other post’s are a little immature now. Most people on this site want to talk hockey. Not how someone’s post is dumb…. You should definitely be able to stand up for what you believe in I agree on only that with Titans, I never said we should take away opinions that would be out of hand….. I understand your message…. And I”m Sorry if you have gotten the wrong idea about what I ment.

  26. Leb_Boy says:

    sometimes the stuff that makes no sense is the funniest shit youve ever heard.

    some of the stuff is knowledge..ive learned alot from titans..those “did you knows” i learned more then i ever learned in school…

    but i know what you mean, sometimes the comments are just plain old dumb, but just go on to the next comment and laugh it off..no harm done..hopefully 🙂

  27. tyler111529 says:

    Why don’t you have a big banner on the top page…

    Hockey Trade Rumors

    “The hockey site where you’ll find 30% hockey and 70% SH*T.”

    Guys, Its HOCKEY, not world war 3. Come on…

    Well, I’m the f*ck outta here! This will be my last comment/article/post, I can tell you that!

    I don’t mind the fighting. In fact, it’s a little entertaining. But the last 3 postshad not a f*ckin thing to do with hockey! Throughout all of the bashing, I would like to see a little bit of hockey news to. After all, that IS why I signed up here. I think the bashing has gone to a new level now. As I said, I don’t mind a little here and there. But this has gone WAY to far when somebody has to post 3 ways to change the site. I guess my feedback won’t be needed. As well as 3 more friends of mine who is pretty fit up with all of this.

    Mikey, you can put the lock on me now. As a matter of fact, throw away the key so I won’t be able to get back in.

    I came here one day to read some hockey news. Less than a week later, I found myself explaining my personal life and making threats. What have I got myself into by signing up for this sh*t?

    I’ll say it again, the bashing entertains me, but I wanna see some D*mn hockey! If I wanted to come here and fight, than I would go to some kind of wrestling e-fed. In fact, that’s not a bad idea.

    What we really need on this site is for everybody to pick a hockey player and have a fantasy wrestling show with them. I can see it now…

    Tie Domi Vs Jose Theodore

    “Hart Trophy up for grabs in a ladder match.” GIMME A BREAK!!!

    One last note before I go… And if you make some smartass comments I won’t reply. I am gone now! never here again. Well, unless I come back in December and see an improvement…

    But guys, this will be my last words to you…..


    – It’s just a game

    – Tyler Simmons

  28. Blueandwhite says:

    NO WAY!!!! So basically you are saying that you are going to ruin the rivalry Titans has with t most of the bashing is not even close to being serious its people having fun, if you want to turn this site into a boring “corporate” website go nuts but the website will take a definite downturn!!

  29. Blueandwhite says:

    NO WAY!!!! So basically you are saying that you are going to ruin the rivalry Titans has with basically all haters of Philadelphia. most of the bashing is not even close to being serious its people having fun, When your no good to play the game getting in heated debates about your team is the next best thing! if you want to turn this site into a boring “corporate” website go nuts but the website will take a definite downturn!!

  30. devilfan says:

    I would except these rules, however if a person writes an opinionated article people are going to respond if they dont agree, and sometimes it will get a littly mean. I dont see what the big deal is about that, it makes this site better to see people not agreeing. Just keep it clean, there is no need for cursing, this is supposed to be a fun site, and people get a little carried away with it.

    I wouldnt pay to keep it clean. If you want to moderate it, there are enough good modal citizens on here, that will say something to one of the managers if a rule is broken. The members can clean this site up without having to pay someone to do it.

  31. pantherboy says:

    Can anyone honestly say they are going to miss him??? lol.

  32. pantherboy says:

    Can anyone honestly say they are going to miss him??? lol.

  33. Bodster says:

    people say stupid shit all the time. i dont think people should be banned, i think everyone should just use their heads a bit more. Racism is just stupid.

    When i say stupid shit i say it just to screw around. I dont care what people here think. The post i made about the moderator using the term “retard” was simply to prove a point – what some people consider fine other people consider offensive. who is going to be the person who judges everything?

    freedom of speach. If an article sucks you should be able to say an article sucks. if a player stinks and leaf fans want to trade him for Inginla something must be said. If someone heard that Stan Fischler breath smells like dog shit and Oates is Gay I want to hear it. This website is fun and people can insult each other without getting too crazy.

  34. GloveSide says:


  35. Krockasian says:

    I’m OFFENED that guy said i smoke pot. I think he should be banded. Do i sound like a shitthead or what. JUST LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS. don’e mess with perfection.

  36. leafer7 says:

    Just remember what you say can come back and bite you in the ass.

  37. leafer7 says:

    See it’s a fine line in many ways here.What do people consider; fun Bashing and what do people consider abusive bashing?.Personally I like the site the way it is.In fact ,it has helped me in my knowledge of the game even more(learning about teams and the such).Well I’m sure if we disagree with something in the real world we wouldn’t go around calling people idiots or whatever someone deems fit.Most of the bashing is ” Fun Bashing” and it actually make this site fun!.On the other hand there are a few people who decided to abuse that.Remember being here isn’t a right,it’s a privledge.

  38. Malurous says:

    Somehow, this article with its comments shows the way this site is at its worst. People are ‘bashing’ (as the term seems to be now) everyone without realizing it or without caring about it. Sands, you are telling everyone to stop bashing and try to build this ‘segregate’ system (I think that’s a good way to say it) and when Krockasian sends a good and completely sensitive comment about the problem, you tell him he’s 13, should be banned and smoking something. You tell people to grow up and then say things like that. I don’t know if you’re 13 yourself or are you taking this too seriously, not accepting disagreement.

    I can take the so-called bashing from Titans, who I know is doing it for fun and I think it’s really funny and completely right when he bashes an article or a comment that is unrealistic, in favor on the authors team, or, in case of trade rumors, without source.

    But what I can’t take is when a good article gets bashed for the topic: a good Leafs article gets those Cory Cross comments (btw, isn’t he an UFA? Why isn’t there any speculation on him?) and articles about smaller team get comments like “SHUT UP YOU F*CKING ASSHOLE, NOBODY IS INTERESTED ABOUT THE THRASHERS!!!” Myself, I’d rather read a good Thrashers article than a bad one on one of my favorite teams (Thrashers is becoming one, by the way, because of their more interesting play, and the drafting of Lehtonen, whose big fan I am).

    Again about Titans, in addition to his funny attitude (not wacky-funny but well, he’s got humor), another thing that makes his ‘bashing’ OK is the fact that he knows the game. I think people who know hockey well and come across a completely ridiculous comments can be vocal about it. I think it would be wise to let the author know what the problem is, though, and beginners should be able to take critisism if they write. On the other hand, people like the recently deceased (thank God!) Tyler, yeah, I can use him as an example ’cause he’s not around anymore, who seem to know very little and send vulgar comments written on all caps should maybe even be banned.


  39. FlyHigh says:

    I won’t. Who would miss a racist who thinks people in Canada are tougher than people in Philly.

  40. FlyHigh says:

    are you like a complete wuss. You’re going to get insulted at some time in your life, so get used to get. You say people need to grow up. Why don’t you grow up and grow a pair. some day, somebody is going to bash all your ideas. it’s going to happen to all of us. so bash back. just don’t say any racial or offending remarks. but it’s ok to say, this is a bad post.

  41. mikster says:

    lol, nice Sands…..lol really nice reply.

  42. mikster says:

    Thanks Sands.

    Now….we’re going to start planning after reading many opinions.

  43. Sands says:

    Hey you don’t like the post? I understand…… But, Since this site has many kids who bash and have no hockey sense, it’s time to make this Site a little more grown up…. Most of the People on this site want to talk hockey. Who ever just wants to mess around shouldn’t waste everyone else’s time…. And they won’t anymore…. Sorry.

  44. titans says:

    Oh sands thats where you’re wrong. you think people goofed on you before? Well now you’ve shown everyone just how “sensitive” you are. It’s gonna like sharks smelling blood!

  45. titans says:

    Who the hell do you think you are to say one person is appropriate and another isn’t? Your ridiculous! You make me sick! Ohh did that upset you? Are you gonna cry to Peroni now?

  46. titans says:

    You are such a dork. you got beat up every day in high school didn’t you Sands? Aww are you gonna go cry to Peroni cause I called you a name Sands?

  47. DaMick says:


    Enough Said..


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