Let's make some Changes…..

Everyone Wants to fight and Bash each other. While it is kind of fun to mess with another member we all need to remember the name of this site. It’s not Bashing Trade Rumors, It’s Hockey Trade Rumors. Let’s all remember that this site is for free….. Respect for the staff and each other is due.

I Have a few ideas in which I would like everyone to vote on and answer.Maybe changes do need to be made in order to have everyone enjoy this site.

My idea to minimize the Bashing of this site would start with the reconstruction of HTR.

First, there will be one main page in which post’s about Trades, Signing’s, Rumors, NHL News, etc., can go. Then every Team can have there own room and message board. These rooms will look the same as the main page, and fan’s from each team can chat among themselves. This will in fact reduce the Bashing of post’s…. Fan’s can talk about there teams with fellow fan’s and not have immature kids running around fighting with everyone and ruining this site.

Second, Band’s and locks should be put on some members. Members who can’t grow up and start to bash or have a racist remark, will have one Warning and then if it continues they will be suspended for a certain amount of days.

Then maybe the little children on this site will grow up, and realize it’s a privilege to be allowed on this site.

I propose this action to be taken because, I have told many people about this site. Most of them look at it, but when they see that this site is just a bunch of opinions and fight’s between members then get turned off from this site and do not join.

If these rules and reconstruction were to take place It would make a lot more people happy, and if need’s be I would be willing to pay a monthly charge.

I would like everyone’s feed back.

1. Would you accept these rules?

2. Do you think they are fair?

3. Would you pay a low sum of money if this site tightened up a little, and let you speak your mind, without having immature comments?