Lidstrom to leafs, luongo possibly on way too?

Rumours in Toronto and Sweden are that Mats Sundins long time friend Niklas Lidstrom is agreed in principle to a one-year one million dollar contract. This does sound hard to believe, but Lidstrom knows that Sundin wants to win a cup and wants to do it with the Leafs, so Lidstrom is offering out a hand. Also, reports out of florida are that mike keenan is seriously considering Toronto’s latest offer of Pogge, Harrison, Suglobov and a 2nd rounder for Gary Roberts and Roberto Luongo. Keenan is looking at more youth movement and thinks Pogge is NHL ready and roberts and luongo will help Toronto with their cup run next year. These transactions will hopefully be made more public by weeks end.

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  1. DJTOKid says:

    A)not B.S. I would still sign those guys for a year. B)Your a goof and i’ll cheerlead for that. GOOF!!! GOOF!!! GOOF!!!

  2. scout says:

    Lidstrom to Leafs for one million

    i can’t believe i’m responding to this shite.

    but alas here i am

  3. the_word says:

    You’re a loser

  4. Nevyn says:

    Sorry, he can’t hear you, he has a brand new Norris trophy in his ear.

  5. leafsmarlies says:

    sorry buddy, but your horrible at making stuff up

  6. FlyersfanKyle says:

    hahaha loser looks like this was a bunch of bull luongo was just traded to vancouver AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. FlyersfanKyle says:

    and hidie klum with appear in my bedroom in a thong lol

  8. 92-93 says:

    just for the record, these are some of the scenarios that i hope will transpire for the leafs at draft:

    1) the leafs trade Pogge or Rask and their 13th pick to Washington for their 4th pick … and select either Toews or Backstrom. the thought of having a solid netminding prospect and a top Centremen prospect sounds pretty good to me.

    2) the leafs – with the 13th pick – still have a shot at selecting either James Sheppard, Bryan Little, or Kyle Okposo.

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