Lightning to be active at the deadline

Why now: “We wanted to get to this point when we sat down last year as a group to be playing meaningful games for the playoffs and we are there now, and that’s not good enough. Finishing ninth is not good enough for the Tampa Bay Lightning, coming up a little short isn’t good enough. We’ve got high expectations that runs from our past ownership to our eventual new ownership, that is crystal clear and everybody should understand that.’‘

On when he started thinking about this move: “The last three games were tough, just the way we performed at a critical time, that was difficult but you can’t have a knee jerk reaction. I went back and talked to our staff and analyzed how we played the past month and we came to the conclusion that we are going to need to be active here, and there are opportunities with the trade deadline, to do everything that we can, quite frankly to a man, from one coach to another from one player through the rest of the organization, do everything we can to get to that goal. And we are single mindedly focused on that.’‘

On adding Jim Johnson as an assistant coach: “It’s really pretty simple, at the end of the day I think this makes our staff better adding Jimmy. He’s done everything we asked him to do – in our player development he really excelled at that, he ran our rookie camp and our prospect camp and did a fantastic job. He went in as an associate coach to Norfolk in charge of the PK and the defensemen, that was his primary role. As I’m sure everybody read, our penalty kill is ranked third in the league down there, first on the road overall. We have young group of defensemen down there and he’s done a great job with them. Ty Wishart is having a career year, Scott Jackson is showing great promise, we are finally getting Matt Lashoff back on track, he’s really back on track from where he started, so that was exceptional for us. And then of course we made him head coach, and then he blew the lights out there. We had a team that was six games under .500 embarking on a seven-game road trip that was almost an epic odyssey. He brings a lot of passion, enthusiasm and energy and that’s the way he approached that task, and the team went 6-0-1 on that trip on the road and since then the record has been there as to what he has done, it’s really pretty remarkable for a team that was at a level six games below .500.’‘

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  1. number15 says:

    what they really should have done was traded Lacavalier before his new contract kicked in…. at this point, considering his play and price tag, they would get very little. The Montreal rumored deals a year ago were pretty good considering Lacavalier isent performing. They shoulda taken it

    one this is certain, they have a new superstar-in-waiting, Stamkos. So losing Lacavalier would not be so hurtful. Actully they need to move on. Its not like Lacavalier is selling out the arena anyway. Stamkos would be the same but cheaper, and actully performing

    they blew it. Now they will have to keep Lacavalier or make a weak trade. he is too expencive……. i mean look how cheap Dion Phaneuf was 

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    I do not think Vinny is as invalueable trade wise as some think. He has picked up his play a bit recently. I think if the right team were able to land him in a trade he would rebound back into form, he is only 30 and far from completely washed just yet. He has other attributes to bring to a team outside of 100 pt seasons as well.

  3. cam7777 says:

    I predict that Lecavalier is a Ranger by July 3rd.  Drury, Callahan and a 1st going back to Tampa.  With the American success at the Olympics, Drury will never be more marketable.  If the Lightning ownership are going to sell a crappy deal to their fans, now is the time.

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