Lightning vs. Capitals

With under a week to play in the NHL season, there’s only one playoff match up set. The Tampa Bay Lightning will play the Washington Capitals. The only question is who will win the division and be the 3 seed, and who will be the 6th seed. So i thought i would post a preview of the series. The Caps are led by a group of forwards who have been around for a while, and have been in the playoffs before, with top scorer Jaromir Jagr’s 36 goals 40 assist and 76 points, with a good year against the Lightning ( 4g 3a 7pts), along with Peter Bondra 28g 26a 54pts, and Robert Lang 21g 45a 66pts, the Lightning D will have their hands full keeping pucks away from Khabibulin. The defense for the Capitals is led by Sergie Gonchar 18g 48a 66pts and Ken Klee 1g 16a 17pts +22. And the man in the net for the Caps is godzilla! Or by his real Olaf Kolzig 33-24-6, 2.35 gga .921 sv% ( 2-2 with a gaa under 2.00 against Tampa Bay this year)

The Lightning are led by a group of young forwards most notable is Vinny Lecavalier who has scored 32 goals 44 assist and 76 points in a break out year for this young star. Also at forward is Martin St. Louis 33g 36a 69pts and Vinny Prospal 21g 54a 75pts. On defense the lightnig are led by Dan Boyle another Lightning player who had a break out year, Boyle scored 13 goals 39 assist 52 points, along side Pavel Kubina 3g 19a 22pts, But Kubina did not play well against the Capitals this year, with no points and a -7 in five games. In net for the Lightning is who many say Tampa Bay’s MVP, Nikolai Khabibulin who was 29-21-11 2.46gaa .912sv%, Khabibulin was also 2-2 against the Caps with a gaa under 2.00.

The Capitals won the season series between the two teams 3-2. I think that the Lightning are on their way as being a solid team for years too come, but i think this year they might not be ready for playoff hockey, I do think the series will go 7 no matter who has home ice, but i like the Caps in 7! As of today, the Lightning are in first with 91 points, the Capitals with their 3-0 win last night are only one point behind, with 90 points.

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  1. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    where’s the “sucks” part in my name?

  2. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    and that’s alot of sucking! i hope that doesn’t come off as too gay!

  3. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Dude, you just commented on your own comment on your own story! That’s whack!

    Anyway, its a crime that either TB or Washington will hold the third seed in the conference with a point total in the low 90’s.

    That said, this isn’t one of the matchups that I’ll be following closely. It just doesn’t rank up there with TOR-PHI, OTT-NYI, or NJ-BOS to a lesser extent.

    Nice post though, I guess.

  4. Enchilada says:

    On the contrary I think this will be a good series. The series that have two teams that know each other very well usually turn out to be a good series. I think the lack of interest is right on though these are not two powerhouses going at it, but I think we all overlooked Carolina last year as well….

    BTW, is there a P.O. box where we can send our condolence card to mikster after the rangers are ousted from the playoffs or do we have to wait until he posts his article that will be full of excuses why the Rangers missed the playoffs for the sixth straight year? If you could let me know either way that would be great.

  5. habs_88_4life says:

    I think this series will be very interesting. Despite the Caps having Bondra and Jagr, I think the Lightning will win in 5 games. Khabbibulin is better the Kolzig, and with the lack of scoring prowess, goaltending will be key.

  6. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    That is whack!

  7. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    that is really whack!

  8. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    maybe you’re right, i do comment about my own comments too much, i guess i just agree with myself!

  9. pantherboy says:

    This will be the best goaltending series IMO. If I was a betting man (and I am) I say this will be exactly the same kind of series as the New Jersey-Buffalo series in 1994??? I think thats when it was. You had rookie of the year Broduer up against the emerging star Hasek. What a goaltending battle that was.

  10. jon95616 says:

    If Jagr is at his best then its the Capitals series to win. If he doesnt step up, then Tampa Bay can take the series.

  11. TC_4 says:

    I can’t wait to see this Tampa team in the playoffs. When we were talking last year about what teams to contract, I said Tampa and Anaheim for sure. I would still say Anaheim, because next year they may not have Oates and Thomas, and that will hurt them badly, plus they still don’t get fans(except for the last 2 weeks). Tampa’s rebuilding plan has finally taken flight this season, and Vinny gets to show what he’s made of. This playoffs, and next season, will be make it or break it for Vincent Lecavalier. It reminds me a lot of Alexandre Daigle. His best season was his 4th year. This is Vinny’s 5th, and his first in the playoffs, the year we thought Daigle had broke out, he was just AWFUL in the 7 games vs Buffalo. Well, I don’t think that’s happening with Lecavalier. I think he is going to be on fire, and the Lightning WILL knock out the Caps. 7 games if they have home ice, 6 if they don’t. Jagr isn’t the same player he once was, neither is Bondra. You can’t expect Sergei Gonchar to carry your offense. Kolzig I still think is overrated, not too much, but I do believe he has always had a strong d in front of him. But even though it’s like 6 vs 7, Tampa has played well enough all season(espically in the last 2 months)to be worthy of the 3rd seed, unlike Carolina was last year. But I believe this will be a tight series, with a lot of O.T games.

  12. Kalgon says:

    yea me too- i would love to send him my regrets- NOT!

  13. aaron says:

    If you’re going to base who’s going to be contracted based exclusively on patheticness, then Carolina/Pittsburgh are your teams.

  14. TC_4 says:

    No. Carolina maybe before last season, but not just based on one season. Don’t get me wrong, I know what your saying, I just hope you know why I would pick those two teams. I mean up until this season, they had both made little to no progress since they entered the league. I mean 3 playoff appearances in 21 years combined is just AWFUL!!! Luckily for them, they both had strong season’s. I like the Ducks team, but in no way whatsoever should the city of Anaheim have an NHL team, not with the Kings already there.

  15. jon95616 says:

    Anaheim is putting money into the team now. So when you go looking for a team to contract please look for a team that has no money to spend…Buffalo, Pitt…..??

  16. jon95616 says:

    The Ducks sold out every game their first few seasons…the Market is there…it just takes winning….trust me southern cali’s population is only going to go up, two teams is fine there.

  17. TC_4 says:

    No, I’m happy the franchise is on there feet again, but look at Pittsburgh, they still draw with a losing team. Anaheim, did not. I’m sorry to all the fans in Anaheim(I don’t know where your from jon)but they only come out to see a team when it’s close to playoff time. The first couple of seasons, it was the hot sport. Gretzky was in L.A, and the city of Anaheim OFFICIALLY had there first pro sports team(I don’t consider the California Angels Anaheim’s first team, even though they were unofficially). I know, Pittsburgh still has Mario to come watch, but them, and Buffalo, are hockey cities. The fans in Buffalo are comming back next year, I don’t blame them for not comming to watch this season when it looked as though they would be moved. They both have over 30 years of history, Anaheim, Florida, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Nashville, Carolina, and Atlanta don’t. Expanding to THAT many southern cities has been the NHL’s downfall. Maybe one team in Florida, one team in Texas(like there is), and 2 teams in California(because ask Jim Rome, No. cal and So. cal are like night and day), and leave it at that. I’m sorry if your a ducks fan, but they just won’t draw unless there is a consitant winner there all the time. Of course, you don’t even need a winner in a city, just the thought that your team has a chance(new C.B.A should take care of that hopefully)is all a city needs.

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