Liles and Foote locked up in Colorado

John-Micheal Liles and Adam Foote are officially off the UFA market.

Liles signed a 4 year contract extenstion worth 16,8 millions. He will earn 4.2 millions per year.

Foote was inked to 2 years, worth 6 millions. he will earn 3 millions per year.

This is very good news for Ron Hainsey, as he was seeking Liles type of money. Now that Liles is off the market, he should go up to 5 millions. This should also slightly increase Campbell and Redden salaries, as they are the only puck-movers left with Hainsey.

This seems a little big for Liles, as we were talking about 3.5, but the Avalanche couldn’t take the chance of losing their only puck-mover to the UFA market. As for Foote, he will provide strong physical presence as well as great leadership, so this is a good signing.

On the salary cap, it will stay almost the same for the Avs, with Foote taking a 1.6 million pay cut and Liles getting a raise of 2.8 millions (+1.2 balance).

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5 Responses to Liles and Foote locked up in Colorado

  1. SensShark says:

    Foote and Liles for ~7 mil… well spent!

  2. pezzz says:

    if Brett Clark and Jordan Leopold stay healthy next year, Colorado will have a terrific and monstrous d-corp.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Ya good stuff, these two guys are terrific. I think Colorado should consider dealing for a really good goalie now.

  4. Kramer says:

    When I read Liles and Foote were "locked up", for a second I thought they were imprisoned.

  5. pezzz says:

    The article is in fact talking about Liles and Foote, not O'Byrne and Kostopoulos lol

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