Lindros A Star?

According to radio station 1310 the Ticket in Dallas, the Dallas Stars are meeting with Eric Lindros today. This has not been verified but the word is they could be offering a one year deal that could be worth 1.5 million based on incentives.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Lindros is smart to be looking to the Western Conference. If he can somehow remain healthy, he might be able to pull a Jason Arnott and get his career back on track by playing behind Mike Modano. Could be a very good fit, if it happens.

  2. Les-Habitants says:

    Could be a great fit, actually. I would have liked to even see Lindros in a Habs uniform except that there is no way in hell he’d ever be welcomed back here….I would almost be obliged to boo him. That being said, he is pretty much the only player avaliable who could replace Arnott and I can see him even getting similar numbers, like MVB random numbers said. People forget, he does have talent…geez.

  3. SensDude says:

    I think so too, great team for him to be with and out west also. He could give a good boost to the Stars.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    that would be a great addition for the stars

  5. magnifikko says:

    Ya but if he could be a super hero he would be “Injuryman” damn this guy cant stay healthy, i wouldnt take my chance on him.

    1.5 m wasted on a guy u know he aint gonna finish the season and play what? 20 games?

    I prefer to add another 1.5 and get a decent player who can play most of the season, i guess thats just me.

    Enjoy it baby, habs rock!

  6. quick_stick says:

    People forget, because he went to play for the Leafs.

  7. Mattqwerty says:

    what pisses me off is the leafs wont take a chance on lindros and sign him but they will take a chance after chance on antripov lindros in 20 games will put up what antripov will in a season

  8. thinice987 says:

    I think the Pittsburgh Penguins should look to sign Lindros. Take a chance on him. He would be a great third line center, and maybe more.

    For the money, they should give him a shot.

  9. passionch says:

    1.5M is a bit much for a player that seems to be injury-proned. The big E can definitely improve a team but and playing in the West increases his chances of getting 50+ games in. I wouldn’t give him more than 1.25M this year and revise again once this season is over with whichever team he plays in, Toronto or Dallas.

  10. gemini_the_drunk says:

    That was awesome. “Injuryman”, thanks for the chuckle.

    The Stars have to take this risk to hopefully stay a contender in the Pacific Division.

  11. kamullia says:

    I respect your opinion, but I can not disagree with you more.

    For one, I am of the opinion the Penguins have more than enough veterans as is on their roster.

    And if they have something they are overflowing with, is centers who are prospects projected to be NHL third and fourth liners. They need to start sorting out those prospects to figure out who is worth signing and keeping long term now because they can not hold on to them forever.

    The only drawback is that the Penguins need to vastly improve in faceoffs. It will take a while (if ever) for those prospects to become or show they are good faceoff men (same for Crosby and Malkin). But this would also be better if it could be improved or found within those Penguins prospects and not with a veteran that ultimately would have to be replaced in a year or two when it is projected the Penguins should be in a position to be a real threat in the playoffs.

    Regardless, Lindros is hardly an oustanding faceoff man, so even here I would discount his use in a Penguins lineup, although he is not an expensive player. Otherwise, if he was pretty good on faceoffs, I would at least debate the thought.

  12. gemini_the_drunk says:

    Are you implying the East is a more physical conference? If you are, you clearly didn’t watch much western conference hockey last year. Fights were twice as high as the east’s and the west had probably the top three most physical teams in the league in Anaheim, Calgary and Edmonton. So to say that Lindros can increase his chances of playing 50+ games by playing in the west is ridiculous!

  13. DeathCab says:

    Don’t do it!

    I have something against a guy like Lindros. He doesn’t seem to help in the locker room very much with his attitude, and I don’t care if he’s playing for food stamps, his constant injuries are annoying, and only cause problems when good, un-injured players get moved around to accommidate the mightly Big-E for a couple games before his next injury.

  14. iginla012 says:

    I’m a western conference fan myself, but it’s time to face the music. The east is tougher and always has been. Your stats just point to last year, every other year East has been more physical.

  15. Kyleton says:

    You see, this is the type of comment that are actually worth while to read. No bashing, just a well thought out and well argued response. I would agree with your analysis of the pens, and that Lindros would not really fit in. Pens should just play young for the next couple years to bring their kids along.

  16. bartsch says:

    Why was it last year, when the leafs signed Lindros everyone bashed it? Yet when Lindros could possibly go to any other team, it is hailed as a good signing?

  17. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Well, the guy can’t stay healthy…but as a Stars fan, I’d take a chance on him. He played well last year when he was healthy, and he’s affordable. Besides, they let Arnott and Guerin walk and have done next to nothing to replace them, they have to sign SOMEONE.

  18. Eh-Oh says:

    You’re such a flip flopper, first you say unfortunately Lindros career is over when hes a Leaf and that the Leafs shouldn’t re-sign him, then the possibility of him signing with another team surfaces and you say,

    “Lindros is smart to be looking to the Western Conference. If he can somehow remain healthy, he might be able to pull a Jason Arnott and get his career back on track by playing behind Mike Modano. Could be a very good fit, if it happens.”

    Pick a side already!

  19. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I bashed signing Lindros and Allison, thinking those two were going to lead a team to the playoffs when they can’t stay healthy and one hadn’t played in three years. Taking a chance on one of them is fine, since as Lindros showed, he can still be a force when healthy, but the Leafs signed the two biggest question marks on the free agent market and made that their plan for the season.

    Signing Lindros for a year, to a cheap contract is a smart move. If he stays healthy, you got a great player, if he doesn’t, you’re no worse off than you were when you signed him.

  20. wingerxxx says:

    Not really, if you actually read what I have to say about him. I still don’t believe that he can finish out a season. And I do believe that he probably should hang up his skates. If he signed with my team, the Rangers, I would NOT be pleased.

    I have always said that IF he is going to resurrect his career, it’s going to be in the West. The main point I make is that he is a lousy fit in Toronto. The Leafs need to be giving their younger centers like Wellwood and Stajan more ice time. Signing someone like Lindros is the complete antithesis of going in a different direction. He wouldn’t last 20 games playing in a third line energy role under Paul Maurice, who loves the strong forecheck. Your GM is apparently aware of these facts, and looking to greener pastures.

  21. Eh-Oh says:

    Don’t get it twisted, if he comes back to TO hes playing the wing for Sundin, Maurice already talked to him about that, according to Kevin Gibson on

  22. Kyleton says:

    That was before last season. People can be proven wrong and then realize that a player is still useful. I liked the signing of Lindros last year for Toronto, and I like the idea of him going to Dallas to take over the spot left by Arnott. Lindros is worth a gamble. No one ever wins by not taking risks.

  23. wingerxxx says:

    Get what twisted? If he wants to go back to the Leafs, it’s his choice. I still don’t believe he is a great fit in Toronto, he is not a very good winger. The environment where he is going to thrive, is where he can be a 1st-2nd line center. Dallas has enough of a need at center to seriously look at Lindros, considering that they aren’t really in the running for Allison, Peca, or any of the other free agent centers left out there.

  24. Sephiroth says:

    HAHAHA DEAL LINDROS, those 2 words should never make it in a sentence together lol.. lindros is washed up

  25. Doctor says:

    I agree with both of you. In the short term I could see Lindros working out. But two or three years down the line, when Crosby, Malkin and Staal are securing three lines, I don’t see Lindros fitting in.

    I agree that Lindros demands 1st or 2nd line ice time- it is in his nature and this is when he puts up points. He would not settle or thrive on 4th line status and that is all he would get, since a young Staal would take a checking line over hime and Malkin will surely play 2nd line.

  26. Doctor says:

    The east is a naturally tougher division. With all due respect, the west does not have the fan base that starts the domino effect that ends at the quality of play.

  27. Doctor says:

    That couldn’t be put better. No risk, no reward.

  28. Doctor says:

    When healthy, Lindros is an unbelievable force. Bias aside.

  29. starsgirl25 says:

    ok you heard that on the ticket, which technically isn’t a sports talk show, which should immediatly make you wonder what their sources are. this is a load of crap and the stars front office knows a thing or tow about hockey and about lindros enough to not sign him.

  30. Enigma says:

    Wasn’t Dallas one of the teams that Lindros requested a trade to back with the Flyers ?

  31. Enigma says:

    You got that right, and Lindros probably would’ve taken about the same amount of money too, maybe even less.

  32. kicksave856 says:

    pssst… don’t waste any more of your time.

  33. wingerxxx says:

    Ha. Easier said than done.

  34. kicksave856 says:

    I’m just sayin’. Is it really worth it?

  35. kicksave856 says:

    Well, he thought he was pointing up north, but he was really really dizzy.

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