Lindros Bigger than Politics. Devs Fans M.I.A. Flyers as Good as CheeseSteaks. S

Lindros story of being benched was as big as the Republicans winning the Senate and House of Representatives.

Kloucek trade bait.

Continental Airlines can hold 19,040 fans, yet the Devils have not managed to sell out tickets, not even so close.

How about that boost on the offense Lou?

I always loved cheese steaks, and I eat them at the seaport in NYC. Never ate one in Philly, yet! Flyers are off to a good start, but should fans cherish this hot start as much as possible before it….crumbles?!

No chance for Pavel Brendl, he remains the same.

It’s Shut Out Night!!!Ok, so what is the big idea about Lindros getting benched? I think hockey fans in the USA were more interested in this story than the Republicans winning. I am not into politics, but I must say I was glad seeing certain politicians not winning, especially in NY-state. But anyway, Bryan Trottier did the right move of benching Lindros, and no one noticed that Kasparaitis was benched too. Next day, they have a meeting, and then they join a two man scrimmage, and Trots and Lindros were on the same team 3 against 3. Next game, Lindros gets ice time, adds an assist, and takes a lame penalty, weak call, in the 3rd.

So, what is the big deal here? Up here in the NY-Metro area it is basically forgotten, and Rangers fans are glad that they finally have a coach who makes the right moves on star players. Meanwhile, ESPN continues the story, along with pro-Flyers Al Morganti. Not to forget, ESPN’s pathetic power rankings placing the Rangers as 29th because former Rangers scored points against the team, and, according to ESPN, they were Andreychuck, Weight, and Berard. Not to mention that other teams have a longer winless streak than the Rangers and weaker performances.

Lindros is no biggie, he is worrying about his game more than his experience of getting benched, which has never happened to him.

How about Tomas Kloucek on the block? Rangers farm system is piling up with defensemen, like Tjutin, Aufiero, Lampman, Zidlicky, Craig Weller, and Jeff State, making the monster expandable. Consider Kloucek a Kaspar-like defenseman, stronger, bigger, meaner, and stays more in his zone. Sounds great? Yes, but one problem. Kloucek already has 54 PIMs in just 9 games. Lots of fights, but lots of minors as well. Rangers take too many penalties already, and Kloucek would not be the best player to use at this time. Rangers need help on the first line, Kloucek is now trade bait.

Check it yourself, and tell me why Devils fans are not buying tickets when they come in at a very fair price. PLUS, the team is playig a hot start of the season. So, why not? These are the Attendence numbers of every Devils home game (out of 19,040):

3-2 win over Blue’Jacks: ATT: 17,098.

3-2 win Preds: ATT: 12,363.

5-1 win over Bolts: ATT: 13,080.

2-1 loss to Canes: ATT: 10,328.

5-1 win over Hawks: ATT: 16,27.

3-2 loss to Flames: ATT: 12,315.

Out of a possible 114,240 attendance, only 81,211 attended Devils home games. At a time even when baseball was over, when basketball was not yet starting, and the Giants and Jets played once a week. What do Devils fans do during the times when the only sport to watch is hockey? This is quite unexplanable as well, ticket prices are very very very affordable. Where are these Devils fans!?

How about a better and stronger punch on the offense? Devils are solid against back up goalies (beating Hodson and Passmore), but they could not win against Jamie McLennan, who is a mediocre goalie at best. Devils need that sniper, that threat. Losing Mogilny, and then the A-line did lower the Devils scoring power, and so far the new version of the Devils has not produced very well on the offense, especially their power-play (ranked 30th).

However, it is just a matter of time and patience for the Devils offense to score goals. But, an extra forward who has the abilities to score would be of big help, and the Devils have enough to trade, though not in the minors. Marc Savard? No way, the kind of player that the Devils exactly don’t need. Valeri Bure? No way, that is Milbury’s type of guy he needs. Alex Tanguay, hey…you never know.

Aside from great cheese steaks, talk about a solid team. Titans, a Flyers fan, still disagrees with me, a Rangers fan, that the Flyers will make the finals. I picked them against San Jose, and it is the kind of Final that i am dying to watch. Hitch-cock has this team running like a V12 engine. Last season was just a slump. A slump for Recchi, Leclair, Primeau, Johnsson just a few points in the 2nd half, and the main scorers were Gagne and Roenick. There is still a lot of hockey left to play, 2nd half will be interesting. If they keep it up, this team will be ready for the playoffs. Why? THEY CAN SCORE NOW!

Pavel Brendl was benched in tonight’s game, as if that surprises me. Brendl should be traded as he is wasting a better player’s spot on the Flyers. Don’t create an arguement about it, he is basically a bust.

Kevin Weekes >> 2-0 win over the Sabres. 26 saves.

Dan Blackburn >> 1-0 win over the Flames. 26 saves. FIRST career shutout. Send back to juniors? Don’t think so.

Marty Brodeur >> 1-0 win over the Flyers. 23 saves. What more should I say? It’s Brodeur for crying out loud!

Jose` Theodore >> 3-0 win over the struggling Islanders. 42 saves. Getting his game back, and will win games for the Canadiens.

Thibault >> 5-0 win over the worst managed hockey team, Atlanta Thrashers. 17 saves, wow…what a sweat!

Micki Peroni