Lindros for Jagr? *update*

FAN590 is reporting that a Jaromir Jagr for Eric Lindros deal may be going down soon. The deal may also take a few days, or weeks, to get worked on.

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  1. Rushing says:

    WASHINGTON GENERAL MANAGER George McPhee and New York General Manager Glen Sather have spoken frequently since arriving here in midweek, and a deal could hinge on Jagr’s willingness to alter his contract.

  2. MantaRay says:

    According to the NYPOST it may take Lindros & Bure to get Jagr. Eitherway, Jagr is a headcase who actually plays like he belongs with the Manhattan Country Club.

  3. Freeze says:

    Eric Lindros is a hit away from retirement. He plays not to get hurt. Watch him. He circles out of corners instead of crashing the corners and boards the way he did before his many concussions. His parents interfere with the coach and front office. He is not a leader.

    Jarimir Jagr is a selfish hockey player who whined his way out of Pittsburgh. He has underachieved in Washington. He is grossly overpaid and he is not a leader.

    Pavel Bure has lost all desire to play hockey. Most reports indicate that he doesn’t have the heart to play the game. He is extremely injury prone. He’s in it for the big pay check. PERIOD.

    Why do people get excited over trade rumors like this? New Jersey and Anaheim didn’t have any of these bozos on their team and they did pretty darn well.

  4. wing25 says:

    Lindros for Jagr who cares. Both players will be out for half thge season Lindros with a head injury and Jagr with something small like a hangnail or something like that. If you were to put Lindros on a line with Jagr and Fedorov there you would have 3 of the most overpayed as well as biggest babbies in the nhl.

  5. Dallas_Stars_Rule says:

    who the hell wants lindros he sucks the fans in ny yell refund every time he steps on the ice there is no way i would give jagr for lindros

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