Lindros Has Seventh Concussion

Eric Lindros sustained his 7th concussion, but a very mild and minor concussion.Courtesy of

PHOENIX — Eric Lindros acknowledged his seventh concussion in less than four years but said this one is “real mild.”

“I had been through it before so I knew what it was,” Lindros told the Madison Square Garden network Monday, adding he also knew “it wasn’t something major.”

The Rangers center, who absorbed two hard hits Friday night in San Jose before leaving with headaches, sat out Monday night’s game against Phoenix.

Lindros, who also missed Saturday’s game in Los Angeles, hopes to return against Edmonton on Wednesday.

Members of the Rangers organization would not confirm the diagnosis of a concussion.

GM Glen Sather told the network, “I’m not sure that’s what it was.”

Lindros wasn’t available after Phoenix’s 5-0 victory Monday night, and coach Ron Low refused to discuss the extent of the injury.

But defenseman Brian Leetch and captain Mark Messier believe Lindros’ self-diagnosis.

“He’ll be fine,” Messier said. “Injuries happen through 82 games, and this is one that we just have to forget and concentrate on the game. When you have the best player in the game, leading scorer in the league, it certainly affects you, but you just pick up the pieces.”

Leetch said the team is not concerned.

“Not this time,” Leetch said. “He’s feeling good, and we’re just being cautious, making sure that he’s good to go and feels good for a couple of days.”

Lindros has been under the watch of the Rangers training staff since leaving Friday’s game in San Jose in the first period and has also been talking with several concussion specialists in the United States and Canada.

“I’d like to play in Edmonton,” Lindros said, “but we’ll wait and see. … We’ve been in contact with the best and we’ll wait and see what their recommendations are.”

The Rangers play Colorado on Thursday.

Lindros was sure he had a concussion because of the way he felt and added he was “upset” when the recognizable signs showed up.

“The way you feel inside, the way things feel off,” he said. “But things have been off much worse than in San Jose. It was real mild.”

Lindros has been hanging out in the team hotel during the Rangers’ past two games, but is making a recovery.

“I feel good,” Lindros said. “Things have improved over the last 24, 48.”

Lindros also sat out the Rangers’ 5-4 win over Los Angeles on Saturday night.

Lindros, selected for his third Canadian Olympic team on Dec. 15, had two hard collisions in the first four minutes Friday, and has not played since.

Lindros had six concussions in his last 27 months with the Philadelphia Flyers, who traded him to the Rangers in August. The deal involved the Flyers giving up a first-round draft pick in 2003 if Lindros sustains a head injury in the first 50 games this season and is sidelined for at least a year from the date of injury.

His last concussion came in the 2000 playoffs. The 28-year-old Lindros sat out all of last season because of post-concussion syndrome and a contract squabble with the Flyers.

— I believe that it is a very minor concussion, but it happens. Obviously, this means Eric is very fragile and should be used cautiously. Let’s not forget, that any player could end his career anyday and in any kind of way (ie. Keith Jones, and Paul Kariya is on the same level as Lindros).

I would not mind having Lindros out for 10 games, injuries happen, and we all know the saying…..”$hit happens.”

Micki Peroni

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