Lindros is almost a Guarenteed for Tuesday Vs. Washington

The Leafs-Breakfast with Bill Waters on the Fan 590 is reporting that Lindros has had a successful FULL CONTACT practice with the rest of the Team and baring any last minute cancellations from the team doctor is Good to Go Tonight on his 33RD Birthday.

Something tells me it’ll happen whether its safe or not. Not to mention the leafs will need the pump to overcome the next four games, especially with a hungover Sundin who only returns this morning from the party in Sweden. It was further speculated that Lindros will be playing the WING and not center.

On a side note the leafs have to reportedly have to win 16 of their last 25 games to make it, assuming no other team takes a dive. They also have one of the toughest schedules ahead of them in those last 25 games. More Speculation states that the season will be played out and the leafs will not make a big splash in the market coming up to deadline, to see how thing playout. If they miss, expect sweeping changes over the summer.

They have 4 games coming before the draft with a two day layover until deadline. Their games come against washington (feb 28) Buffalo (march 3), ottawa (march 4) and the Canadians (march 7). Likely they will win against the caps and dump to Sabres, and Sens. They have a chance VS. MTL, pray for Theodore to be in net. But baring 4 straight losses indications are that they will not do anything for deadline, and if they do it will be minor, or same old same old of mortgaging the future for immediate success. And i don;t think that they will take a risk while they have a shot. Not to mention they will not take the risk of trading any key players for anybody of calibre and risk that playoff success.

Remember their are a lot of management jobs at stake here.


And People pls stop the SUNDIN rumours, he is never going anywhere, he will retire a leaf. they may hold onto his salary thil it plays out, and then resign him to a much reduced rate, but never trade. HE is our golden boy like Leetch was for the Rangers and Sakic is for Colorado. He is NOT going anywhere, no matter how much you *****, they will shop the rest of the team and the future before they do that. Unless, the ludicrous deal comes along that mortgages an entire teams future for one guy. And Guess what, that won’t happen.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    My biggest fear is that the Leafs do nothing at the deadline, lose their FA’s for nothing, keeop Belfour at full salary OR buy him out for 1.5 against the cap, and are no better next year.

    I *feel* like this is going to happen.

  2. Toonces99 says:

    I don’t see how Theodore can be in net????? I don’t think they allow goalies to play with casts on their feet….maybe l’m wrong….And don’t believe for a moment that Sundin is untouchable…the biggest problem for manangement to move him is that he has a no trade clause in his current contract and can basically decide where he is going to go….if he did not have that, l can guarantee that the buds would entertain offers for him…..The leafs need to dump and rebuild that is the only way….no ifs, and’s or but’s…They cannot mortgage the future for the present because of the salary cap…that is how they got into this mess in the first place….I see the leafs standing pat on the trade front and making a huge push for Chara in the off season….We’ll see how things pan out.

  3. Toonces99 says:

    You wouldn’t get much for the FA’s the leafs have now unless they agree to a long term deal with the team trading for them…..McCabe may fetch a first rounder but don’t think he will fetch a whole boat load…..Good luck to the buds they will need it.

  4. sufferingleaf says:

    There lays the problem Leafs want to make money not win.If they cared about the they get rid of overpayed overrated Sundin and get back stuff for the future were never going to win the cup with this team!!!!

  5. GoalJudge says:

    Forgot about that, sorry. Maybe we should pray for a PILON then.

  6. GoalJudge says:

    My comment on “mortgaging the future” at the end of the article was in reference to a team trading FOR Sundin, not the leafs mortgaging theirs now.

    And as far as mortgaging the future now, it is possible regardless of the cap. All they have to do is trade within the CAP limit. Meaning they CAN trade away everyone and the kitchen sink if they chose too, they just can’t get more than $40 Million worth of players back. Unless they trade for draft picks, which isn’t really mortgaging the future, cause they get some sort of future in return.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Not much > nothing

    They have no prayer this year.

  8. Rufusy says:

    clap clap clap that was funny made my day

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