Lindros Might walk….Rangers might let him

Well, Lindros hasn’t had a great season this year, And With a neutral option for next season … he might not want to come back…… and the Rangers might not want him back either.

Lindros Didn’t really want to be in NY when he was traded … but realized it was his only way out from Philly. He Really wanted to be in Toronto … and may find himself playing in Canada next year were he wants to be. Toronto was the only place for him … and he may end up around there next season…… Sather has hinted over and over that Lindros is killing the team when he play’s bad … and he sat on the bench for the first time in his career, this season.

If the Rangers have anyone to replace this guy they might do it….. Who that is? I have no idea….. but even if the Rangers wanted him back … which hasn’t been very convincing… Lindros might not want to come back … because for the first time … he will become a free agent.

Who could replace The big First line center? Holik? maybe I wouldn’t think so…… Nedved? HA, been playing good … but no place near a 1st line Center. Mess? He will play one more season … but that’s it….

Does the name Fedarov ring a bell? I know, I know…. Wings fan’s will flip when they hear that but….. hey contracts are becoming a problem and the Rangers would make there best move ever by getting this guy. He’s a #1 center that’s not a problem … and…. He’s a star, no career ending injury will be near him for years to come….. Unless they can find a different number one Center for the team….. The Rangers might have to keep Lindros around … but like I said before … does he want to stick around? I really don’t know……


Now Philly did a bad job with him… Clark is a nut job and made him look like a bad player on and off the ice…. But fact has it that whenever an NY Reporter talk’s about him they say he is one of the best teammates a player could have…… Surprised? I’m not…. Clark hated him and so….. the rumors went on….. Lindros in fact, invites almost everyone on his team over to eat. One Daily news reporter said … he can’t believe how nice Lindros is off the ice to his teammates and fan’s … and also said Clark built up a bad reputation for him…..