Lindros needs wrist surgery!


TORONTO (AP) – Maple Leafs forward Eric Lindros will undergo surgery after tearing a ligament in his right wrist Saturday against the Ottawa Senators.

Lindros hurt the wrist earlier this season and recently returned after missing 26 games. He aggravated the injury when he took a slap shot in the second period Saturday, and didn’t return in the third.

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“I tore it,” Lindros said. “I’m going to need surgery this week.”

Well, another chapter written in the Eric Lindros story. So much talent gone to waste, its a shame. This news should serve as a sign that the Leafs should have a fire sale before the trade deadline and start rebuilding. If I was JFJ, I would rebuild, they’re not going far IF they actually make the playoffs.

Get rid of: Belfour, McCabe while you can still get something back, Allison, O’Neill, Lindros

Keep: Anyone under 25

What kind of trades you leafs fans think will be best for the future of the team????

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  1. Aetherial says:

    They can’t trade McCabe because they have 3 injuries to kids on D. That means we are also probably stuck with the likes of Klee Berg and Khavanov.

    This Lindros thing is a joke. Something seriously stinks about this. The fact is, he was never heaqled in the first place because. Either the Leafs or Lindros is covering themselves.

    He KNEW he could not come back, so now he plays 3 games and is out for the year. We could smell this a mile away.

    He di dn ot RE-injure that ligament… it never healed.

  2. PaulK123 says:

    I think the Leafs should re-sign Lindros because

    he was having a great year up until John Klemm

    slashed his wrist.

  3. leafs4cup says:

    lindros should have retired 3 years ago,his style of play has taken more than its toll on him.i am a huge fan of his and considered him one of the best every!!{in his day} but now he’s not a quarter of the player he used to be….it’s to bad.

    i agree with a fire sale, trade mccabe,allison, tucker, belfour and sundin.i think florida would be a good team to trade with, they have alot of young guns up front and on defence and the risk of losing jokinen to free agency they might look at what we could offer.heres my little pipe dream.

    sundin stewart

    tucker to florida for horton

    mccabe bouwmester

    2nd rounder

    keep in mind the youth they have{they have alot},the risk of losing jokenin{good as gone} which presents them with the need for a #1 center…{sundin, whos also a markee player and could attract some much needed attention and fans},what they could get for jokinen come march 9th,the need to make the playoffs and sell tickets.if they make this trade

    they could then trade jokenin for a scoring winger like havlet and a defencemen or trade to replace the youth they would benefit both teams greatly making florida’s push for the playoffs a piece of cake and givin them a great team and a instant contender.

    then i would look at trading allison to vancouver for kesslar or a high pick {imagine him between naslund and bert…wow} or to calgary for kobesew or try and package a deal that could get you mark bell{chicago} like allison, kronvall and 2nd rounder, maybe thats to much, maybe not enough, but nice none the less and remember its my pipedream…lol

    then i would try and sign mitchill mckee redden on defence and up front i would sign schaffer from ottawa and calder from chicago .

    so heres my pipedream.

    stewart steen bell

    horton wellwood calder

    pony stajan schaffer

    ondrus wilm kilger-this line could be all marlies..whoever.

    redden mitchell

    kaberla mckee

    harrison carlos

    {white, bell}

    if this happened could you imagine are leafs in a few seasons……i know,i know…keep dreaming.

  4. leafs4cup says:

    sundin tucker mccabe & 2nd rounder to florida for horton stewart and bouwmester….lol my original post got screwed up…oh well.

  5. lukeleim says:

    – Bryan McCabe, Kyle Wellwood, Justin Pogge & Maple Leafs’ 3rd-round pick in 2006 to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Brad Richards & Paul Ranger

    – Jason Allison, Andy Wozniewski, Wade Belak & Stars’ 5th-round pick in 2006 to the Calgary Flames for Jordan Leopold & Chuck Kobasew

    – Jeff O’Neill to the Carolina Hurricanes for the Hurricanes’ 6th-round pick in 2006 & Jakub Vojta

    – Aki Berg to the Nashville Predators for the Predators’ 3rd-round pick in 2006

    – Alexander Khavanov to the Vancouver Canucks for the Canucks’ 4th-round pick in 2006

    – Ed Belfour, Clarke Wilm & Ben Ondrus to the Edmonton Oilers for Andrew Cogliano, Jussi Markkanen & Oilers’ 6th-round pick in 2006

    – Mariusz Czerkawski, Roman Kukemberg & Oilers’ 6th-round pick in 2006 for Jeff Friesen

    – Nik Antropov, Robbie Earl, Jakub Vojta & Maple Leafs’ 2nd-round pick of 2006 to the Coyotes for Jamie Lundmark & Mike Johnson

    Steen – Richards – Johnson

    Friesen – Sundin – Tucker

    Ponikarovsky – Stajan – Kobasew

    Kilger – Lundmark – Domi


    Injured: Eric Lindros

    Prospects: Andrew Cogliano, Jeremy Williams & Ben Ondrus

    Kaberle – Ranger

    Leopold – Harrison

    Klee – Kronwall


    Injured: Carlo Colaiacovo

    Prospects: Ian White & Phil Oreskovic






    Prospects: Ford & Rask

  6. leafs4cup says:

    i dont know bud…id trade mccabe but wellwood and pogge are untouchable.

    allison might get you kobesew or leopold but the flames dont need wuznewski and sure as shit dont want belak back. nobody will want belak ,waive um.

    jeff oneill wont get you anything but a future consideration maybe a 6th rounder …maybe.

    aki berg… well i agree with that.

    vancouver will not trade a pair or skate laces for that pud khavanov or had-a-nuff.i can see klee going to them for a 4th rounder.

    i dont know to much about cogliano ,dont think we need markkanen,with racine ,pogge, rask,aubin,ford & telqvist.if edmonton needs a goalie bad enough and everybody else is gone hold them over the fire and ask for robbie schremp for belfour and allison and 1st or 2nd rounder,that would be nice

    mike johnson is very inconsistant and isnt a first line guy and lundmark is garbage,wouldnt want either of them.

    Jeff friesen is another pud,… want the leafs to win right?

    this is what id like to see sundin mccabe tucker and a 2nd rounder to florida for horton stewart and bouwmester.those are three young fast and tough players with a ton of upside.i know it will never happen but thats how you have to think,its all about the rebuild now dude.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Teams won’t take some of the garbage throw-ins you give up like Wilm, and Belak.

    I might give McCabe and Pogge OR Wellwood, not both, for what amounts to Richards + an average player at best.

    In fact, McCabe for Richards one-up might fly.

  8. lukeleim says:

    thanks for replying, make some good points man… i think carolina will except oneill with open arms considering cole is out for the season now… andrew cogliano is a small, very fast player who played in the WJC for canada. he’s a gritty forward for his size. Mike johson isnt that bad but i do agree he is inconsistant. your trade to florida would be pretty nice but thats a lot of contract for the panthers to pick up.. id like to keep tucker if at all possible, for 1.5 hes a true bargain.

  9. 92-93 says:

    agree about the lindros comment.

    hopefully this means he won’t be in a leaf uniform for next season.

    as for not trading McCabe – makes sense. but it makes NO SENSE whatsoever for these injuries to prevent JFJ from dealing Berg and Klee. Let Kronvall and White play. Sure Woz is sore, sure Harrison is out. but if the leafs make a deal and get at least one D-guy back in return then Klee and Berg should be out of here. (JFJ isn’t going to deal Khavanov even if he could it probably wouldn’t happen).

  10. Aetherial says:

    It will be interesting to see how JFJ handles the Khavanov thing. He is JFJ’s guy… and he has been horrible this year.

    We have had years of Pat Quinn sticking to “his guys” in spite of their play … will JFJ do the same?

    On the other hand, the Leafs will need an experienced D-guy no matter how average he is, of they are going to play 3 youngsters next year. I could see 3 marlies on the team. Colaiacovo, Kronvall, and Woz/Harrison.

  11. Krutch says:

    As soon as I heard that Toronto had signed Lindros, I saw bad things coming. This guy has had so many concussions, does he even know how to play hockey anymore. We need some younger guys. We have a skilled team, but the new NHL is about speed, and that is something we don’t have. Ovechkin has dominated this league because he has speed.

    I am half tempted to say get rid of Lindros and Allison and maybe Sundin for some draft picks. I know people are going to look at me like Im a fool but think about it, Sundin could probably grab a 1st round pick. Lindros and Allison together could get a 1st round, and then we are all set to get a good start next season. Start out with some brand new talent, and even if we fail miserably the first 3 years, we won’t be doing any worse than we are right now, and then after the new guys get it together, they will dominate

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