Lindros needs wrist surgery!


TORONTO (AP) – Maple Leafs forward Eric Lindros will undergo surgery after tearing a ligament in his right wrist Saturday against the Ottawa Senators.

Lindros hurt the wrist earlier this season and recently returned after missing 26 games. He aggravated the injury when he took a slap shot in the second period Saturday, and didn’t return in the third.

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“I tore it,” Lindros said. “I’m going to need surgery this week.”

Well, another chapter written in the Eric Lindros story. So much talent gone to waste, its a shame. This news should serve as a sign that the Leafs should have a fire sale before the trade deadline and start rebuilding. If I was JFJ, I would rebuild, they’re not going far IF they actually make the playoffs.

Get rid of: Belfour, McCabe while you can still get something back, Allison, O’Neill, Lindros

Keep: Anyone under 25

What kind of trades you leafs fans think will be best for the future of the team????