Lindros not being dealt

Time to put these rumors to rest. Yes, Sather has shown how he feels about Lindros…. And Yes Sather is the GM and Coach of the Rangers … but let’s get one thing straight…..let’s use some common knowledge HTR members…. It’s simple.There is no way the Rangers would deal Lindros unless Fedorov was a sure thing to come to Broadway, and if Bure was a sure thing off out of Broadway…… why?

Simple, for one… if Lindros is dealt who is the number 1 center? Nedved? hahha yeah OK, Holik? No, he’s a number 2 center…. not a 1st line center. Messier? Yeah… umm he’s still fishing. Lundmark…. Way too young. So if they do deal Lindros and Fedorov is not coming here then who takes over…? Simple… they won’t trade Lindros.

Not to mention if Fedorov and Bure were on the same team how would it be possible to deal with those two in the same locker room not talking?

As much as everyone hates Lindros, for the reputation he got from Philly as a cry baby, he’s one of the best locker room guy’s to have (and no not just Larry brooks said it) All the interviews from reporters have Lindros taking players to his house with the family to eat. Everyone in the room respects the guy… but yeah his playing “not to get hurt hockey” and that is hurting the team…

Even if Fedorov signs I’d still keep the “one hit head man” to play on the wing with Holik. They did a decent job when playing together… and putting Lindros on the second line would free him up a little from being the main guy to lock down and hit.

Bure has had enough … the only (I guess) good thing to be said about him is that if he does come back this is the last year of a 10 million contract and unless he scores 50-60 goals next season he most likely will see about half of that 10 million on any new contract he signs with any team, if that much. So he’ll be playing for the contract…..

Basically it’s all common knowledge…. Let’s kill the Lindros rumors now … because if Fedorov doesn’t sign with the Rangers… (and it doesn’t seem to be happening) then no, Lindros is still in NY.