Lindros Offically a Star!

Sportsnet has learned that Eric Lindros has signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Stars worth $1.55 million plus another million in incentives.

The Toronto Maple Leafs refused to budge on their offer of $1 million, which did not include any team or individual bonuses.

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  1. GoalJudge says:

    That’s Hilarious!!

    Sorry, ’bout your luck.

  2. mrleaffan says:

    Tough luck for the first two.. but cmon you jumped the bandwagon a bit quick for the second two… Go for a stable leafer like tucker or sundin, or mccabe, seems like those guys are in it for the long haul (and even though sundin will retire in a few, he’ll go out a leaf, and will get into the Hall as one).

  3. FlamingHomer says:

    Thanks for saving me some time by writing that. Those are my thoughts exactly.

  4. bpanther83 says:

    Leetch didnt want to come back.

    Roberts and Nieuwy I agree

    Mogilny – I still think they should of kept him, but he was injury prone, and expensive for todays NHL.

    Antrapov – I agree, and how do u disrespect a useless player?

    Lindros – He got his chance, and he whined and whined while he was here. So out you go.

    Wellwood – I agree. I would have him sign the 1 year offer, and give him a chance to prove he is worth more with more ice time.

  5. bpanther83 says:

    Eric didnt do well when Sundin came back cause he wanted to be the Star of the team and he wasn’t.

    It will happen in Dallas to if Modano gets more praise then him. Trust me, i was happy when he came to Toronto till he started his whining.

  6. bpanther83 says:

    A) because he originally said he would play here for less than he originally signed. But as usual Lindros whined his way off another team.

  7. bpanther83 says:

    -4 on a shitty bruins team isnt that bad for a slow defencemen. Better than a lot of the supposed top defensemen.

    No one is saying he was a great signing, but you can’t bash a team for signing a player and then praise another team for signing the same player.

  8. JeffBurnz09 says:

    It’s just strange that he’d leave the team he grew up wanting to play for, and *****ed and complained until he got to play for, to go to Dallas if the differance between them is only $750,000. Incentives may have been a big factor though, but I wouldn’t think $750,000 would be worth leaving the team you want to play for.

    For the record, I hate Toronto, and Dallas is my favorite team, I’m just surprised Lindros would leave the Leafs.

  9. gemini_the_drunk says:

    He was an Unrestricted Free Agent! Do you know what that means? He was off the team before he even started talking to Dallas. Just shut up! You are giving Leaf fans a bad rep. JFJ obviously never had any intention of resigning Lindros. If he did he would have made Lindros an offer a long time ago. Instead, he waited until Dallas and other teams started courting him to throw this $750,000 offer out there to make Lindros look bad and to save his own ass from ridicule!

  10. bpanther83 says:

    HAHAHA ok, first off. Why didnt he make him an offer? Cause the managment couldn’t deal with ihm and his father. He only played good when he was the talk of the town, until Sundin came back.

    Yes he was an unrestricted free agent, BUT he wanted to come back. But they didnt want him back. Hence he whined his way off the team. God man, learn to understand before you comment. He did it on every team he was on, they dont like to have to put up with him.

  11. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  12. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  13. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  14. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  15. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  16. gemini_the_drunk says:

    It is official now. Click here

  17. wingerxxx says:

    Ok, as gemini said, NOW it is official according the the official Stars website. It doesn’t get anymore official than that. The Stars have their guy.

  18. gemini_the_drunk says:

    My apologies. My computer was freezing up and I clicked it quite a few times out of frustration.

  19. bpanther83 says:

    No, but they never said things like that when he signed with Toronto. All they said was how the leafs signed another old, injury-plauged player past his prime.

    The leafs could of signed Gretzky and Lemieuz in their prime and people would criticiz it for some reason. Anything just to say someething critical, and then you guys wonder why the Leaf fans act like they do.

  20. CaptainModano says:

    Um….they still ARE a dominant force, lol

    And Lindros has the potential to be one, but I’m remaining cautiously optimistic with this deal.

  21. Les-Habitants says:

    Good pickup by Dallas. For the price they are signing him for (I think 1.5mil), he is one of the better centers out there…especially if they were looking to replace the skill set that Arnott has.

    When Lindros is on, he is better then Arnott. Remeber, the injury that cost him last season was not a head, but a wrist. That being said, he is still injury prone, but he has conditioned hard and if he can stay healthy, he’ll be an excellent 2nd line center.

  22. gemini_the_drunk says:

    Being a Stars fan, I wanted them to trade Turco to Philly for Umberger and Nittymaki. But that is not going to happen. Unfortunately, all of the Dallas Stars’ fan base will have to keep suffering through these disappointing playoff exits with Turco in net.

  23. gemini_the_drunk says:

    Don’t listen to this guy. I am from Texas, born and raised. Although I do despise the Yankees, I don’t hate New York and everyone down here doesn’t hate New York either. But let me clarify, I hate the Yankees almost as much as the Eagles and Avalanche but, since the Rangers suck balls I don’t hate the Yankees as much. That is what the majority of the people “down here” really think.

  24. gemini_the_drunk says:

    No, JFJ didn’t make Lindros an offer because he is an idiot! That is the reason. Just look at the moves that he has pulled since he has taken over the GM duties.

    Fired Quinn – Although it may have been time for Pat to move on, he was still their best option to man the bench.

    Traded away a talented goalie prospect – Trading away one of the league’s better goaltending prospects for Raycroft? Very stupid unless, Raycroft turns out to be an excellent netminder instead of the crappy one of last year. I think Raycroft has seen his best days but I could be wrong.

    Bought out Domi’s contract – I don’t care if he was a little overpaid, he was a fan favorite and iron fist of the Leafs. Big mistake let him go.

    These are just a few of his laundry list of careless actions. The proof is in JFJ’s every move. The only thing he has done right was letting go of Mogiliny. Other than that he has been a wreck! So, JFJ didn’t offer Lindros a contract early in Free Agency because he is a moron! Period!

  25. Genejoke says:

    The Sens are a one line team with slightly above average defence and golatending. Dominant force? We’ll see when the season starts.

  26. tml87 says:

    huh? maybe you should reread what you wrote. Im questioning how the leafs signing lindros is any different from the stars signing lindros. Im not saying either is a good move, im just trying shine some light on blatent hypocrisy. According to you, the leafs are the worst organization in sports and that is why signing eric lindros was stupid. So then are you not painting the stars with the same brush? Fine, call the leafs stupid, everyman deserves an opinion. All i ask for is some consistency.

  27. Huge_Polar_Bear says:

    Actually I beleive that the loss of Lindros makes the Leafs a better team by substraction. Especially now they are free to sign the likes of Peca. This of course does not make me happy as I hate the Leafs and their bias media market (hockey night in Toronto), but in all fairness the Leafs have become a better team without him.

  28. leaflova says:

    could NOT have said it any better

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