Lindros Resigned?

Barb Digiulio on the FAN590 indicated that the Leafs and Eric Lindros may have a tentative 1 yr deal for $700K

There is no mention on any site of this actually happening.

If it is true that is a great signing for the Leafs. Lindros, although not the force he used to be, can still be a very effective 3rd line center. If he gets hot, then the opposition needs to assign another resource to handle him.

Overall, if true, its a good signing.

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  1. lukeleim says:

    This would be great for the Leafs. How great would that be of he stepped his game up a notch from last year, could even be a solid second line center.

  2. DJTOKid says:

    I’ll take it for the price, for what he did in the games he did played last year he wasn’t to bad. Fills a roster spot for cheap, but i think he should play with Sundin on the first line. We’ll see though, I won’t be upset if this is true.

  3. Aetherial says:

    I like the signing IF they play him on the wing. I would like the young speedy centers to get their work in at center.

    I would not mind seeing Lindros start on Sundin’s wing. You have to think it would help him if a Defense can’t really key on him at all because Sundin is out there. He also is tough to move around out there and, as of last year, still had the good hands and good shot.

  4. the_word says:

    He was awesome last year when healthy, at the price the Leafs got him at, this has a huge upside. Lets hope he’s healthy come playoff time where he could have a huge impact.

  5. Toonces99 says:

    The best part about signing Lindros, regardless of the money, is that he still wants to play here, THAT is what the Leafs need. I think Maurice will use him very effectively. Wether it’s on the wing with Sundin or as a 3rd line centre, or even a second line centre pending on what is going to happen with Allison, played very well on the PP last year and still can put the puck in the net….I’m looking forward to watching him play….Healthy

  6. the_word says:

    The crack down on the rules may help him avoid injury too (no one will hit him on the pp) and with Scott Stevens retired, he should do fine, I mean think of his was two injuries sholder and wrist those are fluke injuries that could happen to any player.

  7. 92-93 says:

    i hope this is true …

    BUT – from today’s Sun:

    “Meanwhile, Ferguson denied reports making the rounds yesterday suggesting the team had come to terms with Eric Lindros on a one-year deal worth $750,00. “That is inaccurate,” Ferguson said, adding the two sides had not been in contact recently. Lindros continues to work out and is said to be making good progress while rehabbing his injured wrist.”

  8. 92-93 says:

    like Aetherial i would like to see Lindros on the wings. Assuming Antropov is qualified and traded and Anson Carter is signed for the RW and Tucker is shifted over to the LW:





    [Belak, Wilm – lets also assume that Domi at some point is benched and John Pohl comes up to replace him on the right side :)]

    but its more likely that he’ll be down the middle:





    [Belak, Wilm – again, assume that eventually Domi is benched and John Pohl comes up to replace him on the right side, so its Kilger-Lindros-Pohl]

  9. the_word says:

    O’Neil can’t crack your top six? You have good reason to put him on the third line after last season (imagine his numbers if he didn’t all those numbers against Alanta), but he should bounce back, I think he’s upset of his performance last year and feels he has something to prove.

  10. 92-93 says:

    yeah. o’neill is a wild card variable in the sense that he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to play this year.

    i dont think the leafs should expect much from O’neill this year and if he does well then its a bonus. I suppose the same can be said for Suglobov, Lindros, and Domi.

  11. The-President says:

    This team would win the Cup,

    Elias/Sundin/Sykora (FA-Sykora,Elias)





    D.Markov/KennyJonnson (FA-Both)


    Huet (FA)


    Sign Elias for 7 mil

    Sign Sykora for 4 mil

    Sign D.Markov for 3 mil

    Sign KennyJonsson for 2.5 mil

    Sign Huet for 4.5 mil

    21 mil added, which is possible with trades, and the cap going up, and all the contracts that the Leafs are losing.

    Get rid of:













    Trade BAIT: Coliacovo(Injury Prone), Tellqvist(needs new start), Antropov(he’s young, somebody will want him), and Pilar(Too concerning).

    The first line would be the best line in the NHL hands down, remember Sykora and Elias had Chemistry.

  12. 92-93 says:

    won’t happen – and if you were to actually go through (and provide for the reader) the salary amounts for each player on this roster, you’d see the cap be exceeded by quite a bit.

    can’t just ‘get rid’ of guys liek Domi, Belfour, and Belak … you have to buy them out and it counts against the cap (those 3 players combined count for 2.5 million alone).

    Does Poni play on the right side? why have Wellwood on the right side and Steen at Centre?

    i think the UFAs that you do provide on D and Goaltending are attainable. but i don’t see the leafs getting – or affording – eitehr Sykora or Elias (especially the latter).

    Coliacovo and Pilar as ‘trade bait’ is a little questionable considering their health status, although Pilar is – by all accounts – healthy again and its very unlikely his condition will return.

    to give you an idea of what i mean about the cap space, i’ll post one of my plans below …

  13. 92-93 says:

    Leafs signed for next year as of now:

    Mats Sundin $6.33 million; Bryan McCabe $5.75 million; Ed Belfour Buyout $770K; Tomas Kaberle $4.25 million; Darcy Tucker $1.596 million; Jeff O’Neill $1.5 million; Tie Domi $1.25 million; Chad Kilger $1.2 million; Alexander Steen $900,600; Alex Ponikarovsky $712,000; Wade Belak $670,000; Staffan Kronwall $612,000; Jean-Sebastien Aubin $525,000; Mikael Tellqvist $519,000

    Therefore, the leafs have 13 of their 22 roster spots signed for $27.4 million.





    [Belak, _____]

    Fill in the blanks: Carter (UFA) [$3 million], Wellwood [$1 million], Lindros [$1 million], Suglobov [600K], Stajan [$1 million], ]Wilm [500K]

    Call-ups: Pohl, Williams, Ondrus, Earl

    Guys like Suglobov and Pohl are signed to two-way contracts.





    Fill in the blanks: McKee [$3.5 million], Harrison [500K], Coliacovo [800K], Pilar [800K],

    Call-ups: White, Bell, Wozniewski, Vorobiev



    Fill in the blanks: Legace or Biron [$4 million]

    So, with the blanks filled in: ==================================================================================================





    [Belak, Wilm]







    This line-up does not include the effect that Maurice will have on the club, the high-calibre of the possible call-ups (Williams, Pohl, White, Bell, Vorobiev, and maybe even Pogge). Assuming Tellqvist is traded, 3 UFA signings (Carter, McKee, Legace/Biron), the Leafs have a complete 23-man roster for $ 42.7 million that is younger and better than last year (at every position – goaltending (Belfour/Telly), Defence (Berg, Khavanov, Richardson, Klee), and offence (Allison, Antropov, Czerkawski). BUT, the leafs only have $1-3 million to work with under the cap. Finally, i have purposely over-estimated the RFA and UFA signings. other UFA’s could be interchanged with the ones i chose (or, trades could be made – especially considering the goaltending position).

  14. 92-93 says:


    “WASHINGTON POST: Tarek el-Bashir reports the Capitals “abundance of prospects” could be used to shore up the club’s roster shortfalls. The Capitals lack a first-line centre, a defenceman to “quarterback the powerplay” and a goalie prospect, and with owner Ted Leonsis unwilling to spend on expensive free agents this summer, management’s “best option” could be to shop some of those prospects.

    Spector’s Note: A goalie prospect could be brought in but I doubt the club could fill those other two needs by just prospects alone”

    This is what i have been noting for a long time now. I’ve been proposing the following trade between Washington, a team in desperate need of solid goaltending prospects, and Toronto, a team in desperate need of young, talented wingers:

    To Washington: Justin Pogge OR Tuukka Rask, Mikael Tellqvist

    To Toronto: Eric Fehr, Maxine Daigneault

    Pogge is CHL goaltender of the year, Rask is playing at a very high level in Finland. Fehr is ready to make the jump to the NHL anytime now and the Caps have plenty of young talent up fromt. The Caps’ goaltending hierarchy is immediately improved with Telly and Pogge/Rask while the Leafs get a bona fide winger that they might actually be able to build around in Fehr and solve their goaltending logjam.

    my preference is to trade Pogge and bring Rask over the Marlies and let him develop with the Marlies over the next 2 or 3 years. He and Racine are a good AHL tandem and Aubin can be paired up with whoever the Leafs sign from this year’s UFA goaltending list (or trade for).

    i had previously proposed with this trade that Bryan McCabe going to the Caps and the Leafs get a 1st rounder but JFJ’s “brilliant” no-movement clause prevents this from happening.

  15. burnz30 says:

    This is sort of the roster I had envisioned for the Leafs next year. This is one of the more reasonable lineups I’ve seen, in terms of money spent and players signed. I would just say that I would probably have Pohl in place of Suglabov (although I watched the Marlies playoffs on LeafsTV and Suglabov was awesome). Maybe Maurice will not play Domi and he’ll complain and retire, making room for Pohl. Also, I think White has the inside track on a spot over Harrison. I am quite comfortable with many of the Marlies Dmen and wouldn’t be too worried if we had to call one of them up at some time in the season (Unless we loose Mccabe or Kaberle for an extended period). If the Leafs could put a roster together that looks like this they will be a playoff team. They nearly made it last year with crappy goaltending and brutal defense. I think Maurice will get the Leafs to play better team defense.

  16. FlyersfanKyle says:

    and leaf fans wonder why they get bashed

    why would Elias or Sykora come to T.O. both of their teams made the playoffs last year and if n.j. clears some space then both of their teams can afford to resign them

    “this team would win the cup”

    a. its all a bunch of stiffs

    b. the leafs are in a mix of a rebuilding and retooling fase

    the leafs need to draft the next Gary Roberts this year

  17. FlyersfanKyle says:

    the Capitals have the 3rd pick i think so lets say this is how it goes down

    1 ST.L- Johnson

    2 Pit.- Staal

    3 Wsh- Toews/Frolik/Bkstrom/Kessel

    the capitals will have a future #1 center by june 25

  18. 92-93 says:

    youre probably right.

    the caps will have their future centre.

    but that still doesnt address their goaltending prospect needs – and this year’s crop of goaltenders is not that great.

    thats why i proposed this trade. just speculation of course.I think they’ll pick Toews or Backstrom ahead of Kessel.

  19. 92-93 says:

    i do wonder why leafs fans get bashed and grouped together.

    here you have one Leaf-fan post that you disagree with and one Leaf-fan post (mine) repsonding to it and criticizing it.

    by even your most flawed logic, this (very small) sample should suggest that 50 percent of leaf fans are irrational and 50 percent are sane.

    but you simply choose to focus on the posts you disagree with as ‘the norm.’

  20. 92-93 says:

    i agree about Pohl – i am just hoping that Suglobov surprises everyone (including me) and blows people away next year.

    this roster is realistic – but one criticism would be that it might not be good enough to make the playoffs. honestly, that doesnt matter to me – what matters is that they young kids get the playing time and get intergrated into the line-up.

    my hope lies in Maurice. all i can remember from last season is watching piss-poor game after piss-poor game being played by the vets, and Quinn doing NOTHING about it and holding them to absolutely ZERO accountability until it was too late (re: benching Domi and late-March and O’Neill periodically).

  21. lukeleim says:

    Mckee was actually quoted saying that he doesnt want to play anywhere else other than buffalo but ya never know iguess… check it out on

  22. lukeleim says:


    Coach: Paul Maurice

    URF – Pavel Kubina, Anson Carter, Jamie Langenbrunner & Manny Legace

    Mikael Tellqvist to the St. Louis Blues for the Blues’ Third-round pick in 2006

    Andy Wozniewski to the Washington Capitals for the Capitals’ fourth-round pick in 2006.

    Tie Domi bought out

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Anson Carter

    Darcy Tucker – Kyle Wellwood – Jamie Langenbrunner

    Alexander Steen – Matt Stajan – Jeff O’Neill

    Chad Kilger – Eric Lindros – Ben Ondrus


    Prospects: Jeremy Williams, Alex Foster, Aleksander Suglobov & Robert Earl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Pavel Kubina – Carlo Colaiacovo

    Luke Richardson – Ian White


    Wade Belak – Staffan Kronwall

    Prospects: Jay Harrison, Phil Oreskovic & Brendan Bell

    Manny Legace

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin


    J.F Racine

    Prospects: Todd Ford, Justin Pogge & Tuukka Rask

  23. 92-93 says:

    not a bad plan at all.

    Tie Domi being bought out makes sense – considering he is a cancer on the team. even buying out Belak doesn’t make sense in the sense that he isn’t bringing the team down as much as Domi does (and he is actually useful in terms of fights. but if JFJ buys out Belak, i won’t complain!). But I dont see JFJ having the sense or the balls to buyout Domi, especially now Tannebaum is getting more powerful within MLSE (all of this is a shame of course).

    i understand the trade ideas behind trading Woz and Tellqvist in terms of the logjam at those respective positions. however, i can see Telly getting used and traded in a larger deal and i don’t see the Leafs trading Woz, i can see them trade one of their young two-way guys, again as part of a larger trade.

    I do believe Lindros will be resigned – but it wont happen for a while in my opinion, simply because they need to know how his condition is progressing.

    what about Antropov? i say he gets qualified then traded at draft day or – again – as part of a larger trade.

    i dont see the leafs being able to afford 3 UFAs of that calibre though. i’d say one of Langenbrunner of Carter might sign. Is Kubina the best option for the leafs (considering his performance in the new nhl?). I have been and will always be against resigning Richardson – regardless of his ‘experience.’ Coliacovo’s injury situation is still up in the air but i – like you – am optimistic that he’ll return.

    In terms of call-ups and prospects. I would suggest that the top-4 call-ups for the Leafs would be Pohl, Williams, Ondrus, and Suglobov. i dont see either Foster or Earl being called up at all. they still need some time to develop. as for D, I would rate Vorobiev way higher than Oreskovic (would he play with the Marlies this year?) and maybe even higher than guys like Harrison and Bell. the word on Vorobiev is that this kid is playing very well in Russia and may be ready to be inserted into an NHL line-up. he apparently does everything well but not so well that he’s considered to be the best at it.

    i like the Legace/Aubin tandem and the Pogge/Racine tandem in the AHL. Rask is doing mandatory miliary duties in Finland and won’t be at the Leafs training camp until September 2007. Ford is way, way down the goaltender prospect list and is probably doomed to play with Pensacola forever.

    as for that ‘trade’ that i keep proposing, maybe a trade for Gaborik:

    To Toronto: Gaborik

    To Minny: Wellwood, White, Antropov

    Toronto is giving up a lot, but they have some rising stars in Williams and Pohl at Centre, they have loads of depth on D – especially two-way D – re: Bell, Coliacovo, and they might pick Sanguinetti at the draft, AND Antropov is a point-per-two-game player who could play on Minny’s third line right now.

    Toronto gets Gaborik! who plays besides Sundin, Carter OR Langenbrunner on the 2nd line, O’Neill (besides Tucker and Stajan) and Suglobov (besides Lindros and Kilger) on the fourth and third lines respectively.

  24. Marky2Fresh says:

    I think the best thing the Leafs could do would be to trade up to a top 5 pick.

    Maybe something like

    To Caps: Antropov, Pogg, 1+2 picks

    To Toronto: 1st round pick

    The Leafs could get Staal or Kessel

  25. lukeleim says:

    yeah i forgot about antropov he’ll definately get traded… as for pohl being considered a rising star… i dunno. He is already what? 27? but yeah he can definately play in the NHL, but i dont think he’ll be anything more than a third line center at best.

  26. 92-93 says:

    wow, thats a superstar deal.

    the caps do need a stud goalie in their system that’s for sure. the leafs could use that spectacular forward to build their team around.

    if the Leafs get the Caps’ 4th pick overall, i think the Leafs should pick Backstrom or Toews if either is available.

  27. LeafyMcLeaf says:


    I want Eric Lindros to retire as a Maple Leaf, he belongs here, and now that he is here, things are right in the universe, and I truly believe he and Mats Sundin will eventually win us a Cup.



  28. 92-93 says:

    it is remarkable that Steve simmons has a job as a sports reporter and is considered to be a ‘journalist’ considering a) how little he knows about anything and b) how he has no time for even striving for objectivity.

    here is a passage from today’s sun:

    “That means you have to say goodbye to Jason Allison, factor in Eric Lindros only if he plays for food, and try to find another centre and another winger somewhere who can make a difference.”

    [So Simmons wants Sundin, Lindros, Wellwood, Stajan AND ANOTHER CENTRE?!?! o-k. certainly another winger might help – my choices are clear by now: Carter or Langenbrunner.

    So the Leafs begin with their No. 1 pair of Tomas Kaberle and Bryan McCabe — $10 million US worth of defencemen one year after missing the playoffs at a combined salary of $5.6 million — and with not much else. This is where Oilers management has it all over the Leafs. Never mind that Chris Pronger will be making Mats Sundin money next season — he deserves it. The Oilers have Jason Smith at $1.9 million, Steve Staios at $1.6 million and Marc-Andre Bergeron at $931,000 for the coming year.

    [See, the problem with this – and with so many of Simmons’ articles is that there is no CONTEXT! Stevie boy, why not mention that many of these guys, when they are resigned, are going to be asking for big bucks and certainly substantial pay increases. sure, its great for the oilers now and they are fortunate, but the leafs have 2 of the top-5 best offensive D-guys in the league, you think the oilers wouldn’t have resigned them? you’ve got to be kidding me.]

    “The asking price for free-agent defencemen who might interest the Leafs, such as Pavel Kubina, Jay McKee, Ruslan Salei and Filip Kuba, will start at about $3 million a year. Last summer, teams got overzealous bidding for free-agent defencemen Adam Foote, Adrian Aucoin, Vladimir Malakhov, Sergei Gonchar, Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje, with salaries ranging from $3.5 million to $5 million.”

    [true. and that is why i’ve been proposing that maybe its not prudent – depth-wise – to go after McKee and drop 3-4 million on him (i think the Sens will get him actually). my suggestion is to sign Markov and Dempsey for less money (3-4 million COMBINED for these two solid D-guys) and see what the rest of the younger leaf D-guys can do (not to mention Pilar). sounds like a pretty deep Defence to me. the leafs really have no choice but to have 2 stud defencemen that can put up the points, and have the remaining 4 be D-guys signed anywhere from the league minimum to 2 million dollars-a-year max.]

    “Now, the Leafs have approximately $14 million to spend on seven players. They need four frontline additions — two forwards, two defencemen — either by signing, trade or development.”

    [yikes. TWO forwards? why? if you resign Lindros for cheap, you dont need anymore centremen (see above), if you sign a RW (Carter or Langenbrunner), you dont need anymore wingers (since Tucker moves to the left side). why 2 forwards? Certainly, bringing up Suglobov, or Pohl or Williams and putting one of them on the wings is an option too.]

    “Buying out Tie Domi would cost the Leafs $833,000 US. Replacing him on the fourth line will cost a minimum of $450,000. In other words, the Leafs would be paying more to replace him ($1.28 million) than to keep him ($1.25 million).”

    [then, by all means, BUY HIM OUT. if its only going to cost $30,000 more! its worth it! considering that by all accounts, he is a cancer on this team (oh, and when i say ‘all accounts’ – i dont include Simmons, who chracteristically is the only toronto sportswriter who defends tie domi even today, after it has become quite evident that Domi has made the toronto lockeroom into a poisonous, crony-ridden environment).]

    “Another Maple Leaf question: What to do with restricted free agent Nik Antropov? At $1 million US last season, he was neither underpaid nor overpaid, just limited offensively and always injured. If they can’t trade him, re-signing him would be a mistake.”

    [again, by all means, qualify Antropov’s 1 million dollar contract and trade the guy! he’ll be useful in a trade – maybe even at the draft table.]

  29. the_word says:

    You nailed the Leafs problem over the last few years, Quinn was so loyal to certain players (Belak comes to mind) and I never understood it. Renberg, Reichel and Berg, never seemed to be held accountable for being mediocre. You saw the same thing with team Canada, very few new faces. That basically said “you can’t play your way onto the team”, same thing with the Leafs, you can’t play your way into Quinn’s good graces. Remember Steve Sullivan, he’ played great for the Leafs and Quinn buried him on the fourth line. And they trade Doug second coming Gilmour for him. And Quinn puts this guy on waivers.

    This made Quinn a horrid GM. The Leafs seemed so quite on trade deadlines. Despite JFJ struggles with his job at least now the Leafs have management that are willing to shake the status quo.

  30. the_word says:

    How is Domi a cancer to the team? Seven mintues is a good night for him, he is one of the best liked guys in the league. He’s talked people into playing for the Leafs and he is a great person in the community. But he makes 1.25 a year, so everyone wants to scapegoat him.

  31. 92-93 says:

    you need to do some more research with regards to Domi.

    (stop watching Cherry’s comments about him, and stop reading Simmons – these are the only two people left who still defend the guy … everyone else has woken up to what Domi does within the locker room).

    one by one, every former leaf has come out and whispered what was ‘wrong’ with the leafs dressing room and its finally reduced to one guy. tie domi.

    the 1000th game ceremony with the commissioner present … a joke (did Roberts get that ceremony? no).

    just do some research, go to google, listen to some leaf lunch archives, look at the comments of Domi immediately before Quinn was fired, listen to some of Corson’s comments about Domi, etc etc.

    heck, i’ll even provide you a link for an article that is relunctant to say what everyone (but you) knows but hints at it pretty strongly:

  32. 92-93 says:

    in other words, it goes way beyond his salary and ice time.

  33. 92-93 says:

    from Leafs lunch:

    Marek “and let us not forget the Isles series when the alleged tough guy [Domi] wanted no part of Eric Cairns and #27 [Corson] stepped up instead”

    [later in the conversation:]

    Corson “there was a small problem in that dressing room and it appears to be something that people are realizing that now”

    Corson: “and a lot of other people got blamed for certain things that weren’t really true and it come from that one person”

    Jeff Marek: “and i think that mask has come off”

    Corson: “i think so too”


    click on the 3rd page of the Audio Archive – the 2nd Hour of the Glimour Celebrity Classic … and about 10-11 minutes in we hear some revelations on the Domi effect … of course, take it as one opinion only and with the grain of salt … but, its more than just one person/source that is coming out and talking about Domi).

  34. mapleleafs4cup says:

    trade antropov telly and a 4th rounder to tampa for modin WHAT DO U THINK?

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