Lindros Set to Return

It seems as though Eric Lindros is finally ready to return to the line-up in Toronto according to TSN.TSN is reporting that Lindors is ready to get back into the line-up after practicing with his brace in the previous week. Although looking reluctant to shoot the puck, Lindros says he’s good to go.

Furthermore, fellow teammates Ken Klee (ankle) and Alexander Khavanov (foot) also seem to be ready to get back onto the ice in hopes of pushing for the playoffs. Look for them tomorrow night against Washington.

3 Responses to Lindros Set to Return

  1. toronto77 says:

    ahhh crap, i’m excited about lindros, but klee and khavanov just dump these guys, now wozniewski and harrison are gonna get sent back down to the marlies.

    those two youngsters play with a lot more confidence and spark than those 2 washed up farts

  2. The-President says:

    Don’t get your hopes up guys, he’ll (Lindros) last half a game and then require surgery on his wrist you’ll see.. Get rid of him

  3. Rufusy says:

    leave the poor guy alone, his tender

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