Lindros still has potential to produce… in the East

Is Eric Lindros done? Not by a long shot. Lets look at some facts, shall we.
In his whole career, Eric Lindros has had two years where he hasn’t produced in the games he played in. Last year, and the 2002-03 season. Even in 2003, he scored 53 points. Last year, he was only on pace for 43, but look at some facts.

Lindros played on an offensively depleted team even for the west. Now, the west is a lot better defensively than the East. Give him the 43 points he was on pace for, and he’s 68th in Western conference scoring. That on a line with Stu Barnes and Mike Ribeiro. Two third line forwards. All that, and he still would have had as many points as Jordan Staal.

Put him in the East. No one is big or strong enough to knock him down, and in the new NHL, no one can hook him down. He’s the perfect fit for the conference. His only injury on Toronto in 2005-06 was because of a two handed slash from Dallas’s Steve Ott after assisting on a goal from Mats Sundin.

Eric Lindros could also use the attention of a big eastern conference city, like New York, Toronto, or Philadelphia. Why? Because the guy loves attention. Everyone said how great it was for him to go to Dallas with less pressure. That’s 100 percent pure bullshit. He has always thrived when the attention is focused on him. Remember 2005-06 with Toronto? Sundin goes down, Lindros takes over, and until Sundin came back, he lead the league in scoring. What Lindros needs to join the Leafs, and play with Sundin and Blake.

Another interesting destination for Lindros is the Ottawa Senators. Lindros has played fairly well on the left wing before. Put him on with Spezza and Heatley… well, anyone can produce with Spezza and Heatley. The Sens could really use the size, the leadership, and the playoff experience. 57 points in 53 playoff games, which would be third only to Alfredsson and Redden in playoff games, and second only to Heatley in playoff points per game.

Even if Lindros doesn’t start to produce like he used to, he’s still a bargain. He’ll end up at $750k, and he was half a point a game last year, which only looks terrible because of how good he used to be, and even if he isn’t the star he once was, he’s a very solid physical presence, and locker room presence, that any team would be lucky to have.


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  1. Tweek says:

    I started to think about the facts but got dizzy due to a concussion.  He is done. 

  2. Bacon077 says:

    I’m still waiting for facts…not speculation.

  3. Rico420 says:

    I seem to must have a short term memory but I don't think Lindros really tore up the scoresheets when he played for Toronto or the Rangers..must have missed something.

  4. Glucker says:

    why would he get 750? be realistic

  5. leafs_for_life_2007 says:

    i agree with you 100%.
    i would love to see The Big E come back to Toronto. Sign him to a 1-year, $750,000 deal plus bonuses and see what he can do. I know im going to get bashed, but whatever. This guy can produce. I'm a Leafs' fan, and always have been. We're not going to get guys who can have point-a-game seasons. Everybody on here bashes the Leafs for not signing people that are "good". Who do you want before we make a "good" signing/acquisition? Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley, Chris Pronger, Martin Brodeur? Things like that wont happy, so we've got to go with what we can get. If we can sign Lindros, do it.

    Lindros — Sundin — Blake

    i'd say thats a pretty decent top line.

  6. dcz28 says:

    You can't be serious…to be effective Lindros has to play physical and when he does that he gets injured…when he doesn't he's useless. Time for him to retire.

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

     What leadership has Lindros ever shown? None whatsoever, he has never been a leader and obviously never will be a leader. Some of what you said made sense but that "leadership" comment is complete garbage.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    A lot of your "facts" are just pure speculation. 

    Part of the reason that Dallas was so offensively depleted was because Lindros got injured and simply could not produce.  Dallas signed him, in the hopes that he would provide a boost behind Mike Modano, like Jason Arnott did….let's just say that hope went down in flames.

    He simply cannot play a physical, reckless style (Eric Lindros hockey) without a major injury.  It has happened in his last three seasons.  Oh, and he is another year older now. 

    I can't remember many times at all that Lindros has played well on the wing.  He is just not a natural fit there.  Lindros does give you size and experience, but that's not going to do you much good when you miss half the season, does it? 

    He is also not nearly as quick as he used to be, and a lot of that can be attributed to age and his knees.  That really hurts him in the new NHL. 

    Here is the biggest fact regarding Lindros:  He has not had a really good season since 2001-2002.  That was the last time he played like an All-Star.  When he plays it safe, like he did the following year, yes, he will play the entire year, but he won't produce.  It's not his style. 

    In order to get back to where he was, he absolutely has to be a top 2 center on a team.  And I don't think that any team in the league is going to bank on Lindros for that kind of spot.  You can play him in a 3rd-4th line role, but he is not that great defensively.  His top end is probably about 45-50 games, and around 35 points.  Disagree with that?  Again, look at his recent history. 

    If you are going to judge Lindros, you have to do it, based on what he has shown in his last several seasons in the NHL.  And it's simply not enough to justify taking him on, when he's going to end up like he did in Dallas, not playing many minutes.  You're better off developing some of your younger talent.  Lindros is actually getting to be an older player.

    I really liked Lindros as a Ranger, and he did ok…definitely not great, but in his short final year with the Rangers, he played extremely hard, and when he was injuried for the year, the team pretty much died.  But lets face it…he is not going to make that many teams much better, in the end.  A player on the decline who is only playing 30-40 games a year, is just not going to do that. 

    And no, I do not see him signing for under a million dollars anywhere.  He will hold out for as much money as he can muster somewhere.  Some team will sign him, and like Dallas last year, Toronto before that, and New York before that, that team will have to put up with his missed time and declining physical skills. 

  9. Matty_G says:

    He's big and he can still shoot the puck, but he's a lot slower and he has a bit of an attitude. Worth no more than $1 million…

  10. flyersdan says:

    I think Zdeno Chara (and others) may be big enough to knock him down…I could be wrong though.

    Perhaps the Flyers, or any other team for that matter, can sign both Lindros and Forsberg as second line centers and get 82 games out of the pair.

  11. Marc0427 says:

    I suppose that I just don't see the reason why…

    Sure Lindros 'may' still put upsome ok numbers but so can most anyone else. Why pick this guy up when you could just play more prospects?? Also one of the reasons that Lindros possibly will put up 1/2-a-point-per-game numbers is because he'll probably play on the top line.

    By no means is Lindros completely DONE, however, why not just let the next team pick him up??

  12. ferron says:

    Players in the east are not big enough to knock Lindros sorry ass down? I can name you a few CATs that Could put Lindros out for good, first Komisarek, Volchenkov, Chara. This goes out to the BIG "E", do yourself a favor an retire!

    PS:maybe somebody should of kept is mouth shut and went to Quebec, maybe your career would of took a different turn? Remember what Philly gave up for this bum ,draft picks,Hextall, Lefebre…………………oh yeah and some swedish guy name Peter.

  13. Williams1505 says:

    hahahhaahha ….

  14. SabresFan220 says:

    If he would sign for the league minimum then the Sabres could take a crack at him, if he gets injured the money you're paying him is no big cap hit and for the money he could be worth it. If Andrew Peters can get $500k then if Lindros scores more than 3 pts before getting injured you've improved on your investment. Of course they probably would rather get Peca back for his defensive abilities and less injury risk even if it means paying more.

  15. lukeleim says:

    Peter who? just kidding

  16. Drifter says:

    Mike Ribiero is a 3rd line forward? That just seems a bit misplaced to say the least. I'm a habs fan and yeah, I'm glad we don't have Ribs anymore because of his attitude, but he has talent. He is a legit 2nd line center, NO QUESTION. He was one point away from a 60 point total last year on the stars. How many 3rd line centers pull that? Secondly, he's not good enough defensively to be a 3rd line grinding center. If you don't like him as a player, fine, but he is a 2nd line center. If you don't believe me, CHECK TSN'S SCOUTING REPORT.

  17. senators101 says:

    The part about Chara, you're right.  He'll knock his ass down.
    The other part is pretty funny lol.

  18. senators101 says:

    Mike Ricci, Steve Duchesne, Chris Simon, + cpl more players.  AND a cool $15 million.

  19. tacitus says:

    Memorial Cup Tournament All-Star Team (1990) WJC-A All-Star Team (1991) Named Best Forward at WJC-A (1991) OHL First All-Star Team (1991) OHL MVP (1991) Canadian Major Junior Player of the Year (1991) NHL All-Rookie Team (1993) WC-A All-Star Team (1993) Named Best Forward at WC-A (1993) NHL First All-Star Team (1995) Lester B. Pearson Award (1995) Hart Trophy (1995) NHL Second All-Star Team (1996) Played in NHL All-Star Game (1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000)

    Dunno but those are a few credentials for some leadership plus scoring 865 points in 760 games

  20. habswinthecup-again says:

     Being the best player does not make you a leader.

  21. tacitus says:

    he was captain of most of those teams when he won the awards for best player.  And it definitly doesnt make you a loser or a follower

  22. Avim86 says:

    They thought they were getting the next Gretzky. I would give away that much for a crosby like player , not his fault he was plagued with injuries.
    I blame darius Kaspiritus I always hated him.

  23. lookche says:

    Haha.  Lindros going back to Philly.  Despite the fact they have pretty much no money left to spend on him, why would he go back…or why would they welcome him back after *****ing them off the way he did?

    He is a great player – and there's no doubt he would be if he wasn't so injury prone.  He was good for us this year in Dallas when he was here, especially on a line with Halpern and Barnes

    If he doesn't retire, he'll be a good asset to the team he gets.  There'll be a good veteran presence, he'll be cheap and he'll get about a point or two every 2 games.

    He would be either a hit or miss in the east – is he fast enough to keep up with the faster game there?

  24. infidel29 says:

    "Give him the 43 points he was on pace for, and he's 68th in Western conference scoring. That on a line with Stu Barnes and Mike Ribeiro. Two third line forwards. All that, and he still would have had as many points as Jordan Staal."

    After we GIVE Lindros points he might have gotten, he still only has the same points as an 18 year old with 0 NHL experience who played on a line with 2 third line forwards.  Not exactly a banner year.  Who is Lindros' agent, I need to sign him up right now!

  25. 68north says:

    all hasbeens please report to leafs training camp

  26. Oil-Life says:

    hes a loser, hands down.  no leadership in him at all.

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