Lindros to Habs?

Acording to Detroit Sports Radio, Gainey is now focusing on bringing in Eric Lindros to Montreal, after being spurned by Shannahan. — I don’t know about this one, but that’s what they said.

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  1. magnifikko says:

    you mean Eric ” injuryman” Lindros????

  2. pilourse says:


    that the most stupid rumors I have never heard…

    You remember… Lindros REFUSE to play in Quebec City… How do you think QUEBECERS will receive it if he sign with the Habs hahaha…

    That will be the next Brisebois ! 🙂

  3. MT4e says:

    now why in the blue hell would we wanna have a so-called eric lindros in our team. that guy is already an embarassement to the leafs.

    for me, the habs are better off with the current team they have than with lindros and domi.

    i’d take daze and downey over lindros and domi any day of the week

    and also, why would lindros wanna come to here..btw there is no room for an anti-frenchman like him

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    Wow…I mean, I know we need a big second line center but I don’t think Lindros is the fit. He did play well before his wrist injury, but I’d rather give Eric Daze a chance beforehand. Daze, if his back heals up, would be a great addition and he’s a Montreal native to boot.

    Plus there was the Nordiques incident where he demanded, as a DRAFT PICK, to be traded…well, the Nordiques weren’t of the most liked teams in the NHL but that still wouldn’t sit well with a number of fans.

    I’m calling out this Detroit radio station and saying it’s bs.

  5. Mainer87 says:

    Bullshit written all over this one. Gainey is not going to waste anything on this washed up piece of crap. Retire already or sign with the leafs and get hurt again so we can laugh at u.

  6. passionch says:

    I personally think Lindros’s best days are over and his injuries are too much to bear for a team like Montreal. We can’t afford to have such an unstable and controversial (Quebec Nordiques incident) player in the Habs line-up. If this rumor is true in some sort, Gainey should focus his efforts in bringing players that will play every night.

  7. kingcup says:






    (sound of a guy hitting the floor and hammering the same floor with is fist)

    feeeeew…. man…Detroit must have goooooooood weed to come up with that gem .

    It s like saying Zidane will play for italy in the next world cup. riiiiiiiiiight…

  8. huet391 says:

    hahhahahahaha yeah right bogus rumor

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