Lindros to Leafs?

Fan 590 Radio in Toronto reported (hypothesized?) this morning, the possibility of a Lindros-to-Toronto trade.

This may just be more hype in the Crazed-Toronto, Post-Nolan, “Give us the Cup” mentality – and I shudder at the thought of resurrecting this circus of a rumor – but a Toronto Radio Station, The Fan 590, reported this morning on air that there were rumblings of potential for a Lindros-to-Toronto deal before the deadline.

The story went along the lines that even though the Rangers are doing well right now, it may be too little too late, and Sather may want to cut their Million Dollar payroll losses if, by next Tuesday, it still appears they will not make the playoffs.

Has anyone else heard of any version of this rumor, or do you think it’s just Toronto-Home-Fan Radio conjecture?

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  1. orlandomac says:

    You guys should relax a little….

    this is a trade rumours site.

    The guy brings up a rumour…..

    so you blast him.

    rumour = speculation

    We all know the Toronto media, they jump at every angle.

    If they hear Pat Quinn thinks Lindros has got a nice hairdo then they say an insider report that Quinn wants Lindros, its that simple.

    Now you guys that have tried to post a story and got rejected are all bent on this guy for getting a story posted. Maybe its because this is an interesting piece, it moved all of you enough to post a comment.

    That makes this story a success….

    Writers aren’t to be liked, they are to be read. Stirring emotion is what they should do.

    As for the speculation of Lindros coming to Toronto my view is that he won’t hurt us as long as we don’t count on him for everything.

    Second line center for the team he would die to play for, I think we would see a different Eric.

    He adds checking and power, something that in the playoffs you can never have enough of.

    As for his contract its peanuts, incentive based, which is all the better.

    So who do we deal for him?

    If its a salary dump…..

    I would say Kyle Wellwood and Sebastion Centuomo.

    As for the notion that we can’t get defence if we add some offence, that is ludicris….

    If Quinn is going for the whole pie, like I believe he is, it doesn’t make a difference as long as it isn’t roster players.

    As for Lindros and Owen not liking each other, some of the greatest teams of all time had teammates that hated each other.

    Look at Roberts and Corson, seemed to work last year durong the playoffs.

  2. Jejunum says:

    Anyone on the Flames can fight better than Tucker without taking 80 mins of stupid penalties a game, but Calgary NEEDS Boughner he is their defensive leader. Once they get rid of Blowman Turek they’ll have some room for salary.

  3. Aetherial says:

    The Leafs are not going after Lindros but some weenie on The Fan probably did say something like that so don’t blast the guy who wrote this.

    Rather than complain about Leaf rumors, get 9out there, listen to YOUR local sports radio, read your papers, post up some thoughts.

    I would love to hear stuff about any other play-off team as I am sure the rest of us would.

    Unless you contribute though, it won’t get posted.

    Finally, sorry but it is reality. The Leafs ARE the most hated hockey team, without doubt. They also have more fans probably than any other team. Therefore Leaf articles get a lot of hits and a lot of comments. That is just the way it is and it isn’t going to change.

  4. Dymd3z_TML says:

    finally someone with sence, orlandomac has something going on, lindros wouldnt hurt at all, if they get him, then that means someone who is on the roster, will be off, someone crappy, like hoglund, reichel, and no more calling up belak(hes only good against teams that are tough) but the only thing id worry about if TO does go for all these good players, is that they will fall like the ranger$ i still say, get a defence man before you go after more forwards

  5. DohCanada says:

    ok, so i had a little trouble with the simple math…got 1.16 some how???

    Anyway, I DON’T live in T.O., am not a Leafs fan, not a Philly fan, not a Rangers fan, AND BIGGEST of all, NOT a Lindros fan!!!

    Actually, he makes me laugh the way he wouldn’t play for Quebec….the franchise which has won Cups, what has Big E won – SQUAT! and the big crybaby deserves to play in the habitual loser city of Hogtown if you ask me. If the Laffs don’t win the cup this year or next, they’re screwed with their lack of prospects.


  6. zednik says:

    The Leafs Don’t Need Him,

    But They Didn’t need Nolan,

    So If the Right Deal Comes Along and They Can Add Him Cheap Do It.

    As Long as they add a Dman who cares?


  7. aafiv says:

    This move would be awesome!!!!!

    By trading the ‘Big FLEA’ the Rangers would be doing absolutely nothing to keep their sinking ship from going under AND Lindros would make the shaky Leafs self-destruct – just like he has done with every team he’s been with!

    This perfect for the Flyers. I hope it happens.

  8. Zesty_Taquito says:

    Not at all.

    Again, 590 was where ti started, not my brain. I would never have considered it, as I continue to think that the Rangers are buyers, not sellers.

    Assuming I’m a Leaf fan – yes, I think that Lindros as a second-line centre instead of Antropov would give us a better shot at the Cup THIS YEAR, since next year, or the year after may be our best chance for a while – but it’s not because I’m a card-carrying “Lindros is the Next Best thing since Jesus” member.

    I think the guy is a goof, and a cancer in the locker room. But he could help Toronto in the short term for a Cup run. One more knock to the noggan and the guy is a Co-Host on “Be a Player”.

    Back to my original message. I heard it on the Fan, and was asking if anyone else had heard anything similar.

    You don’t believe me? Call the Fan and ask if the morning guy said it. He did.

  9. Zesty_Taquito says:

    Thanks man.

    The whole reason I wrote it was I was asking if anyone ELSE had heard the rumor. If they hadn’t heard it, the answer should be “No, I haven’t heard anything”.

    Yeesh. People really get their backs up about Lindros.

  10. bobmckenziejr says:

    NOLAN trade useless? I don’t think so

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