Lindros to Leafs?

Fan 590 Radio in Toronto reported (hypothesized?) this morning, the possibility of a Lindros-to-Toronto trade.

This may just be more hype in the Crazed-Toronto, Post-Nolan, “Give us the Cup” mentality – and I shudder at the thought of resurrecting this circus of a rumor – but a Toronto Radio Station, The Fan 590, reported this morning on air that there were rumblings of potential for a Lindros-to-Toronto deal before the deadline.

The story went along the lines that even though the Rangers are doing well right now, it may be too little too late, and Sather may want to cut their Million Dollar payroll losses if, by next Tuesday, it still appears they will not make the playoffs.

Has anyone else heard of any version of this rumor, or do you think it’s just Toronto-Home-Fan Radio conjecture?