Lindros to Toronto All But Done (And As a Defenseman)?

According to both and Eric Lindros is all but signed by Toronto, for 1.5 million for one year, with a team option in year two. confirms this in their “five for Fighting” page, also commenting on the possibility of Lindros being signed as a defenseman.Here are other rumours floating around the past few days, sources include (,,,,,,

Jason Marshall – Possibly to Anaheim

Mike Dunham – Phoenix is interested

Anson Carter – Possibly in Toronto but it seems Edmonton is the only team really interested.

Thibeault – Supposedly being shopped by the ‘Hawks…Vancouver and Phoenix are interested.

Mogilny – Rumors are he’s going to Washington to join Ovechkin.

Klee – Is supposedly being shopped by Toronto

Lindros – Supposedly pretty much signed by Toronto, Calgary, San Jose and Nashville were said to be interested but it looks as iof Calgary and Nashville have pulled out with their signings.

Selanne – Montreal and LA seemed to be interested earlier now it’s pretty much St. Louis or Atlanta.

John Leclair – Possibly NYR with Lindros, supposedly Boston is interested. I think the rumors are he’d come cheap.

Hamrlik – Carolina is the big rumor though Boston has also been rumored. Could go to Buffalo they’re after a defenseman.

Giguere – Was supposedly being shopped, to be replaced by Burke or Shields. Could free up salary room.

Curtis Joseph – Supposedly intrigued by Pittsburgh, Edmonton has also been said to be interested, maybe to Toronto, now St. Louis is after him (WHY?)

Poti – Supposedly being traded to Vancouver.

Sean Burke – Either Pittsburgh or Tampa, though again maybe Toronto.

Zetterberg/Datsyuk – Rumoured to Toronto, either in various trades (most notably rumored to leave Toronto are Antropov, Belfour, and Belak), or as restricted free agent signings (as Detroit wouldn’t have alot of room to match)

Lecavalier – is obsessed with him going to the Habs. Supposedly Koivu a draft pick and a prospect in exchange. (ie. Carey Price?)

Luongo – Again is obsessed with him going to the Habs, trade scenario is Theodore and Ryder to Florida in exchange for him.

Osgood – Possibly signed again by Detroit.

Belfour – Maybe out of Toronto as a salary dump, TB is one destination I’ve heard, Detroit possibly too.

Denis – Supposedly with the signing of Prusek he could be on the block, either to TB or Detroit.

Yanic Perreault – Word is he might be interested in going back to Toronto where he was most productive..would give the Leafs a solid line-up of centremen like Sundin, Allison, Perreault, Stajan.

Joe Thornton – Insane people have said he could go norht of the border to Ottawa or Toronto. (To Toronto in a 3 way trade involving Daze and Belfour)

Bondra – Originally rumored to Washington, San Jose and New Jersey have also been rumored destinations, now Atlanta is seeming to be the most after him.

McCabe – Rumor is he may be on the block to Washington.