Lindros to Toronto All But Done (And As a Defenseman)?

According to both and Eric Lindros is all but signed by Toronto, for 1.5 million for one year, with a team option in year two. confirms this in their “five for Fighting” page, also commenting on the possibility of Lindros being signed as a defenseman.Here are other rumours floating around the past few days, sources include (,,,,,,

Jason Marshall – Possibly to Anaheim

Mike Dunham – Phoenix is interested

Anson Carter – Possibly in Toronto but it seems Edmonton is the only team really interested.

Thibeault – Supposedly being shopped by the ‘Hawks…Vancouver and Phoenix are interested.

Mogilny – Rumors are he’s going to Washington to join Ovechkin.

Klee – Is supposedly being shopped by Toronto

Lindros – Supposedly pretty much signed by Toronto, Calgary, San Jose and Nashville were said to be interested but it looks as iof Calgary and Nashville have pulled out with their signings.

Selanne – Montreal and LA seemed to be interested earlier now it’s pretty much St. Louis or Atlanta.

John Leclair – Possibly NYR with Lindros, supposedly Boston is interested. I think the rumors are he’d come cheap.

Hamrlik – Carolina is the big rumor though Boston has also been rumored. Could go to Buffalo they’re after a defenseman.

Giguere – Was supposedly being shopped, to be replaced by Burke or Shields. Could free up salary room.

Curtis Joseph – Supposedly intrigued by Pittsburgh, Edmonton has also been said to be interested, maybe to Toronto, now St. Louis is after him (WHY?)

Poti – Supposedly being traded to Vancouver.

Sean Burke – Either Pittsburgh or Tampa, though again maybe Toronto.

Zetterberg/Datsyuk – Rumoured to Toronto, either in various trades (most notably rumored to leave Toronto are Antropov, Belfour, and Belak), or as restricted free agent signings (as Detroit wouldn’t have alot of room to match)

Lecavalier – is obsessed with him going to the Habs. Supposedly Koivu a draft pick and a prospect in exchange. (ie. Carey Price?)

Luongo – Again is obsessed with him going to the Habs, trade scenario is Theodore and Ryder to Florida in exchange for him.

Osgood – Possibly signed again by Detroit.

Belfour – Maybe out of Toronto as a salary dump, TB is one destination I’ve heard, Detroit possibly too.

Denis – Supposedly with the signing of Prusek he could be on the block, either to TB or Detroit.

Yanic Perreault – Word is he might be interested in going back to Toronto where he was most productive..would give the Leafs a solid line-up of centremen like Sundin, Allison, Perreault, Stajan.

Joe Thornton – Insane people have said he could go norht of the border to Ottawa or Toronto. (To Toronto in a 3 way trade involving Daze and Belfour)

Bondra – Originally rumored to Washington, San Jose and New Jersey have also been rumored destinations, now Atlanta is seeming to be the most after him.

McCabe – Rumor is he may be on the block to Washington.

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  1. PensFansRejoice says:

    What the hell is this second team all-star crap. He get a hockey card saying he was 2nd team or something? I dont recall him being in the allstar game but if im mistaken, one good season doesnt make him a BA.

  2. PensFansRejoice says:

    defensmen get knocked around more then forwards. First time he turns his back to get a puck in the corner, his career is over.

  3. PensFansRejoice says:

    yeh, they got there 2 days of off-season. Back to the daily grind for them for and 363 days 🙂

  4. Scoot says:

    WTF are you blathering about?? Your points (if you can call them that) in response to mine make absolutely no sense. You obviously have no grasp of the English language, even at the remedial level.

  5. Scoot says:

    Well said. I know it’s difficult, but everyone needs to stop feeding the Trolls. (I’m as guilty at Troll-feeding as many others)

  6. wingerxxx says:

    The diffenence is that Kapanen and Fedorov are both pretty good defensively. Lindros isn’t.

  7. WelcomeBackHockey says:

    I can’t see Lindros converting. Even if he steps up to make the big hit, it puts him at risk of another concussion. Not to mention, taking a solid hit in the corner chasing a dump in would knock him senseless to. If Leclaire signs with the Rangers, I can see Lindros staying put forever establishing the title of “Biggest Vegetable in the Garden”

    Bondra has drawn interest from NJ only as a precaution due to Elias’s setback with hepatitis. Knowing Lou he wont pull the trigger

    Vinny wants to stay put in Tampa Bay. Whether he’ll get a 5 year deal remains to be seen. If they’re unable to work a deal out, then I can see a possible trade with Montreal happening. However, I wouldnt be surprised to see Theodore remain in Montreal and have them deal Carey Price, Ryder, and another position player instead. Huet as the #1 goalie in Montreal? Unlikely. Trouble with this is that it leaves Tampa Bay with an unproven goalie leaving them to possibly dip into the free agent pool or make another trade. I agree Denis is a possibilty with the signing of Prusek

    As for Datsyuk, Zetteberg, Burke, and Carter in Toronto, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Yeah, their major needs are guys who can play on the wing, and Lindros doesn’t fit that bill. Two centers with major injury issues on your roster is generally not a good thing. Especially when you already have 3 pretty good offensive centers in Sundin, Allison and Stajan.

  9. BayStBully says:

    I nominate TITANS for the BIGGEST BEAV ON HTR 2005 award. Who seconds?

  10. wingerxxx says:

    The difference is that Kapanen has always been a decent to good defensive player. Lindros has always been a fair to poor defensive player. If you’ve spent any time watching Lindros in his own zone, you’ll know that he’s nothing special there. There’s a reason his defensive game has never been talked about. A switch to defenseman in Toronto would be horrible for him at this point. Especially with the NHL being more wide open with the rules changes…it would just be bad. Very bad. You may as well just put him in goal and pray for a miracle.

  11. BayStBully says:

    scoot ingested semen during high school

  12. BayStBully says:

    Good job that was almost a sentence. Sounds like you went to school in Philly

  13. wingerxxx says:

    Nobody is knocking the messenger here. We know it’s not your rumor. ESPN columnist or not, this is about as stupid a rumor as there is. This person should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t forget, Lindros has more injury issues than just his head. His entire body is prone to injury. It would be an impending disaster of epic proportions.

  14. Flyer_Fan says:

    “Your points (if you can call them that) in response to mine make absolutely no sense”

    that’s exactly what I was thinking about you.

  15. Tom_skill says:

    Red Kelly.

    Oh yeah, it’s so “ridiculous”.

    Kelly was supposedly “washed up and finished” after winning the norris, the selke, numerous cups with the wings and being an 8 time all star. He got shipped to New York because “his play had diminished” in the public eye..yet he had being playing injured that final season. So he goes to a little town called Toronto… and converts to centre, only to win 4 cups.

    Yeah. Ridiculous.

    Allison suffered the same injury as Roberts… gee, when Roberts came back everyone thought it was a waste of time…except it wasn’t. He had the biggest influence on both Carolina and the Leafs than any other player. I expect Allison to have a similiar impact as a point producer. Frankly, I think the Leaf bashers should keep it up. Show the class you posess.

    That way, when we are all looking at the final stats of the year…we can chuckle at the “ridiculous” crap you posted.

    I concur with the thoughts that this is a “RUMOURS” site by the way. My favourite so far is the three way trade one…that’s crazy…but fun. Too bad the only fun some of you have occurs when you’re being irrationally mean.

  16. Guillemin says:

    I think because of the insanity of the current free agent market, I really don’t think Lindros is only worth 1.5 million. We all know the Big E goes where the money’s at, and the money’s not in TO. Eklund agrees with my suspicion, saying Lindros to TO is all but dead. He’ll prob go for 2.5-3 mill to one of the small market teams, much like Kariya did, going to NSH for more money than he deserves.

    What does this mean for Toronto? Overall, they essentially took Tie Domi in exchange for Eric Lindros. Tie was not worth the contract they signed, and where many people have been saying they didn’t have room for even ONE free agent, the Domi signing certainly hamstrung them after getting Allison. Allison wasn’t an awful sign, but Domi was a mistake, and there’s no absolving the GM and his staff from missing out on an opportunity to get Lindros.

  17. titans says:

    “Biggest Beav”??? Is that an insult in Canadian or something?

  18. titans says:

    And “BwaaaHaaaHaaaa” isn’t?

  19. Aetherial says:

    Sadly, I have to agree.

    On the other hand, I do think the Leafs are not done manoeuvering… I believe Klee, Antropov, McCabe, and Belfour are all on the trade block.

    I think the Leaf lineup may not be nearly set.

    If they can’t make decent deals, they will just mail it in this year, be a sub-500 team and look to hopefully get younger.

    Either way, it is pretty evident that they will not be competitive this year, they misread the market to at least some extent.

    They are also clearly going to rebuild at some point. I think leaf fans needs to be prepared for a pretty lean 3-4 years at the least.

    Look for Quinn to be gone next year and Maurice to be coaching also. I can’t see Maurice staying in the minors and he was clearly hired to get familiar with the oragnization, the scouting, the farm etc… and be brought up to the big team.

    Toronto’s lack of activity thus far smells of Teacjer’s Pension Plan influence, and a team that decided going in that they would not even try to join the feeding frenzy.

    As tough as it will be for Leaf fans to swallow this, the organization needed major changes and needs to suffer in the short term to being making the correct choices to be successful under this CBA. It is a whole new Leafs that can’t just buy their way out of mistakes anymore.

    And it is going to hurt.

  20. Aetherial says:

    HEY! now there’s an idea… even with smaller equipment he might STILL fill the net with his size 🙂

  21. wingerxxx says:

    IF Eklund if right about that…Toronto fans should be happy. Then maybe they can concentrate on getting a player that they actually need.

  22. Aetherial says:

    No one has said they believed it yet 🙂

    I certainly don’t believe much of it. Except that I think the Leafs are actually shopping people.

    It would not surprise me to see them dump salary for whatever picks they can get. and go totally into the tank this year.

    *somthing* has got to happen though because they have no chance of being competitive now, or in the near future.

  23. Aetherial says:

    There is no such thing as a reliable source for this stuff.

    Anyone who has been on this site over the years should know that by now. I would say 80% of transactions come out of nowhere. About 1/5 rumors has any truth to them whatsoever.

    The Detroit ones for Belfour + seem particularly bad.

  24. leafscrushsensintomush says:

    Your an idiot! And know nothing about hockey. Tie is not worth it?? he could of signed for more in Pittsburgh, so yes he has market value. He has been in Toronto almost 10 years, and does much more than play hockey. He is a great person for the community and childeren’s charity. Especially his Santa Claus gift day. PLus he is respected by other players in the league. At least he is loyal. Philly signed an overpaid price for a guy with no speed and has a damaged knee in Hatcher. Yeah Hatcher is an example of “overpaying”.

  25. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Where I get my sources about Lindros beign a defenseman it was noted he’d come cheap as an untried defenseman and due to his injury history he’d have the same cotnract as allison, with huge bonuses but relatively cheap base salary…the bonuses I beleive not counting towards the cap if theyre for an injured player that qualifies for them. The rumours about Theodore leaving montreal were him and ryder in exchange for LUONGO..a starting GOALIE…..and’s eklund whos saying Lindros to toronto for 1.5 million

    “The steal of the free agent world. The word is a Lindros deal with Toronto may have been done yesterday…1.5M for one year, with a team option for a second year. I think this is a great signing. Yes, Lindros is a risk…But at 1.5 this is a no-brainer. Face it, when 88 is playing even at 75% he is capable of doing more than a majority of NHL players. And a year off does great things for concussions. If he comes back at 90% he is an elite player, and of course should he be close to 100% he is a dominant force. Not bad for 1.5 at all. I am hearing that Eric probably could have gotten more elsewhere in fact. A good source said this, “The Rangers made a big push to sign both Eric and LeClair. They thought they had it done, but in the end Eris looks like he just wants to play in Toronto.” The source went on to say that should the leaf talks fall apart, the NY deal will happen instantly…I feel that we will have resolution on this come Monday.”

  26. CBA says:

    Isn’t everyone a Leaf!

  27. venom21 says:

    As soon as one single player is mentioned to go to the Leafs, the retarded Leaf bashers get righty in and say “you Leaf fans think everyone will go there”. But the thing is, these rumors aren’t created by your average joe Leaf fan. People who cover hockey 24/7 for a living come up with these rumors, and so they are posted here. Of course they are unlikely to happen, that’s why they are rumors. People need to put the Leaf bashing aside and get over it.

  28. ne_flyphan says:

    Even when he was a healthy forward in NY, he showed that he is washed up. I can’t believe this rumor cause he has been on his way to Toronto every year of his career. And as a dman??? I think the rumors have gone way too far.

  29. Prynce says:

    whoa. i was just sayin to my brother the other day they should try him at D. i was just bein an ass tho.

    lol cool

    im like jesus when it comes to these things. i said a year ago Ty Law was comin to the Jets too. and that we’d trade Vince Carter for nothing. lol im good.

  30. Stuv_Dogg says:

    … where to start?

    First of all, some disassociation. This guy is only pretending to be a Leaf fan. Please, don’t think we’re all like this. I’m as big a Leaf optimist as the next guy, and while I don’t like Leaf-bashers, articles like this don’t help the cause.

    Belfour ain’t going anywhere. He’s old, yes, but probably the best option that’s available for this market. Joseph has come and gone. Thibault would crack under the pressure and isn’t good enough. Sean Burke is probably as old as Belfour. Besides, JFJ would be castrated by ownership if he dealt Belfour after signing him for big $$$ and then not taking the option of buying him out. Belfour stays.

    Lindros on D? Only if you’re going to pair him with Belfour and put Sundin between the pipes. Yes there is a salary cap and players aren’t making as much money as they used to, but Lindros will land a decent contract. As a forward. Kaps played on the point in Philly, Forsberg has played D in Colorado and Feds played D in Detroit but Lindros ain’t playing D. Signing with Toronto maybe/probably, whatever, not as a D man. They’re laughing at you and I can’t even try to defend you.

    McCabe and Klee are staying. If the Leafs wanted to get rid of them, they would have bought them out. I don’t care what people say, McCabe is good. He was almost on Team Canada at the World Cup when (forgot name of big defenseman, Blake maybe) got hurt but, I think, Scott Hannan got the call. He’s that close to being that good. Sure he has mental gaffs that somehow always seem to find the back of the net, but he’s a good passer, a good defender and he’s uses his big shot. McCabe stays. Klee is a decent value for money, he stays as well. Besides, if McCabe and Klee go, who’s playing D? Maybe Lindros? That was a joke and still is.

    All the rest are rumours, so have a place, but far fetched to say the least. Thornton to Toronto in a three way? Please. A great many people on this site think Leaf fans live with their heads constantly surrounded by their anuses and this ain’t helpin’. Let’s see if we can get some credibility on these posts in order to generate some sensible discussion.


  31. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Dude, chill out. I’m a Leaf fan and I agree that Domi was a mistake. I figure that JFJ didn’t want Domi back for anything more than a million, but Domi is buddies with Larry Tannenbaum and sorta suggested that he wanted to come back but the $$$ wasn’t good enough so Larry put some pressure on JFJ and next thing you know Domi has a fat contract.

    Any way you look at it, he ain’t worth the money. Let’s judge players by their on-ice performance, not by how many charities they involved in and how many gifts they give away at Christmas. I applaud Domi for being so involved, but I’d prefer he score goals for his money and not be such a nice guy.

    Domi is overpaid. He should have signed for between $850K and $1million for one year.

    Hatcher may or may not be overpaid, but if he is it doesn’t mean Domi isn’t.

  32. Scoot says:

    lol now that Vince is gone, Toronto needs to find a Carter to replace him. Anson? The Leafs could use a winger!

  33. Tradedude says:

    wow, what a fag. Who laughs to prove a point? And uses caps? how the HELL do you have your own bubble thing? Just cause you hate the leafs doesn’t mean they’ll make a move. This guy doesn’t make these things up you jackass, notice how he has sites there? Oh, for the defenseman part, how did McCabe get so good? Did the Islanders, Blackhawks and Nucks make him so good? What about Kaberle, drafted in what, the 8th round or something BY the leafs? Was he supposed to be better? Just shut up dude, laughing, caps lock, and no real points are made. Some leaf bashers have a cause, you, your just a fool.

  34. Tradedude says:

    man…are you stupid? he wasn’t even supposed to be an allstar,, your crying about 1st/2nd team all-star?.lmao

  35. tit4tat says:

    I hate to tell you this, but take away the can-opener McCabe has perfected (and we’re all hoping for a crackdown on obstruction in the NEW N.H.L.) and you’re left with a big, slow-footed below average Dman who possesses a good shot.

    With the elimination of the redline and his lack of speed, you’ll wish JFJ had dumped his sorry ass when he had the chance.

    Peace out

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    Stajan still has to prove his worth.

  37. GreatWhiteNorth says:


  38. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    If flaming authors is fair game then flaming the flamers is just as well fair game.

    The point is, don’t flame the authors for restating rumors heard elsewhere. It’s like flaming journalists because their stories aren’t ‘happy’ enough.

  39. Flyer_Fan says:

    mmmmmmmm no

  40. stretch804 says:

    According to the fan590 today – They’re claiming that the deal with lindros is all but done for about 1.5 million / yr. The only thing holding up the announcement is the lindros camp who are trying to get more bonus incentives then allison was offered however, they’re sources don’t think this will be too big of a stumbling block to hold up this transaction

    I guess we’ll wait and see

  41. ERICLINDROS says:


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