With all of the players on the leafs who are hopefully becoming better next year, it is hard to choose what you think the lines should be. But here are 2 different line-ups that I think could both work.

Tucker Sundin O’neill

Steen Peca Stajan

Ponikarovsky Wellwood Antropov

Kilger Wilm Ondrus

Steen Sundin Wellwood

Tucker Peca O’neill

Ponikarovsky Stajan Antropov

Kilger Wilm Ondrus

I think the first Line-up would work because Sundin said he wanted Tucker on his wing and with the year he had last year Tucker is a great offensive threat. O’neill will hopefully improve and go back to being a 30 goal scorer. As for line 2 Steen and Stajan will probably improve and Peca would be a good Leader for that line. Line 3 could be a dangerous one with Wellwoods playmaking Ability and Ponikarovsky and Antropov’s size, not to mention Ponikarovsky’s scoring touch. Line four would be use as a grinding line.

For the second line-up Steen showed some good point scoring ability last year and maybe would work good with Sundin. Wellwood has excellent playmaking ability and could be good for setting up Sundin. Line 2 would be a great Line for scoring and hitting with Tucker’s scoring and hitting ability, Peca’s hitting ability and also can contribute offesively too, and O’neill will hopefully improve to better goal scorer. Line 3 Would almost be the same as on the other line up although Stajan does not have as good of playmaking skills as wellwood, It would probably still be a pretty good line. And Line 4 is the same as on the other Line-up.