Linus Omark Tweets Apparent Trade Request

Linus Omark, the offensively gifted winger from Sweden, has been a subject of trade rumours for some time now. He couldn’t buy his way into the lineup towards the end of the season, as head coach Tom Renney leaned on players like Darcy Hordichuk and Chris Vande Velde instead, at times even playing centre Eric Belanger on the wing rather than bringing Omark back into the lineup. He’s also at times made comments that have rubbed Oilers fans the wrong way, and seems to have less hesitation than most professional hockey players about speaking his mind on the record.

In that light, today’s tweet in response to a fan hoping he proved the Oilers’ limited use of him wrong by playing well at the World Championships, is perhaps unsurprising:

I live to show that the “two” are wrong. But I really hope edm let me have a chance in another nhl team

There’s no explanation offered as to who the “two” are, but the intent of the message is clear. Omark realizes what virtually every observer believes: that his time with the Oilers organization is done. The pending restricted free agent still has his rights owned by the Oilers, who are expected to attempt to trade him at this summer’s draft.