Linus Omark Tweets Apparent Trade Request

Linus Omark, the offensively gifted winger from Sweden, has been a subject of trade rumours for some time now. He couldn’t buy his way into the lineup towards the end of the season, as head coach Tom Renney leaned on players like Darcy Hordichuk and Chris Vande Velde instead, at times even playing centre Eric Belanger on the wing rather than bringing Omark back into the lineup. He’s also at times made comments that have rubbed Oilers fans the wrong way, and seems to have less hesitation than most professional hockey players about speaking his mind on the record.

In that light, today’s tweet in response to a fan hoping he proved the Oilers’ limited use of him wrong by playing well at the World Championships, is perhaps unsurprising:

I live to show that the “two” are wrong. But I really hope edm let me have a chance in another nhl team

There’s no explanation offered as to who the “two” are, but the intent of the message is clear. Omark realizes what virtually every observer believes: that his time with the Oilers organization is done. The pending restricted free agent still has his rights owned by the Oilers, who are expected to attempt to trade him at this summer’s draft.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    Speaking of Tweets, the Kings tweet: "To everyone in Canada outside of BC, you're welcome,"

    was pretty darn funny

  2. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol yeah I thought that was funny. Apparently some people are getting pissy about it which again makes me laugh. 

  3. toronto77 says:

    I posted this on a past article but didn't get any reads, so I'll post it on the latest article:

    "The top 6 players in this years draft are guaranteed to be all-stars and once toronto selects one of those players, that player will automatically be our best prospect. 

    The top two forwards that stand out are Yakupov, Grigorenko, Forsberg, Galchenyuk
    The top two defenders that stand out are Murray and Dumba
    Worst case scenerio for toronto is that all 4 forwards are selected by the time the leafs pick, but at least they can select Murray who is predicted to be a niedermayer type defenceman, or Dumba who will be a great all round defender. OR the leafs trade down to select the best available forward which is Faksa.
    BUT I am quite confident that NYI will select a d-man which means that Toronto is GUARANTEED to get one of Grigorenko, Forsberg, or Galchenyuk.
    That is a HUGE boost.
    The good news for leafs fans is that we finally have our own first round pick in a draft where it's top 10 is stronger than it's been in the last 9-10 years.
    I would even strongly use the leafs first round pick in 2013 as trade bait, the reason for that is, if the leafs have another bad season, than Burke may not even be around for the 2013 draft, so what does he care?
    Maybe use the first round pick in 2013 to help us trade our second round pick up in this draft to another first round pick:
    Like 1st in 2013 and 35th overall in 2012 for the 15th overall.
    OR use the 35th overall pick and the first in 2013 for a goalie."
  4. toronto77 says:

    Anyone else think that the San Jose Sharks are on the verge of being the next Toronto Maple Leafs? 

    They are in the same situation that the leafs were in just before the lockout, in the sense that they have been an unsuccessful cup contender for many years now, and have many older veteran players that have yet to win a cup and may seek to go elsewhere and have absolutely no young prospects to help them in the future anytime soon.
    Joe Thornton, much like Sundin, may leave to try and attempt to win a cup somewhere else, and once Thornton leaves, there go their cup chances. Thornton is under contract until 2014(I Think), so there is a possibility that in the next two years that he walks for nothing, but I think it is more likely he gets traded within that time and unlike the leafs, the sharks may get something in return for their no.1 centremen.
    As of right now, the Sharks have the worst prospect pool in the NHL, and they just recently traded away the best prospect in Charlie Coyle for an older Martin Havlat, does that sound like a Pat Quinn type trade or what?
    Time is running out on the Sharks, their best players are getting older and may decide to leave.
  5. reinjosh says:

    They need to make changes I think, especially if they fail to advance past the first round. But they are in much better than the Leafs of old. Also Coyle was traded for Brent Burns, not Havlat. 

    They are really top heavy with Boyle, Burns, Thornton, Havlat, Marleau, Clowe, Pavelski, Couture. They have top end elite players but they don't have the depth and their elite players have had down seasons.
    I wonder if they move Boyle and Thornton/Marleau. Burns/Pavelski/Couture are the future for them and moving them would be a mistake. But I wonder if Wilson will make some big changes. He's one of the most proactive GM's in the league and isn't afraid to make a big move. 
    It will be interesting to see if he pulls a Holmgren this summer and moves a big chunk of the core in an attempt to refocus the team, fix some problems and keep that window from shrinking. 
  6. toronto77 says:

    Anyone else think that Burke gave up WAY too early on Tlusty and Stralman??

    I know Tlusty struggled to make the team the season he got traded, but this guy has a lot of potential. He isn't doing that great with Carolina anyway, but I think he would have been a great 2nd/3rd line winger. I know we traded him for Paradis who we used in a package to get Versteeg, who we used to get a 1st and 3rd from Philly to draft Percy(a great skilled all round d-man) and Josh Leivo. But if we never had Paradis then i'm sure we could have used another useless prospect in the versteeg deal. But Whatever.
    Stralman on the other hand had a great rookie season. Anyone remember that amazing goal he scored against montreal where he decked out like 3 habs and went shelf on Halak??
    This kid has so much potential, I know he isn't that great now, but being traded a few times in a short time as a young player can kill your momentum, had he stayed in Toronto I think he would be a much better player than he is right now. Imagine having both Stralman and Gardiner.
    I know we traded him in 2009 for Wayne Primeau(I don't know what for) and a second round pick in 2011, what ended up happening with that 2nd round pick? cuz i know we did not use it.
    At first I thought Burke was just trying to make a statement that if this team is going to win the cup he wants every player on this roster to be a player that he either traded, signed or drafted. and that he can build a champion form head to toe, for his ego.
  7. toronto77 says:
    What a game for Brad Boss. Should be a huge boost for the marlies next season, or maybe even the leafs.

  8. lafleur10 says:

    you might get either grigorenko or forsberg as i'm sure the habs will be taking galchenyuk from what i've heard all indictions are that's our pick,and i'm super stoked about him they sa he could e the best player inthe draft,and he'll be a habs prospect.

  9. toronto77 says:

    that might be the right move, as I keep hearing that Grigorenko's effort isn't always there. Even though Grigorenko has the potential to be way better than Galchenyuk, it's not worth the risk. If it came down to Grig or Forsberg for the leafs at 5th, I would take Forsberg, as he is more of a Burke type player, and even though he is a winger and not a centremen like Grig, I would still take Forsberg cuz it's the right type of player for the team, and I hear he can play centre at times as well.

    He has decent size for a centremen but will need to bulk up to play the no.1 spot, I think he can play wing on the top line next season, but centre? I don't know.
    OR maybe since the leafs may skip I grig and take Forsberg, maybe they trade Kessel for a no.1 centremen. Kessel alone can get you a very good centremen, and having Lupul and Forsberg on the wings won't be so bad.
    It'll be soo much easier if we just draft Galchenyuk. lol
  10. lafleur10 says:

    i think the leafs will get a very good player no matter what but not galenchenyuk! lol he's a hab ,but i think your right about forsberg as burke isn't very keen on russians,i agree to on grigorenko,however i heard he will most likely top out at a 60 point guy,that's not great for a projected 1st line center,i also hear he's very soft and has no jam in the playoffs we've had enough of those guys on the habs through the years so if it's true,galcheyuk all the way,i also heard and read that galchenyuk has elite vision ,skill and hands and guys with that stuff usualy turn out be very good players or superstarslol i did hear that grigorenko says he plays like spezza but i don't know i guess we'll just have to wait and see,forsberg can play center and just might be a diamond in the rough at that postion i'm not so sure you guys should trade kessel for that big center however i would make sense because he's more most valuable assest and would bring you the most in a trade

    if you guys had a top 3 galchenyuk would probably and most likely be yours but he's going to the habs  ………bro lol 

  11. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I don't think that it was a mistake in trading Tlusty but I definitely agree that he should have kept Stralman.

    I've always been confused to why he traded him, at the time he was looking like a promising dman. 

    He's playing pretty well for the Rangers and is still young.
  12. nordiques100 says:

    that was the trade that brought them their 2nd round pick back in a round about way, only for the Leafs to trade it in the infamous Kessel deal.

    why the need I have no idea considering Burke would have NEVER posted an offer sheet.

  13. 93killer93 says:

    He could join the Marlies for the playoffs, when his WHL season finishes.  Which would be huge for the Marlies and for his development. 

  14. Boston_Bruins says:

    Epic start to the playoffs.

  15. Boston_Bruins says:

    Also, I've never minded the Oilers, but this streak of picking #1 has really soured me on them. LOL at Tambellini at the lottery. That has to be embarrassing.

  16. Boston_Bruins says:

    I actually love their core right now, although I'd explore trading Marleau. I know some of their key players are getting older (but really, only Boyle is really getting up there in age), but I wouldn't be surprised to see them win the Cup one of these years. And I'd be surprised to see Joe leaving in 2014.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    it was worth it this year to see Burke looking so absolutely pissed when it was confirmed the Oilers pick 1st.

  18. Boston_Bruins says:

    It's crazy how one sided the series are in the W and the Q. Based on how the last couple of series go they could only have 1 and 3 6+ game series respectively, out of 12 total series. And 7 of the 8 first round series in the Q were sweeps lol.

  19. Boston_Bruins says:

    Lol yeah, not to mention Howson. He must be pissed.

  20. nordiques100 says:

    If I am Howson, I would just be happy to be there and not fired when really he deserves to be for doing such a terrible job.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    Question for Hab fans.

    Would you trade Price to Edmonton for a package that included the 1st overall pick allowing Montreal to pick 1st and 3rd overall…..provided that your team also somehow acquires the rights to Malcolm Subban as your goalie of the future (i.e acquire a late 1st round pick as well and pick Malcolm Subban with that pick)?

    Now, you'd also need some veteran to obviously hold the fort until Subban would be ready, like say a Vokoun, but would you do it?

    Would you be happy too then if that set your team up to pick MacKinnon in 2013? (That is, be lousy for another year)

    I think Price is simply terrific and he IS the Habs…..but just trying to think outside the box here, explore ALL OPTIONS for the franchise going forward.

    With the top 2 picks, you get both Galenchuk and Yakubov, pretty sweet i'd say. And possibly getting MacKinnon? well i dont know if Montreal could be that bad 2 years in a row but wouldnt he be a great pickup.

    Just thinking aloud. I know. very far fetched. I mean it would be a bitter pill to swallow to move Price cause really, he is why the team can get right back on the saddle and compete for a playoff spot next season and probably make the playoffs because of him.

    But just wondering, do you want to set up your team differently for long term success, or just keep the same, hope a few guys come to MTL and lean heavily on Price to save the day.

  22. reinjosh says:

    The Sea Dogs are retarded right now. They are so stacked its not even funny. They've outscored their opponents 63 to 18. In 8 games. Unreal. 

  23. reinjosh says:

    I do like the core but its clearly not working. How long do you keep trying with the same core before you realize that its not working? Even with the amount of talent they have. 

    I'd really like to see Wilson make some moves that further define the core. Move Marleau for one, like you say. Try to fix the prospect system with that. Look at trading Clowe. I love the guy but he's injured way to often and takes a ton of penalties. Maybe its time to move on with him. It might even make sense to move Thornton. Yeah he's talented and a number 1 but with Pavelski/Couture they have options. Moving him could not only free up a huge chunk of space but also get them a fair bit in return. 
    They clearly need to address their depth. They attempted to do that and failed this deadline. They need to fix their prospect system. They could set themselves up for a while by doing it. 
  24. reinjosh says:

    Yakupov, Galchenyuk/Grigorenko, Malcolm Subban and a chance at Nathan MacKinnon

    Galchenyuk/Grigorenko, Price and a chance at Nathan MacKinnon
    That's a hard choice to make. Price is clearly a franchise goalie and giving that up is not something that will come easy. 
    I don't think you bet on getting MacKinnon or Subban being a goalie you can depend on. 
    But do you take that risk to get yourself a franchise winger in addition to your franchise center your taking? 
  25. Steven_Leafs says:

    I wouldn't rush to judgment here, SJ is playing in a very hard division and if they trade one of their 1st liners than they may never make it back. But if they want to shake things up I would move one of Thornton or Marleau for a replacement top 6 forward and 1 or 2 top prospects, or just 2 top 6 forwards.

    And under no cir*****stance should they move Burns, Clowe, Pavelski, or Couture. These guys are their core and trading them means a re-build which is dumb as hell. lol

  26. Steven_Leafs says:

    I think this would be a ballsy move for Montreal but one that could payoff. A player like Yakupov doesn't come around that often but on the other hand neither does a goalie like Price.

    I think this deal would have to be extended to give both teams what they need:

    To MTL:


    To EDM:

    63rd overall pick
    mid-level prospect forward

    Might not be a good idea for Montreal but Subban does seem to be a distraction and if Columbus picks Grigorenko then they will pick Murray and upgrade on Subban, if not they do have a decent D-man core.

    Oh well Montreal wont trade Price anyway. lol.

  27. FlamingHomer says:

    They may have wanted to wait until they actually eliminated them. When and if they do, then yes, thank you LA.

  28. FlamingHomer says:

    I really liked Stralman when he came to Calgary. I guess more than Daryl did.

  29. nordiques100 says:

    maybe they could trade for Bernier some how as well to play goal? him and Subban the future in goal?

    i dunno. i know its seriously far fetched, but, wow that potential, i'd salivate to see all those forwards with that upside on my team. I think the Habs go back to trying to get more offensive and flashy. 
    obviously a lot has to fall into place. i mean could they die enough to land in the lottery with a chance at mackinnon? thats a full year away. but 2013 looks like there's more high end guys at the top of the draft list so far. 
    then again, that team would have been fine had they taken Giroux 20th overall instead of David Fischer in 2006. Giroux went 22nd. ouch.
    2nd round the habs picked ben maxwell. next pick was Lucic. double ouch.
  30. nordiques100 says:

    I doubt MTL moves both Price and Subban. 

    I think Subban is worth keeping. He's young. They need leadership there. His fire is great. That team needs it. Too many passengers in MTL last season who didnt care nowhere near as much as pk.
  31. lafleur10 says:

    intersting,very interesting but i'd have to say no franchise goaltenders are as hard or harder to get than franchise forwards,and it's the most important postion so although it's very intersting i'd have to say no………….. however it would have me thinking long and hard about it

     very nice topic though great job nords!

  32. albertateams says:

    You can say the exact same thing about Tamellini and Oilers management.

  33. LeafsFTW17 says:

    All the rumors about Alex Semin not caring about winning better be thrown away now.

     He back checked hard the whole game today, had a few hits and even went down to block a Chara shot..
    Semin, Holtby and Beagle in my mind were the most important players for Washington that game.

    Speaking of Holtby, around the trade deadline I asked if anyone would take a chance on Holtby and the responses were basically no. 

    Not saying I called that he would be this good, because I didn't, I just thought it could of been a high reward grab, which it would've been.
  34. nordiques100 says:


    I know its very improbable, but who knows. Contractually, boy, it'll be hard to pay him less than Rinne or Bryzgalov. He's better in my mind. 
    I've seen Subban play. he is quite athletic. Looks big in the net. I think he would be good. I would love for Toronto to get him. 
    But of course, he's from Toronto so I doubt it. lol
  35. Boston_Bruins says:

    Yeah Semin was amazing yesterday. He was doing everything out there.

    Holtby's been great and the Bruins have controlled the play, but he hasn't had to make that many amazing saves IMO. Thomas looks great too.
    Beagle's been great on the draws, although the CBC guys were saying he was cheating somehow (not sure how?). He's killing the Bruins in the dot, and Bergeron's killing the Caps. Kinda evens out I guess.
    Anyways, these first two games have been amazing hockey. Really physical but not dirty, and great defensive play. Love it.
  36. 93killer93 says:

    Ryan Murray will be playing for Team Canada at the World Championships. I'm really interested to see if Edmonton will actually trade the 1st overall pick. 

  37. reinjosh says:

    I'd be shocked if they did anything but picked Yakupov. 

    Tambellini is incapable of doing anything ballsy. 
  38. toronto77 says:

    The talks about Tambellini trading that pick for an NHL ready d-man, I think Murray will jump into the NHL next season. and will probably be better then most current NHL d-man, so why pass on him, might as well select him. He has Niedermayer potential. If they want to trade that pick to get an NHL d-man than fine, go down to like 2nd or 3rd, but I still think they should pick Murray.

    Trade the 1st to clb or mtl so they can select yakupov and then select Murray with their pick, but don't trade for the 4th cuz the isles will take murray at no.1 if they have too.
  39. frankinboltonleafs says:

    2/3 games in its been a heckuva great first round in every series. Not a weak link in the bunch. Lot of fun to watch. I had to catch myself cheering for the Sens last night. Never really appreciated Chris Neil before last night…was always too busy hating the guy. I'm commenting because where 17 mentioned Holtby above I'd mentioned us going for Weiss a year or so back and was shot down as well. Weiss is looking pretty good right now. It's all hindsight I suppose. I hope the rest of the playoffs are as entertaining as the first round.

  40. Steven_Leafs says:

    your way off. Anyone who picks Murray at no.1 overall is making a huge mistake. Yakupov is more NHL ready than Murray, can be better than any forward on the Oilers roster right now, and is a potential 40 goal scorer. I don't mind people thinking that Edmonton should trade down to pick Murray, they do need defensemen, but to think that anyone will pick Murray when Yakupov is on the board does not know his true potential or value.

    If Edmonton wants to consider trading Yakupov's pick to Columbus for the no.2+ for example then that plus will be something very valuable. (1st overall for 2nd overall + LA 1st is not enough which tells you how much Yakupov is really worth).

    The Niedermayer comment is spot on though, I can see Murray being the next Neids. But Yakupov can be the next Ovie or Malkin, easy choice IMO.

  41. nordiques100 says:

    Well for the most part teams pick "the best player available" and go less on needs.

    Its way different than the NBA drafts or NFL. these kids are too young, its really much harder to judge how they will be and when they can contribute. in the NFL they are starters immediately.

    so i fully expect Yakubov to be selected as well as he is the best guy on the board.

  42. TimTheBone says:

    The short answer…..

    Not a Chance in Hell. haha

    Long answer….

    Price should NOT be tradedsimply because he IS a premier goaltender in the league and is the reason why MTL has a chance to win every night…. Most poeple should know that a championship is won from the backend out….. You do not win without solid goaltending… plain and simple… trading Price immediately sets the franchise back more years than they already are… regardless of the return… Florida gave up on Louongo WAY too early and they didnt recover until this season… which was a complete surprise to begin with…

    You just do not… cannot… and DO NOT trade a goaltender like Price…. too much to lose, not enough to gain

  43. TimTheBone says:

    Not necessarily true on the NFL thing….

    Tebow is still BARELY a starter…….

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